Saturday, February 09, 2008

As we career toward hell in the proverbial handbasket, fate dealt another blow earlier today. I know, stock market's are crashing and there are wars on etc, but nobody told me that Malcolm Allan had shut down. That's my (breakfast) haggis dealer to you or any of my homies that have stopped by in recent years. Now I know how you potheads feel when your connection goes down but never fear, I'll pull myself out of the tailspin and will find another. In the interests of "normal service"...

There's a pile of new music lying here ready to check out. However, am I doing that? No, I'm not. I pulled out Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Not Fragile" and am reminiscing about peceived better days. When I saw them in Glasgow, Thin Lizzy opened. It was fucking great. Big lumberjacks wielding wailing guitars. Rock'n'roll was much less complicated back then. I mean, the MC5 were OK but ye cannae beat the real thing eh, Rich? Ha ha.

So maybe I'll check out some of this recent hootch later, or maybe I'll regress further and pull out some more "back catalogue". Time will indeed tell.