Friday, August 19, 2005

Don't forget the second episode of the RADIO (SCOTLAND) THRIFT SHOP goes out tonight at 8.05 til 10 (GMT) and can be accessed for a week thereafter.

Laura has just had The Bein Inn, Perth added to her routing for September 17th. Anybody in Central Scotch-land that's never been there should consider the schlep.

If you're lucky enough to be in the Stockholm area next weekend, try WELCOME HOME
Mr Vahlberg sent me the link to PUNK TURNS 30 and I only just got around to checking it out. Good stuff. Great old photo of Mr David Alvin Esq. on there.

Incidentally, the new UNCUT cd is a "re-make" of Dylan's Highway 61 and it has Brother Dave serving up the title track. Anybody who wants me to buy a copy and send it need only drop a line...
RIP - Delli Colli
"Howdy Country Pop-Pickers!

We're back...El Rancho Relaxo that is, back with morecosmic americana, no depression, alt. country, Lo-Fi Indie, Alternative Folk, Classic country-tinged rock and more great music yet to be stupidly labeled. It's been a couple of months, but the boots are dusted down and ready for a good ole dance off. Here's what you need to know...

When... FRI 26TH AUGUST, 8.30pm-1am


RAISING KAIN, playing an exclusive, stripped down, rootsy acoustic set for all the good folks at the ranch.

Including resident DJ's.... El Patron, Pacey & Dialogue DJ's

Expect to hear... Jim White, Half Cousin, The Byrds, Laura Veirs, Wilco, Beechwood Sparks, Jonny Cash, Adem, The Band, Ella Guru, Hayseed Dixie, The Flying burrito Brothers, James Yorkston, Hal, The Shins, Neko Case, Aberfeldy, Smog, Down The Tiny Steps, Neil Young, Field Music, Brendan Benson, The Izzys, Luck Luke, Elliott Smith, Canned Heat, The National,Fence Collective, Alfie, Bob Dylan, The Earlies, American Music Club, The Velvet Underground, Hamell On Trial, The Risingson,John Martyn, Gram Parsons, Drive-By Truckers, Endrick Brothers,The Sadies, Willie Nelson, The Tyde, The Concretes, REM,Songs:Ohia, The Magic Numbers, Hank Williams, Joanna Newsom, Ryan Adams and much, much more!

Expect not to see... Crazed neongirls on double Red Bull and Vodka or guys with controlled hair and matching shirts, this is the ranch after all come as you are (just not like that!).

Play... Dominoes! Bring... Your friends, unless they're jerks!

That's all folks. We hope you can make it along to our alternative night out, it's fun, that's why we do it!"
Spent some time in the company of Mr Tim Kerr and his wife Beth in Glasgow last night. He's in Glasgow to to sculpt The Grease Monkeys new album hopefully for release on a worthy imprint sometime sooner rather than later. Hopefully his unique perspective will "fluff" things up some.

Tonight is our first '05 Film Fest visit to catch the "British Gala World Premiere" of Stoned. It's the "untold story of Brian Jones". "Meticulously re-creating it's late 60's milleu, and shot through with a trippy, hallucinogenic vibe". We'll see... I was looking for something to link here but there's nothing coming up other than blurb so the verdict from this corner will be in later. Probably early tomorrow. Hopes are not exactly stratospheric, I should tell you that from the git go.

I'm sure there was something else on my mind when I logged on here but if there was it's gone now. Maybe a temporary lapse, maybe not. Wonder how The Morells show at Maxwells went last night? Anybody out there wanna file a report? I see we slid over the 150,000 hits the other day so that's good, we try to keep this entertaining for you folks and may well continue to. What is normal service? Hornswaggled if I know...

Update... I remember... The Dictators "16 Forever" 45 coming on Norton. Hopefully the first rumblings of a rarities comp, watch this space for further info as it becomes available.