Thursday, April 09, 2009

Admiral Stefan Conrad on the second instalment of Sophisticated Boom Boom on the cyberwireless tomorrow night between 7 and 9 CET. That's 6 til 8 here in the UK... good gear of the musical variety guaranteed.

The very Rev. JD King has posted another one of his fine yarns on his website. Go there and get acquainted with it in due course. All you need do is click this link.

There's 5 more hours to do at the coal face and then I have a week to try and restore order to various aspects of what passes for an existence. Part of this involves what goes on here in the blogosphere. Probably.

Also, I have Comedy Central free until May 4th so I'm making the most of that. South Park and Sarah Silverman tomorrow, after SBB of course. 'til then...