Monday, February 18, 2019


“Oh By The Way it’s Natalie Sweet” is the solo album from the former Shanghai on Surfin’Ki. It’s killer Josie Cotton type perennial pop. This stuff never goes out of season and I’d be surprised if it didn’t actually paint a proper smile across your face. ‘Good Love’ has a wee nod to Lulu’s shout. Did you know that she based her version on Alex Harvey’s rendition? 

The band is Travis Ramin, Curt Jorgenson and the one, the only Morten (Moss Rock City) Henriksen. I don’t think you need any further info to send you scurrying to the Ki-shop for a piece of this action. 

Channelling Stockard Channing in ‘Pizza Man’, she creates something that gives Lenny and the Squigtones a run for their money. The skirl of “I Don’t Want to Need You (Tonight)’ is the perfect mesh of glam and post Brudders-pop while ‘Eye Candy’ is primo Toni Basil. ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ closes the show with a Glitter band approximating the Bobby Fuller Four and it’s all over. 

Proving conclusively that she has the stuff, Natalie is sweet by name and sweet by inclination.