Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I just realised that I hadn't posted anything in December. I've been busy and I should really tell you why but for now, the best Seasonal music since them Pantone kids put out "Cancion de Navidad" broke cover earlier today.

Yes, there's a virtual SCREECHING WEASEL celebration of the stupid season in all their trademark glory. Many attempts to ape the way Ben picked up The Ramones baton but few have even come close to coming close. These two gems will take you from "Christmas Eve" to "New Year's Eve", what you get up to on either end has sod all to do with me.

This is the Sp*tify link, it is however available from all vendors of the file format. Perhaps this time next year there'll be a groovy wee seven inch version?

As a response to some cockamamie Rolling Stone list, here's Ben's 27 contenders from the Pop Punk Pantheon!