Thursday, June 01, 2006

This is the closest you'll come on this site to anything to do with the impending football bollocks that is set take over most (allegedly normal) people's lives in a weeks time. For Wreckless Eric, I'll make an exception. The video is HERE.
Being asked to compile this beastie was a trip. How do you whittle a catalogue like that of The Nomads down to just one disc? Of course, the band is familiar to NBT regulars but there are many thousands out there who have yet to have the pleasure. First exposure to these guys is up there with the first time you saw “It’s a Wonderful Life” or some other life-changing cultural event. Like watching The Sopranos. Check out the Mike Judge style cover art which shows the Kings of this particular hill getting ready to play a 25th anniversary show at Debaser, Stockholm this Midsummer. The set includes one brand new cut, “Ain’t No King of R’n’R Tonight”, the rare Dom Galna Hundarna belter “Skolsången” and killer liner notes by Jan Gradvall. So here’s to the best of the first 25 years and also to the next. Here’s a combo that’s at the very top of it’s game and showing no signs of fading. Raise a glass and toast their ability to raise a real boss racket whilst blasting their music as loud as your asbo (that's anti-social behaviour order for non-British citizens) will allow. Here’s the tracklist…

1. (I’m) Out of It
2. Wasn’t Born To Work
3. Primordial Ooze
4. Ain’t No King of R’n’R tonight
5. The Way (You Touch My Hand)
6. Where The Wolfbane Blooms
7. The Fast Can’t Lose
8. Call Off Your Dogs
9. Crystal Ball
10. The King of Night Train (single version)
11. She Pays the Rent
12. Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
13. Fire and Brimstone
14. Don’t Pull My Strings
15. The Goodbye Look
16. Twilight Fades
17. Bad Vibes
18. Salvation by Damnation
19. I Can’t Wait Forever
20. Skolsången

Pre-order your copy at CD ON now. Release date is June 25th.
Bloody June 1st already? I must be getting old because time is verily racing by. Time is a precious commodity and it’s at a premium around here. It’s practically a week since Mary Lee’s Corvette was here and if you’re here in the UK, the shows are all over. You missed a rare old treat. Smash Palace did a great job of delivering a twang-tastic backdrop to let the material fly the way it does on record. Mayhap because Stephen Butler was heavily involved in harnessing what has become Love Loss and Lunacy. Anyway, hopefully it won’t be too long before the ‘vette can shoot back this way again. Check the MLC site for details of Stateside shows to celebrate the domestic release. This includes a schlep out west with Eric Ambel and the Roscoe Trio. If there’s somewhere I’d like to be tonight then that’d be Llubljana. Limbering up for an appearance by HQ favourites, The Bambi Molesters. I’m practicing my astral travelling in the vague hope that I can leave my earthly shackles and scoot over there but I’m fairly certain that I’ll have to make do with watching the dvd documentary at home. One of these days though, one of these days…
Congratulations to Jackson Heights residents, Laura Cantrell and Jeremy Tepper on the world debut of Miss Isabella May Cantrell Tepper. Born May 27th. I trust all is well and she'll have her own show at Sirius before we know it. All the best...