Thursday, May 03, 2007

Doesn't pulling a muscle require some tangible evidence of exertion? I'd certainly have thought it would but that's the opinion of the medical expert I consulted at work. The discomfort is one thing but i'm a little more concerned about not being able to turn my head anymore than 20 degrees to the left. Not good for trying to observe what's going out at junctions and caution doesn't always pay dividends. But anyway, we'll see how it falls. At the minute it's all pain with no iota of gain on the horizon.

So I THOUGHT I’d scored a ticket for Roky. The sale of tickets for Meltdown caused just that at 9am this morning. This online thing is a racket but this is by far the worst experience of it that I've had. You can't follow anything up by phone or get through to a human to check if it all did go through and certainly not while you’re sitting in a sodding open plan office. So I had to wait until I got home tonight to find out that no, it hadn't gone through whereupon I got some scabby, slim-pickings. I’m trying to convince myself that it has to be better than attending a festival. Nothing is simple and straightforward anymore. Queuing wasn't an option being 450 fucking miles or however far from the epicentre. I hope you fared a little better if you were involved in the cyberfracas.

I broke my glasses today into the bargain so let’s just say that everything is turning to shit and leave it like that. Had a couple of days respite last week, what else should I have expected...