Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Punk 77 website is linked here somewhere to the left. But after getting lost once again into this site's incredible amount of information, I figured I'd give you all directions once again. Way comprehensive documentation of the UK punk scene (and some related American acts) from the time before it became another by-numbers identikit.
RIP: Sonny Fisher.
So I kinda made both shows but had to bale during The Grease Monkeys set but I’ll se them and the DT’s tomorrow in Glasgow. I don’t drive at night unless absolutely necessary anymore. I can’t see and ever since our accident some four years ago now there’s no great desire to have a passenger cut free by the fire brigade or whoever. So this generally means leaving for the last train which is a zoo but there’s no alternative. Noisy drunk assholes scooped up on whatever the fuck it is they neck in enormous quantity to make them so obnoxious. But anyway, The Café Royal Bistro was busy so that’s good. The kids there were all hopped up and ready to go, but in a good way.

Earlier, across town at Cabaret Voltaire (a bloody tidy venue by the way), The Hacienda Brothers did their thing in front of a small but appreciative throng consisting of folks (like myself) of let’s say, more mature years. The guys (who aren’t real brothers nor do they bear the surname of hacienda) got a standing ovation for their trouble and closed tonight’s second set with an encore version of Dave Alvin’s “Fourth Of July” which would have brought a tear to a glass eye. Absoferkinglutely outstanding.