Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy birthday to H.B. Vedder "king of men version 2.0".
Happy birthday to H.D. Manitoba "King of Men".

The sun will be up in an hour or so and I'm just about to head out to get the sunday papers that are supposed to have AA reviews in them. I'm listening to the Geator Show that I "captured" from last night. The show is on at 6pm on a Saturday so you work out when that is in relation to your timezone. It's fantastic, so here's the link. Make it a priority next Saturday.

Coupla great versions of "A Rockin' Good Way" on there which leads us neatly to the Rockin' Vicar blogspot. If you don't get the newsletter then you can sign up for that too. Entertaining stuff.

There's a Mary Harron film coming entitled "The Notorious Bettie Page". Here's the trailer.

Robyn Hitchcock makes a pitstop in Glasgow tomorrow with the Minus 3 which includes Peter Buck and the young, fresh Scott McCaughey. That reminds me, when are those Bambi Molesters gonna make it out this way? Need to look into that.