Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rebellion festival press release

The biggest punk festival in the world is back on August 9th to 12th for another raucous celebration of the music that refuses to die. Fresh from selling out in Amsterdam in May 'Rebellion' returns to its spiritual home of Blackpool with high expectations. Last year 10,000 people went to the sell out show last year at the Winter Gardens- the venue’s ballroom dancers having to take the weekend off as the punk rockers come to town!

It's fitting that the 30 years after ‘God Save The Queen ‘ was number one that punk can still put on a massive event. All shades of punk from The Damned and TV Smith and The Bored Teenagers to the Adicts from Conflict to the Cockney Rejects, there are big American bands like The Casualties, The Dwarves, hardcore heroes Madball and Leftover Crack as well as legendary groups like Slade and Chas and Dave as well as punk and post punk names like Penetration and the UK Subs as well as some of the scene’s new leading lights like Goldblade. Showing off the variation of styles encompassed by Rebellion is Neville Staple and even Alabama 3 as well as bands from all over the world- a collection of legendary names and a selection of upcoming young bands reflecting the huge renaissance.
‘Rebellion’ attracts people from all over the world with its all ages policy. Reflecting punk’s massive status on the worldwide stage where it has become the main youth music for disaffected Russian youth to Brazilian kids in the favelas to Mexican street kids in LA.
150 bands, acoustic and cabaret stages and market stalls that stretch around the venue. This is the biggest one yet, the most bands and the biggest expected audience, for one weekend, Blackpool gets a riot of its own, a rock n roll riot!

If you want more information please get in touch with John Robb at 07940 514 622

We can arrange interviews with any of the bands- the festival makes a great story for TV. Radio and the press.
"Rock and roll is a pretty egalitarian affair. On any given night any band can be the best band in the world, if for only ten minutes. The amazing thing about the Fleshtones is that every night for the last thirty years they have consistently been the best live band on earth. Year in, year out -- high, low and in between -- the Fleshtones have embodied the very essence of rock and roll. This great book by Joe Bonomo really gets to the heart of who the Fleshtones are, and the price they paid. Now it's up to you to check out the Fleshtones when they hit your town. And in my own defense, that fire that Keith and I started in France was really a very small fire. Not worth mentioning at all. Please."
Peter Buck, R.E.M.
Jr. Grenadier, as far as I know, doesn't have a myspace page. He seemed to drop off the face of the earth after putting together the six track "What Is A Kiss" cassette in 1986. I just found said tape and hooked up a deck to see if it would measure up to the memory? No problems on that score. It sounds just as good now as it did at the time. Maybe even better in that it was always like it was ahead. So anyway, not a lot is known about the identity of JG. Some clues may lie with the other musicians on the recording. These include Dave Mahoney, Bruce Anderson and one Angel Corpus Christi. It was recorded in San Francisco too so maybe that's another clue and it reminds me a bit of Poetraphonics. Anyways, that outro to the title track sounds like Phil Manzanera doing a Rick Neilsen. And that has to be a good thing. If Junior is out there, and by some twist of fate might be reading this, then I urge him to make these fine tunes available to the ipod generation and whatever is on the cards to follow that. This gear would sound great blasting out of anything, anywhere.