Monday, June 01, 2020


Over the last couple of months, there’s been a new post here every day and I appreciate the regular visits. At this point, to extend my device distancing regime, those might not be so frequent over the next wee while. In some consolation, I’ve added to the archive NBT back issues, thanks to the assistance of Mr Simon Birrell. I know not how those might look on a phone browser but we’re up to Number 21 so go laugh, cry and all points in between at that stuff. I’d forgotten there was no Number 22 and can’t recall why – one of the benefits regarding the onset of auld age. Issue 23 was next – the Tenth Anniversary Edition with a Thee Roman Gods 45. It’s been a journey and who doesn’t have regrets? We’ll get from 23 to 27 in due course, just no holding your breath – alright? And if after seeing this lot, you don’t care, well that’s dandy too.

Some of the source material hasn’t aged well (the reportage - in my case - perhaps worse) and the PDF images aren’t great. Not having access to the scanner that I started out compounds the problem but the purpose is to entertain and any shortcomings are unavoidable. The plan is to work through other material and to park that, including the recent tip sheets, here too. The initial scan resolution is high but the documents themselves have been reduced so the file size isn’t stupid. These are provided for reference only and if anyone involved wants anything removed then I can do that. My toes have curled a lot. Beyond that, I was genuinely surprised because much of it I didn't remember at all. As I often remark, you cannae unscramble eggs.