Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Many moons ago, a popular beat combo coined the phrase once you get The Cramps you can’t get rid of them. Old times will remember that. Well last night I got excruciating cramp in my left leg. It caused me more pain that looking at the cover of “Fiends of Dope Island”. Haven’t experienced anything quite like it in quite some time. It seemed like a logical extension though of everything else that went down last night.

Although there was no apparent reason for the way everything went to shit, it did cross my mind that some miscreant might be sticking pins into an effigy of me and twisting them. Of course, as always – this stuff is relative. I’m aware that I have it relatively easy and that I’m my own worst enemy. Couple things coming up on the horizon then...

Ms Brijitte West at The Gaff next Tuesday, go there and score a copy of her latest album if you haven't already.

It's GO-GO! time again... this Saturday (7th August) DJs Tall Paul & Big Gus playing top 60s tunes til 5am with Guest DJ Lenny Helsing (The THANES) playing garage and psych.

Doors 11pm. free entry up til 11.30pm£5/4 after.

Upstairs @ Studio 24, Calton Road, Edinburgh. (Next date... Sat 4th September).

RIP - Bobby Hebb