Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Billie The Vision and the Dancers

I Was So Unpopular In School and Now They’re Giving Me This Beatuiful Bicycle
The World according To Pablo
Where The Ocean Meets My Hand
(all Love Will Pay The Bills)

Well I’ve been playing these constantly since I saw the band a few weeks ago. That title on the first one may well be a typo but that’s what it sez on the sleeve. But anyway, these three albums feel like 3 seasons of an ongoing drama. Maybe something on HBO with all the thrills and spills and heartache such a thing would be peppered with. There are themes and characters popping up all over the three albums. It’s unusual to say the least and some of this deals with adult subjects which you don’t often hear in such a hip, bossa nova setting. Some of the stuff reminds me of the time I saw The Wannadies in Berlin during BID1990.

BTV have concocted some kind of twisted wild, not entirely innocent shuffle on a Malmo boardwalk. Is there such a thing? I don’t recall seeing one but whatever inspired this, I’m glad it did. The narrative nature of the songs is telling the story of Pablo, a cross dresser who gets into all kinds of scrapes because of “his” lifestyle. All set in this amazing folk pop tapestry. As I make my way through the various episodes, I discover that the exquisite “Overdosing With You” on Series 3 recalls the intrinsic theme of “I’m Pablo” from Season 2.

Maybe some enterprising Scandanavian film director could piece together this thing and make the Billie guys and girls into full-fledged stars, because that’s what they deserve to be. After seeing them play, there’s so much more to get. They’re almost outrageous in some sort of way but not because the singer dresses up in women’s clothes. More because the flavours they dare to put together probably shouldn’t be so addictive. So anyway, they’re looking for a label or distribution here in the UK so do you know of any such thing that’s looking for a genuine phenomenon? Let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

Meanwhile, in lieu of the world catching up, order their albums direct. If you’re not sure then check them out at their myspace where you can hear their heartbreaking ode to Andy Sipowicz. If that doesn’t move you then nothing will. Their striking visual presence is one thing but it’s matched by their interplay. These people are having a ball and they want you to join in. Please consider doing so. The rewards will be far greater than those to be gleaned by hitching a ride to the likes of them Arctic Fires or Arcade Monkeys. If you saw The Brits recently then you just know that the entire business is due a considerable dose of salts.