Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I did kind of hold out hope that I could go to the Matt & Kim show in London next week a clobbering bill from the car service, MOT and having spruced up the bunker a bit the coffers are a tad low. This is in fact an understatement. I guess it was worth doing but I’m not altogether comfortable with the result. I’m not complaining just stating a fact. I haven't ruled out the M&K scene altogether just yet thanks to some twelfth hour encouragement.

Just about to dig into the new Screeching Weasel album that Ben kindly supplied in the event that amazon have put back their availability date. More about First World Manifesto in due course. Maybe it’ll help blow away the cobwebs? I guess if these guys can’t do that then it’s likely nothing will.

Hamell on Trial has some shows coming up in a couple of weeks. There’s Glasgow at a place called The Bay on April 1st. Anybody know anything about this venue? It’s in West Regent Street. An Edinburgh show is also said to be happening on April 2nd but I’ve no idea where yet. This will be his first time back since two stints over the Edinburgh Festival in recent years. Although he did open for Ana Difranco once but I can’t recall when that was.

Such is the fractious nature of my mindset.