Thursday, March 22, 2007

From Douglas MacIntyre...


How queer! The FIRE ENGINES appear on TOTP2 on Sat, 24th March07. It's a 1981 performance of their swansong single, "Big Gold Dream", from a long forgotten arts & culture BBC2 TV show called Riverside.

FIRE ENGINES' Codex Communications archives still available on the mighty DOMINO Records release, "Codex:Teenage Premonition". It's a social documentary of Edinburgh circa 1979-81, if you dig yr Turn to be Totale, it's for you.

FIRE ENGINES' Pop Aural catalogue has been licensed by Fast Product to Acute Records. Tracks featured on singles (Candyskin, Meat Whiplash, Get Up & Use Me, Big Gold Dream, etc), along with the group's albumette, "Lubricate Your Living Room", are to be lavishly packaged on a new compilation entitled "HUNGRY BEAT". This is the first time the material has been available for 15 years.

TOTP2 starts at 16.35 on BBC2. GET UP!!!!!!"