Sunday, January 02, 2011

As the dust settles on what is numerically speaking another year, I may have said this before but I wish "my people" good things all the time and not just the first few days in January.

As for resolutions, they’re like regrets – I have a warehouse full. Still, I imagine that the whatever will be lobby will sweep in and somehow what passes for life will rumble on. The actual focus and expectation of anything new actually occurring being crammed into “celebration” while actually celebrating very little at all irks me.

There are cool things on the horizon but those seem awfy far away. Or maybe I need my eyes testing? My napper could definitely use some rewiring. There is legitimate reason for this ennui but it’s not for dragging through this particular neighbourhood.

At least the snow is gone. For now. However an outbreak of swine flu is said to be imminent.