Sunday, September 21, 2014

The result was disappointing, not entirely a surprise but still. At the outset I was a staunch no and I remember telling BB Quattro and whoever else that it wouldn’t happen. Then I got to thinking and after the shenanigans of how things are going within this sceptic isle, I decided it was more than worth a shot. Partly down to devilment but I felt a genuine undercurrent that might effect change eventually. Unlikely it would happen in my lifetime but maybe a generation or three down the pike.

Hearing the smug, rent-a-quote pish that's flowing from the “victors” is nauseating. Once I got to grips that this wasn't  about Wee Soapy, and especially not about wanting to disown England or 99% of the people who reside there. Maybe if there had been inclusion of Scots who were located elsewhere, those that might have returned to try and hoist the country up by its bootstraps had a yes vote been successful? Alas we’ll never know but still, there were only 400,000 votes in it, that in itself is hardly a landslide for the fearties.

Broon in particular gives me the collywobbles and he has the most to gain in the long run although I hope that Scottish labour are hobbled enough for people not to look to this shyster. He sold the family silver and as a reborn maggot, he’ll lead the charge – er, not flippin likely but he’s got a fair share of the gullible believing him. I’m hoping that his leading the death rattle will have the desired effect on what’s left of what used to be Labour.

Anyway, there’s no point in raking it over. The damage is done and there’s much limitation to consider. How it all pans out in the next season taking us to May 2015 is potentially alarming. Every figment of the lying, conniving puppets that made up the No corner are entirely guilty of sowing the seeds for something altogether more nasty, those that are working the Camerons of this world.

So it looks like it’ll take longer than was envisioned, ain’t it always the way. I just hope that what happened in George Square and the surrounding area on Friday night will not be symptomatic of the immediate to mid-future. We’ve all been cheated, both sides. The upcoming general election has to be used to even the score, to set the scene for another crack at getting the fuck out of Dodge.

The roof may well have come in by that time, this country – the UK - is bankrupt in a multitude of ways. If you thought pulling together to try and make things work might be impossible, wait ‘til you get a load of what’s in store.

I've hit a wee bit of a snag that means that I'll need to scan the old NBT pages again. Particularly on the early issues. Playing with these scans, I've been reading some of those early attempts at stringing a sentence together, It's not pretty to the point of toe-curling. Maybe a little like starting a band without being able to play. But anyway, I'll just have to suck that up and let my yeah be yeah.

So stick with us. Simon has done a great job. It's good that the process of invigorating this thing is finally underway. I feel that the word "energised" has hit the wall as a casualty of the farce that went down on Thursday. Anyway, let's not go over all that now. You're likely sick to your stomach of it. I know that I am however this time next week I shall be in a far, far better place.