Saturday, October 01, 2005

Our old mucker, Mr David Crider from The Church of Estrus, Bellingham, Wa is bringing the gospel to Europe with his fellow r&r, soul-wielding evangelista,



06 (thur) Valladolid, Spain (tba)
07 (fri) Badajoz, Spain (Mercantil)
08 (sat) Lisbon, Por-tugal (Barreiro Rocks Festival)
11 (tues) Madrid, Spain (Gruta 77)
12 (wed) Burgos, Spain (tba)
13 (thur) Bilboa, Spain (Azkena)
14 (fri) San Sebastian, Spain (Irish Disco)
15 (sat) Vitoria, Spain (Helldorado)
16 (sun) Ulldecona, Spain (L’Ermita)
19 (wed) Barcelona, Spain (Side-car)
20 (thurs) Girona, Spain (La Merce o la Via)

Mr Spence will be providing the UK show details once everything is firm. Watch this space for the skinny on all that just as soon as it's available!

Mr McLean hepped us to this possible alternative to that "bouncy castle" you always thought about for the garden. The link won't work but I'm sure if you "google" Portapub you'll get what you deserve.
It's all pretty humdrum on the East of Scotland front, however Murray Ramone laid the following info upon us. I checked the Calendar and it's the 1st of October 2005 not 1978 so this'll be right then...

John Peel Day - October 13th -
Citrus Club, Edinburgh - Doors 19:30

Line Up/Details:

Jo Callis(The Rezillos/The Human League)
Malcolm Ross(Joseph K, Orange Juice, Aztec Camera)
Paul Research(The Scars)
Dave Carson(Boots For Dancing)
William Mysterious(The Rezillos)
The Twinsets

Not sure about ticket info but i'll let you know if I find owt out.