Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The countdown is underway to the first-ever Record Store Day on Saturday, April 19.

It's going to be an unprecedented event when the independent stores across the world join forces to celebrate the essential cultural and economic roles they play, both in their local communities and nationally. During these tumultous times, it's been so encouraging to hear of the widespread support this initiative has garnered from fans, artists and the industry.

Each and every day, independent record stores of all shapes and sizes (and the people who own, manage and work in them) bring not only their heart and soul, but also their creativity and their financial investment in the success of the music business. Artist development...customer service... innovative marketing and promotion... the list goes on and on. They have more than earned this chance to step into the spotlight and take their well-deserved applause from an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.

Everyone should embrace the spirit of RSD in order to change the focus from what's not working with the music industry to instead focus on what... vibrant and resilient businesses that thrive in today's climate by remembering that it really is all about the music and the people who love it.

Here's to a wild... and wildly successful... Record Store Day 2008 and many, many more to come!

No big chainstores, Tesco or any other supermarkets, OK? Independent mail order is fine but lay off Amazon for that day too.