Sunday, December 31, 2006

Apparently there’s a storm brewing that’ll wash any prospective revelry off the pavements tonight. No not Travis Bickle although it's a sage idea. Particularly in the Scottish Borders and Northern England according to the weather forecast. Going by recent standards then we’re all in for a pasting the length and breadth of "the daftest wee country in the world". Are you under pressure to have the time of your life as you usher in another set of numbers? Well not here you ain’t matey, I’ve put together a few things here that you might like to stay in and click on. I’m going to put a big thick book down my breeks because I’m sure that this one will start with a good hard kick up the arse. The uncertainty of this most recent one has taught me so. Mouse at the ready?, get clicking...

Mr Hagred flagged up this great clip of THEM. Anybody got any idea of where it was recorded?

My find of 2006, Hello Saferide performing “The Quiz” at The Water Rats in London back in November.

If you missed Wooden Shjips, then here’s your chance to catch up.

Likewise Josh Taylor’s Friends Forever

My powers to stay outta "myspace" have proved to be less than effective and I now have an extended family across the planet and the furthest reaches of cyberspace. Generally music keelhauls this here system but maybe you’ve got a fantoosh machine that can deal with it and doesn't fold at the slightest problem? Drop in on my “friends” and listen to what they’ve got to offer why dontcha? It's all wheat, I don't approve chaff.

I’m off to read another instalment of Everett True’s Nirvana doorstop… might be back before the advent of 2007 but then again who knows… I have my OX column to consider also. Anyway, thanks for sticking with us. I'm going to TRY and update this at least once a day. Hasn't always been possible in recent times but an attempt will be made. Whatever you get up to over the next few hours, in some places it already is new year so the quicker it's done and dusted the better. The sheep can take their faux bonhomie and shove it. Catch you folks on yonder flipside!

Were you "under the thunder" at the Roundhouse on November 4th 1977?