Saturday, October 22, 2005

As the papers this morning update the Python’s Parrot sketch for the impending 21st Century apocalypse let’s cruise the more important things. Seeing as we’re all doomed from bird flu or whatever pestilence, we might as well go down in relatively good spirits and I am still buoyed by the experience of last nights Hacienda Brothers show. Being in no doubt that they wouldn’t deliver, I had no idea as to the heady heights they’d take the less than decent turnout to. They can whip it up and they can take it down as only the most choice tex-mex soul can. By the encore, a version of The Intruders “Cowboys To Girls” which included a sliver of “Just My Imagination”, everybody in the room was floored. This kinda delivery deserves a better platform than a place that resembles a decent squat on the third floor of a Merchant City tenement. Dave Gonzalez guitarnastics were mesmerising, at points like getting hit by a train. Gaffney is a total fucking star, or at least he should be. There are singers and there are singers and he also plays accordion to punctuate the storming run through “Cry Like A Baby”. They did almost everything from the album and this band is literally smoking. Opening combo *Attic Lights played a set of loud, identikit country pop that sounded like an album in sequence and everything. Very well realised but not indicating much of a sense of themselves. I’m sorry that more folks didn’t get to experience the Hac experience but you have one shot at redemption tonight at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh’s Blair St. It's not A Madchester tribute combo though so baggy critters be warned.

*Update at 3.18pm - Went to the band's website. The recordings there are very reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub and thusly hit most all of those power pop with Gram overtones spots. Check 'em out for yourself... maybe I'm just, er, jaded.

Couple other things, Kopper was in contact to light the blue touch paper on his garagepunk blog so you should visit there often for the skinny on what’s up in this global rock’n’roll village. Before the bird flu gets you. And also tune into garagepunk pirate radio and get a decent soundtrack to what's left of your life.

Also, on a non-rock note KIRK ELDER has been launched into cyberspace and his diaries will take you into portals of the Scots psyche you possibly never considered.

And remember, The DT’s are in Edinburgh tonight and Glasgow tomorrow. Some fancy footwork might be able to include both but I’m not sure about stage times. If I can find out then I’ll post them before I head out.

Dt's update - Onstage late in Edinburgh tonight (after 11pm)/Tomorrow - doors 8pm: Gig over by 11pm. (Thanks to Jim for that info)

Also I know how you kids in other countries like to get these things so tomorrow there’s a Franz Ferdinand thing in The Observer…

“On Sunday 23rd Oct, take an atmospheric leap to your newsagent and pick up The Observer. The publication will feature a covermount CD featuring previously unheard material by the band.. The 5-track disc features Matinée, Van Tango, new album tracks You Could Have It So Much Better and You're The Reason I'm Leaving as well as an acoustic version of the next UK single Walk Away.”

I’ve no idea what any of that means but I’m happy to score copies for anybody who needs a copy at whatever the paper costs plus postage. All part of the service. You need to e-mail by 10am Sunday GMT.