Friday, April 01, 2011

RIP - Don Hill

Thirty four years ago today, NBT #1 made its debut. In many ways it seems forever ago. Who could ever have thought it would still be going albeit not in physical form? Not me. “Still going” is a subjective statement. I’m beginning to doubt the double bluff that existing online is the way to the future. I used to have an attention span and while I seriously do try to keep up activity, I consider that I just keep going over the same old ground.

To that end, I feel like a phony that should just chuck it and walk out Reggie Perrin style into the sea. A scientifically proven to be past it’s sell by date to the point of whiffy fossil. Or should I be working on an NBT app and navigating into the choppy waters of iPadmania?

There’s no fool like an April one but somehow I manage to fly that flag for the other eleven months too. I wonder what it would have been like to grow up like everybody else...?