Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The very Reverend Patrick B has had another run in with those Doll Rods...


Sunday 26 March at the Dum Dum, Châlon Sur Saone (France) DDR are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a new album “There Is A Difference” and a European to be followed by a US trek. I caught them in Châlon Sur Saone. This time, Christine, who is gonna have a baby (in May) lent her drum kit (no cymbals but who needs them, same for a bass guitar) to another doll, by the name of Tia. "We didn't try out anybody else. Meeting her seemed to be divine providence" declared Danny.
It was the original lineup : Danny, Margaret and sis Christine - who recorded the new album, soulful garage punk blues gospel ... and best album so far. It begins with Margaret's sexiest as ever anthem "Take You Home" and features all time classics like the Gories "Baby Say Uhn !" (90's), Richard and the Young Lions "Open Up Your Door" (60's, other Detroiters – personally, I can’t name one group/artist from Detroit that I don’t like at all, same goes for Memphis) and John Newton "Amazing Grace" (1779). “Difference” is mostly composed of original songs like "Booty Call", with Danny on vocals or "Lil Piece Of Leather" (that already featured on "Broad Daylight" soundtrack, with weaker production. The best way to savour DDR is to see them on stage. That’s the place where they really drive you out of your mind and etch themselves into your soul. The Dum Dum (tribute name to the French group Dum Dum Boys) is a cool place, and so is Michel, the boss. The Vibromaniacs opened with a set composed of 60’s classics (He’s Waiting, Your’re Gonna Miss Me, I wanna Be Your Dog ...), punk covers (Commando, California Über Alles) and a few originals – well, not original but entertaining.
As usual, DDR organise their own equipment. After a quick soundcheck (I didn’t know that had soundchecks, eheh), just time to dress (!) and they’re back on stage. Well in fact the most important in the way they dress is rather what they have not than what they wear. All 3 wear boots and tiny shorts, plus leather bra for Tia, a lace shirt for Danny and a 100 % see thru scarf for Margaret (no pix, sorry).
Tia is very young, adorable, shy and too cute to be a minute over 20 (maybe). Her drumming is simple but effective and her empathy with the others is obvious, especially when Margaret and her make fun of Danny durin his Jimi hendrixesque solo. She also sings during “Baby Say Uhn !”. Margaret is always generous to show her ability as a go-go-goddess. She often drops her guitar, to dance or play the maraccas or to crack the whip. Danny is singing a lot more than on previous tours and it suits him. Being asked "Which musician have you ever wanted to be?" in a recent interview in Mojo, Asia Argento answered, "Danny Doll Rod especially when he used to be in The Gories. You just have to see him playing guitar on-stage in his leather underwear to want to be him." It was a great show and the DDR credo to spread the gospel of rock'n'roll continues unabated. Catch them if they play near (or even far) from your place. At the upcoming show in Ljubljana, Margaret will open the evening with a solo set, her second solo album will be issues soon, the recording is done but a few photos are required to complete the cover. I can’t wait to hear her cover of Roy Orbison’s "Dream Baby". She told That her personal faves were Jonathan Richman and Hasil Adkins and sang one of the crazy songs that Hasil wrote for her."
The news of Nikki Sudden's passing threw me for a loop this morning. He was a tireless and passionate practioner of the rock'n'roll arts and was always a staunch supporter of this NBT shennanigan that's been going for longer than any of us can imagine or perhaps care to remember. My thoughts go out to his friends and family, he was a great bloke and a believer.

And, as we approach the great 30th anniversary of (UK) punk, last night's Eastenders featured the Mitchell brothers heading on down the (2-4-6-8) motorway with a Jam/Clash soundtrack. Not a Bachman Turner Overdrive 8 track to be found. Curiouser still was the background music in a cafe they stopped at, Eddie and The Hot Rods "Get Out Of Denver". Strike a light, Guv.

Ever get the feeling that you're about to be cheated?
RIP - Pete Wells (Rose Tattoo)
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