Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Thanks to Lloyd for the Llink...
It's true. This was up for a very brief period on Saturday morning and then pulled. However now, in something approaching a world-exclusive - you can feast your eyes on the cover art for the upcoming Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby album. Coming your way on the regenerated Stiff Records before this alleged summer ends. Soon as I know when then you'll know.

The intrepid couple will be setting out on a worldwide crusade to bring their oeuvre to your locale so when they do, please make an effort to see this - quite frankly unique unit in action. Two certified legends with more great songs between them than just about anybody.

You should buy a copy when they breeze through your 'hood but if you can't wait then pre-order it here. It's out September 15th.
Wow, thankyou government. Now I have the information that will allow me to circumnavigate the food crisis said to be engulfing the world. If I lay off the two jars of pasta sauce for the price of one deals, order will be restored. Seems very simple. And these twonks wonder why nobody believes in them, cares or votes, or hasn't abandoned all hope of any semblance of order being restored. A little like the Python's "How to play the flute" - Well blow in this end and run your fingers up and down here. But never mind, eh. They haven't got an easy job like you and me. Or presumably a conscience.

I've taken to looking at the site visit stats and its fun to see the spread of visitors. It would be good to get the numbers up of course but I get a genuine sense of achievement when somebody visits us because they googled "hello saferide" or "fleshtones" for instance.

The links that folks make on their own blogs and websites are also appreciated. It makes the effort worthwhile. Conventional reviews and bullshit in the established press are still rooted in the thinking that these provide a service. What? By cutting and pasting the information the “product” supplied to you?? Unless these connect you directly with the artist or a conduit to hearing and seeing something for yourself then they're ultimately pointless. The band or act should benefit from this means of potential contact. Be it to gather intelligence or just to sell their wares to prospective buyers, without the middleman. Ditto with buying from the independent record store, you need to support the person furthest from the conglomerate.

I'm at that stage where I'm about to bounce a whole load of stuff into the paper recycle bin. Attempts to unload copies of Mojo and whatever to good homes have come to nowt, not a whiff of interest. I imagine that's because a lot of folks are down with the need to rid themselves of clutter too and I understand that.

A couple of bits and bobs might make it on to ebay. I'm not sure that anybody gives much of a shit about that either anymore as the desire to shed some tonnage reaches fever pitch. Anyway, as a certified hoarder of some 30 years at least, I really need to do something about this. The easiest thing would be to get hit by a bus and let someone else deal with it.

There’ll be some actual information coming soon, I think I just needed to vent. Do you care that Knuckleback signed a deal with this Live Nation abomination? Thought not, me neither.