Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brother Ben Gart made the pilgrimage to the Motor City at the weekend to witness the ignition of the two-headed monster that is the return of The Gories and The Oblivians to the boards. The blast off en route to "Blast Off" and other shows around Europe. Here's what he had to say...

"I spent about 5 hours driving from Chicago to Detroit Saturday afternoon and it was a beautiful day, no construction or traffic problems either. Couldn't have asked for a better start to the weekend. Once I got past Ann Arbor, I found the hotel in lovely Romulus, across the street from the airport. They were nice and the room was as good as could be expected for an economy joint. After a bit of a lie down, I got up, got a quick bite to eat from the hot redhead next door and headed into the (Motor) City proper.

I was warned that Detroit was a place to be cautious about -- Michigan going on 14% unemployment, one in three homes condemned or boarded up and a high crime level. Quite honestly, while it did seem run down and old, it was very cool. A lot of character there! The neighbourhood that the Majestic Theatre is in isn't bad at all, situated next to a university and plenty of other theatres across from it. I was really excited to see the place since it has such a cool history, playing a big part in the Motown legacy. After parking in the lot out back, I wandered inside and saw Mick Collins deeply focused with texting on his phone (it seemed) and Danny driving his beat-up old station wagon & giving someone a jump. Decided to leave them alone and just get in line.

Once inside, I was thrilled to see that the Majestic did have a lot of character -- I looked around at walls and ceiling, imagining what it would've been like to see so many legends perform there. Old soul, R&B and blues blasted out of the speakers setting the atmosphere just right. The Oblivians took the stage at around 9.30pm and things heated up quick, kicking the energy up to high gear. Having never seen them and not being too familiar with their material, I quickly "got" what they're about. A lot of electricity, sweat and screaming like mad preachers high on sin. The crowd ate it up like a handful of speed. They blasted through 19 tunes in just about an hour giving The Gories something to live up to. There were no encores. Greg, Eric and Jack got off fast to make way for the reason most everyone came for.

After about 20 – 30 minutes setting up and tuning, The Gories took the stage and the audience went absolutely fucking nuts! Talk about something I've missed at a lot of shows over recent years -- deep appreciation by fans, loudly vocalized "thankyous" they (rarely) got to hear in the 80s and 90s. Mick made the bittersweet comment "Who are all you people?" The band started up on high gear with "Hey Hey, We're The Gories" and didn't let up. I was blown away at how they appeared not to have changed at all since they last played these songs with any regularity. Hopefully they really didn't practice at all since they decided to play these shows, to ensure that the three of them stayed true to the sound.

Danny took the opportunity to use some of the skills he's learned over the years to play "Detroit Breakdown", honking on his harmonica and playing guitar at the same time. On "Ghostrider", Mick played what was likely the coolest guitar-freakout solo I have ever seen or heard live! They cranked out 20 songs, running through classic after classic like they’ve never been away. Embodying generations of bluesmen and rock'n'rollers spirits, it was gratifying to see a broken-up band take to a stage again and unleash that rare lightning from a bottle most washed up has-beens could never match in the first place.

The only complaint I have is actually a compliment -- I wish they would have kept on playing all night."

Report and photo by Ben Gart, Chicago Chapter.

Monday, June 29, 2009

There's loads of stuff to keep you going indoors and outdoors in the near to yonder future depending on where you be located of course. I'm not planning to be on here for long tonight so without any further ado.

There's a new Wreckless Radio episode up.

A new JD King story.

The Nomads do their annual Blidösund shindig this coming Wednesday for those lucky enough to be in and around the fabulous city of Stockholm.

Do you have your tickets for Dean and Britta's "13 Most Beautiful" yet? That's a week on Wednesday - July 8th. If you're in Glasgow, the Rt. hon Thomas Coyle is considering running a bus so e-mail him if you're interested in getting aboard said charabang. The only UK show over in Dunfermline, situated in the kingdom of Fife. Flake out of this one at your peril. Flog your T in the Park tickets and see something genuinely fresh.

You need Anne Streng's postcards!

Oh, I've lost my scribbled note with a couple of other things on it so see how you go with that little lot.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is the membership card for the Cramps fan club in France, The Last Great Martyrs. Run by Nathalie Denis. Where you be Nathalie?

Nothing like some organ music for a Sunday morning. Thanks to Sébastien Favre for the tip via fb.

26 years prior to Obama, President Clarence Clemons was busy in the White House. It was September (perhaps early October) 1983 and during the filming of the video for "A Woman's Got The Power". Hearing that solo during "Thunder Road" last night brought it all back.

Irrespective of what you might think about Springsteen circa 2009, you can't quibble that he upped the ante of the Glasto humdrum. Talk about a rocket up the arse. I think there were 6 songs broadcast? Or maybe I just woke up at that point.

Anyway, I'll have a look at what the bunfight has to offer today but I imagine nothing. Lisa Hannigan, who was on immediately after the E-Street express did pretty good. I like her and always wonder how tall she must be. Seeing as it's raining, and I seem to be developing a "sair throat", going through old photos seems like the order of the day. Amongst other things.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

In town the other day, I was struck by the waterbeds on legs trading"don't even go there's" in their trademark local twang. I hate that. It's like people from here trying to use "dude" or "awesome". After all you don't get the denizens of the South Bronx going about calling people "bawbag". Chances are that would sound pretty daft too. It's like white guys dressing "hip hop". It's a no no. Or blasting it loudly out of their cars as they "cruise". Happy hardcore kind of suits the chinless little (and big) toerags because it provides a theme for their pointy faced noxious existence. The ob prefix kicks in after they've tanned the prescription Buckfast. I don't claim to have a total grasp on the english language but c'mon - we have enough slang. There's no need to appropriate stuff they've heard Tenecia(s?) yatter on Ricki Lake or Sally. The world may well be just one big onion but...

Another very sickening aspect of the Jacko thing is people like David Cameron or any politician paying “tribute”. Then there was the guy on the radio yesterday plugging HMV and FOPP as places to go to load up on your Michael merch. Not only are they one and the same thing, there was no qualification that these items could be purchased from similar outlets. Any which way, the “charts” will be dominated by the late Mr Jackson so if you’re a new band hoping that you might scrape in there then forget it.

I watch Glastonbury on TV in the hope that something will actually be good. That almost never happens and the Tap was OK but the drummer didn’t explode at the end. I thought The Ting Tings were pretty good, despite the fact that it’s all artificial. I actually hoped that by some trick of fate that Wreckless and Amy would somehow make it to the screen. However for reasons as yet unknown, their Glasto stint never came to pass. There’s a band called Esser or something on just now, playing the John peel stage. I’ve never heard of them and they’re awful so that very probably means they’ll be huge. The singer looks like one of Bros moonlighting as David Gahan.

I had to switch of Kasabian. They’re like Primal Scream vs Reef. CS&N were also less than entertaining but I think the guy who’s on bass is Bob Glaub that played on Amy Allison’s “Sheffield Streets”. There’s a big stooshy going on because the BBC isn’t broadcasting the whole Springsteen set. I don’t care one way or another, just so long as it doesn’t involve a double dose of Doves or some such bobbins. Now it’s the turn of some bunch called The Temper Trap that’s making me go and change the channel. But what awaits when I hit the remote... The Script murdering Bowie's "Heroes"...

Lisa Marie on MJ. (Link courtesy of Peter Holsapple via fb).

Whilst doing a wee bit of google snooping on “Baraboo” I found that it had been shown in Galway but I guess the EIFF were playing the Southern Ireland card with regard to claiming the premiere. One important item that came up is that there’s a new movie with Mark Borchardt doing the rounds called “Modus Operandi”. Let’s get back to the job in hand though.

Mary Sweeney’s directorial debut is an understated, slow burning treasure. After all the rushing about over the past few days it took maybe 10 minutes to wind down into the pace. It’s unmistakably got the ambience of “The Straight Story”. Certain aspects suggest that she was perhaps the one behind creating the atmospheres that give Lynch his edge. I’m just saying. It’s a quiet, tranquil film with an underlying sense of menace. The cast are uniformly excellent and were drawn from local theatre talent. The town itself is close to Madison, Wisconsin. (Ben) Weasel country and it looks like a great place to visit.

It made me recall the time that Randy, Donna and I went to Black Oak in Arkansas to try and find Jim Dandy and travelling with The Skeletons. The score is partly Richard Thompson and some “metal” by the offspring of David Lynch and Ms Sweeney, Riley Sweeney Lynch.

“Baraboo” also reminded me a little of Phil Morrison’s “Junebug”. Maybe it was the outsider art element and the rural setting. Anyway, it made me want to visit the town and maybe grab a cold drink from the general store there where “Jane” works.

Not sure when this will be released to theatres but make a mental note to see it when it does.

Hoping to establish a little equilibrium here today. When I got home from Edinburgh last night, Neil Young was tearing through a god-awful version of the already no biggie in my book, "A Day In The Life". I shall dip in and out of the TV coverage over the course of this particular one in mine. And there's live music in the town square here so I'll swing by there just to make sure that my grasp of the local culture can be sated.

I'm not expecting much but at least the rain is off. Good that I managed to get the last of the hedge down prior to the cloudburst but getting rid of the cuttings with the less than adequate garden refuse colletion around here could well take some time. However, if that's all I've got to concern me then I'm doing no' bad. First up will be a short of "Baraboo"...

Friday, June 26, 2009

The news of Jeannie C. Riley's passing seems, thankfully, to be untrue.

Apologies for any undue alarm this may have caused.

Lenny Helsing on Sky Saxon, Lenny kindly posted this as a comment on RIP - SS, but just incase you don't look at those...

"Yeah I can only add that Sky was something else indeed, and The Seeds were one of the very greatest combos the rock world has ever produced. It was an honour indeed to meet and befriend the great man when he came to play in Aberdeen, and Glasgow, Scotland a few years ago. The group I play for The Thanes were fortunate enough to be the opening group when Sky and his brand new band of Seeds tore it up at Glasgow's King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. Although I only spent a few hours with him over a couple of days, Sky was a very amiable and friendly guy, full of fun and joy, still wanting the best out of life, and telling us he loved the music we were playing, and taking the time to hang out, ask Seedy questions and generally wanting to put the world to rights. And wasn't the Sky Saxon and The Seeds LP 'Red Planet' just the best thing he'd been involved in since the heady daze of the original SEEDS. Oh yeah I really do think so. I think Sky has now truly found the entranceway to play…may the flower lady and her assistant attend your every need…"

From Duglas T Stewart...

"Hi all,

I'm playing a FREE gig at The Goat this Sunday. The line up is- the ultraromantic sounds of Duglas T Stewart and friends, "organic electronica" from Engine'7 and my fave new songwriter Adam Ross (I think he's really brilliant). The fun starts at 8pm.

Mr. Duglas"

RIP - Michael Jackson

Read Johnny Black's RBP blog posting on this here. I think he puts it pretty succinctly.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some sad news for sure tonight but let’s accentuate the positive a little...

In the last couple of days I’ve seen two still living, breathing exponents of the arts that have made everything we hold dear responsible. In terms of influence they’re right up there. Giants. Maybe not household names but individuals who pervade every aspect of what I consider to be true culture. I’ve considered the possibility that both can enjoy a level of popularity now because they’re part of the broad canvas that The Cramps taught us. It’s true to say that there was always an aspect of awareness but they piqued an insatiable appetite for cool and crazy stuff. I was just talking the other day to someone about how the landscape would be very different if it weren’t for their direction.

I blew out the chance to see the first two episodes of True Blood in a cinema setting in favour of Wanda Jackson’s first Scottish appearance in, she says, more that 25 years. I think it must be way more than that and would welcome information with regard to when it might have been. It was good to see a decent turnout for this auspicious occasion and two bucketloads of kudos should go to Ms Holly Calder for pulling it off and making it possible.

It’s important to create a proper environment for an event like this and the DJ action (Aaron from All Tore Up and another guy, can’t remember his name) provided the sounds to do that alright. The band that was providing their services to Ms Jackson opened. The Bottleneckers are a first class blues/r&b ensemble with an extensive repertoire. It’s all a wee bit tidy and concise but meticulous with not a grain of excess flab. They opened with “Georgia Slop” which made me think, where is Barrence Whitfield these days?

I’ve seen clips of Wanda with some pretty hokey bands but this wasn’t the case here. This combo swung like nature intended, like she might have had back in the golden days. And what a voice, that was perhaps the most remarkable thing of all. It’s a total hits show and she narrates the story of her career well without the aid or any powerpoint presentation. “Funnel Of Love” was absoflippinlutely amazing. It’s something she’s only recently started to perform again, being that it was considered too risqué for someone so devoutly Christian. I’m please she saw the light. Mr Duff said that this was the best of the 4 times he’s seen her and he knows those onions.

The one downer was the drowning out at some points by a section of gibbering bastards in the audience. These people have no respect for their elders or betters. None whatsofucking ever. It’s time that venues employed quiet police to muzzle these divots. That aside, Wanda appears to have a lot more energy than I do, several years her junior. Keith Bruce's review from The Herald is here.

It wasn’t possible to report in yesterday, I took advantage of the weather to try and keep the immediate area around the bunker in reasonable fettle. “Cutting the grass” isn’t a euphemism incase you wondered.

Yesterday’s movie going was much more successful than that of the weekend. Kicking off with a screening of "The Wild Angels" at 1pm, this was not only the last remaining print of the film – it was also introduced by Mr. Roger Corman himself. Quite a thrill. I imagine that everyone reading this is familiar with the film and to hear Davie Allan blasting out in the pictures is a pretty groovy thing. I’d made the executive decision not to attend the Corman in person thing to see the European prem of “The Missing Person” so this was a real bonus.

I think that this was another good move because “TMP” is simply a great piece of work on every level. I unreservedly recommend it to anybody with an interest is seeing a simply terrific film. It looks great, the story is good and I don’t think that I’ve seen anything this good in some considerable time. Don’t want to give away anything about it in the hope that you’ll catch it when it’s properly released. There are a couple of sequences where the script is just of such a supreme high order I can’t begin to tell you. Plus it includes the fantastic Amy Ryan in the cast and as executive producer. Indeed it was she who put the director, Noah Buschel on to Michael Shannon who looks not unlike Lux.

The director was on hand to talk about the film and he sounded a little like Billy Miller. An ardent New Yorker, his love for the disappeared aspects of his city just made him all the more likeable. I reckon that he’s going places. My original exec decision was based upon the consideration that Ms Ryan might attend. Yes kids, sad but true, deluded fanboy that I am. The soundtrack includes Freddy Fender and Bud Powell and the closing credits contain what may be a typo or maybe not for a “grahpic designer”.

Walking past Henry’s, I noticed that The Suicidal Birds and Pony Pack were playing later. I hesitated for a moment, thinking I might hang about but remembered that it was a school night. Heading for the train, I passed some hipsters on their way to the ATP event. Some maybe even had their swimming cosies on under those trenchcoats. We’ll never know.

Taking advantage of the excellent weather, I walked, or rather ambled, the 3.3 miles home. Past enough cut grass to make my peepers smart to the extent that sitting in front of the computer wasn’t an option. I have one more film to go on Friday. “Baraboo” by Mary Sweeney. This will provide my customary David Lynch related section of the programme.

RIP - Sky Saxon

I was all set to bring you up to speed with the last couple of days when I caught this news that took the wind out of my sails. Having never met him, there are no anecdotes from this end but few will ever forget discovering "Pushin' Too Hard" via Nuggets in 1972. For anyone who might not be familiar with the band in the UK, you've all seen the Lynx deodorant ad with "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" right? Anyway, another pioneer down.

RIP - Steven Wells

(link courtesy of Innes Reekie)

RIP - Farrah Fawcett

Let's hope that's it for now...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I just got in so a post of any magnitude at all just ain't happening tonight or today depending on where you're dropping in from. The Wanda report and an update on the EIFF will be forthcoming but right now it feels like there's sand in my eyes. Viva the hayfever...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not sure about you but I am sick to the back teeth of the word "festival". It's been co-opted over under sideways down and in sundry other directions. The term has been rendered meaningless and the original intention of these being a celebration of something or other overtaken by the commercial opportunities that it implies.

I got an e-mail this afternoon offering a 2 for 1 ticket offer for the Joe Dante in person thing which I'd like to attend. Only thing is that it's at 6pm and I'm not burning any more vacation time. If it was at 7.30pm then I bet there'd be much bigger uptake. But anyway, those two stinkers I saw on Saturday kind of tainted my EIFF-going. I’ll be back there tomorrow. But not for the ATP thing although I believe Duglas T. Stewart makes an appearance in the film?

Post rock. Nothing to do with royal mail then? The Picturehouse in Edinburgh will be converted into a makeshift holiday camp for the ATP thing tomorrow. Oh post rock, that'll be a package from Blackpool containing sticks of peppermint and fruit sugar rush fixes? No? what is it then? Mogwai?? That's the wee furry beastie from Gremlins. WTF? Anyway, all of that will be going on but I’ll be up the road at Filmhouse.

It’s unfeasibly hot here today but I’m headed for Glasgow. Members of the opening band, The Bottleneckers are backing Wanda Jackson tonight so it should be pretty faithful to the heyday. I'll try to file a report pretty much upon my return. No doubt I'll have seen some of you there.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wanda Jackson is at the ABC2 in Glasgow tomorrow (23rd) and not Wednesday as the poster suggests.

I have come to my senses and blown out a previous engagement in Edinburgh and will see you all there.

These Del Lords reissues are available now, replete with extra tracks. Thanks to Scott for the nod. Top gear every one....! Available from all good record stores and online emporiums.

Edinburgh Film Festival "Best of the Fest" announced... if indeed I head for a Picturehouse on Sunday it'll be a screening of "Telstar".

Eric and Amy are on Marc Riley's show tonight between 7 and 9pm en route to Glasto this coming weekend. Check their show dates and see them if you can possibly swing it. Oh, and there's a new Eck podcast available now so you know that's a must.

Good morning campers. I'm not at work today and figured that I might book a couple of tickets for the David Simon event at the upcoming book festival. So having set up an account prior to online booking opening, I figured that it was all set. You know me, I thrive on pessimism but the site has fallen on its arse. I'm on the phone, in a queue but am tempted to hang up because when all is said and done - I'm not sure that I care anymore.

WTF is it with this system of buying tickets for anything? It's not efficient. All it serves to do is aggravate. This condition intensifies when you find fuckers selling tickets on ebay later. Anyway, I'm doing this as I wait. My schedule is screwed now anyway, I should have been at the post office for it opening. Another black mark. Oh, "we're very sorry to keep you waiting" (again).

No you aren't you automated tart...

Update @ 9.46am - Got through, scored the tickets. Was on hold for just nudging an hour...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brother J had better luck than me at the flicks it seems...

30 years of film festival attendance is a fair old investment of time. A commodity that I’m particularly aware of at the minute but still, it’s a hard habit to break.

Yesterday started pretty early because I decided to go and donate blood prior to my schedule. The centre there was pretty quiet so it was all pretty smooth. The women who work there seemed to be excited about the prospect of being able to score Take That tickets for tonight. At that point I’m thinking that I’m glad I’m not travelling to Glasgow although I do feel a twinge of guilt through not being at the Halt Bar. Anyway, I got the business done and a collapsed vein caused my next couple hours to smart like something that smarts a lot. Bit of a sairo but so far it’s not purple like I expected it to be.

"The Intruder" is the Star Trek episode where Jim gets... oops sorry. I’d never seen this despite it being considered one of Corman’s finest and an early performance by William Shatner. The print screened belongs to Joe Dante and it was in pretty great shape. It’s odd, the subject of racism being tackled like this is something like a vintage Outer Limits episode. The more things change, the more they stay the same and all that, as sung by a Missouri group in more recent times. The film was actually shot in the “show-me” state. This made me want to see the entire Roger Corman retrospective but unfortunately logistics forbid that.

"Elkland" was next, screening with a short film from Mexico entitled “Roma” because this, the only Swedish film in the programme this year clocks in at under an hour. This will probably prevent Elkland being seen by more people here. Not as “black” as the blurb painted, it’s a pretty gentle twisted rural portrait. The cool score by Matti Bye adds to the understatedness. The director, Per Hanefjord comes from the North of Sweden and reflects a terrain that he’s familiar with but he stressed at the Q&A that it’s not a family tale.

"Wide Open Spaces" was a world premiere. With its Father Ted alumnus and generally what would have suggested a good pedigree, I spent most of it wondering why Ardal O’ Hanlon’s character looked so much like Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub. One of the people involved, could have been the director, and said there were a couple of jokes in it but if we didn’t like it that it was pretty short. Didn’t really feel like it and I missed one of them I think. I’m sorry to say that this isn’t good. Things took an odd twist at the close though when “Planets” written by the aforementioned Mr Blake and our good friend Francis Macdonald played the film out. That was a bit spooky. I hope that the piece does well businesswise so that my friends might earn some royalties but I can’t imagine anybody thinking that this is worth their time.

WOS confused me as to how anybody might have thought it was worthy of a slot in the program and as I wandered down toward Filmhouse for my final appointment, I did consider blowing it out. “Don’t be a quitter” my inner masochist implored. Got there just as the doors to Cinema 1 and "Black Dynamite" went ahead on time, no intro, lights down and bang, well actually, whimper. I hope that the ghost of Rudy Ray Moore is putting the shite-ers up everybody involved in this utter guff. The audience laughed and hooted at this completely lame recon of all that we hold dear about what’s become known as blaxploitation in these post-Tarantino times. It makes “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” look like high art. Folks diss the Wayans brothers but they’ve never plumbed these depths. Avoid at all costs and get a copy of “Dolemite” or “The Human Tornado”, both of which are several light years ahead in every way. I should have went with my hunch earlier but I imagine that I’d have wanted to see this anyway so better getting it done now and be able to maybe save other people from wasting their money. Check it out for yourself but don’t be snowed by the “authenticity”.

“BD” is working for the man and squealing like a biiiiiii-atch. No disrespect to bi-atches intended.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

OK kids, I have a full dancecard filmwise today and here's what I'll see - The Intruder, Elkland, Wide Open Spaces and Black Dynamite. Wish me luck...

Don't want to leave you twiddling your thumbs though so check this stuff out...

Amy Allison interview at Lucid Culture.

It was remiss of me not to hitch you to a link of this Roy Trakin piece earlier in the week. Meant to do it at the same time as I facebooked it. You know how it is when you're trying to keep all them media bases covered...

Just discovered the Rt. Hon Mike Chandler is blogging now too and let me introduce you to the Sgt. Major III .

Enough to be going on with? Good.

Friday, June 19, 2009

June is rattling in at a fair old rate. No what day is it misfires on the noggin front this week and today is most definitely Friday. First day of my EIFF action this year is tomorrow, this is my 30th year of actively attending this event. There was one in recent memory when I boycotted it because the artistic director was a putz but other than that, despite the odd kvetch here and there it is a cool thing. An economic constriction has meant that I can't see the number of films would normally be seen but that said, I'll still see 10 over the course of the week. Depending on the Best of the Fest list, that number could rise next weekend.

If you’re in Edinburgh tonight, the Coyotemen will musically marmalise ya at Henry’s Cellar bar between the hours of 11pm and 3am. The Brutes will also on hand to rough you up. Both acts will be appearing at the ERUPTIONFEST that is taking place at The Halt Bar in Glasgow this weekend. Unfortunately, I’ll be on the other coast. Actually I’m off on Monday too because I have to burn an annual leave day because of the annual bunker boiler check. A necessary evil unfortunately. Blog activity will be erratic over the next couple of days and the weather is forecast to suck. Same ol’ song and dance really...
Kicksville's back!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thanks to Pierre Yves via Staysick.

If you find yourself in the Pacific Northweast or thereabouts this weekend then you'll no doubt be attending a YFF shindig. If you didn't know and you can get there then you'll have a fine time helping them celebrate the release of their return to the ring on YepRoc. Eurotypes will get a chance to worship at the alter of this institution when the band tours Spain later this annum. The Tour De Muerte will take place between October 15th and 25th. I'm not sure but I might have been the first person to write about the band, for Sounds, way back in 19oatcake. (Thanks to Francisco for the heads up)
And next weekend, The Nomads are heading for this get-together in (near?) Berlin. So don't miss that. Which reminds me, Stefan - please send me your e-mail, I lost it in the meltdown. What's happening with SBB and everything else!? Me, I'm heading for the Edinburgh International Film Festival and will see 4 films on Saturday. Let me know if any of you folks are around and we can compare notes maybe. It's a fairly hectic schedule but all between Filmhouse and The Cameo so all within a smooth schlepping distance. Bit if a dissy to hear that Maggie Gyllenhaal wasn't at the Sam Mendes thing last night after being touted as attending. I was nearly going to turn up with a Wreckless Eric CD for her because she's a bit of a stoatir.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's the last DIRTY WATER CLUB
this coming Friday!!

"And do we have a treat for you on our last night! Headlining is the legendary (a word we do night use lightly) sixties garage band GONN. It's the original 1966/67 line up of the band that did BLACKOUT OF GRETELY and DOIN' ME IN, not to mention the newly issued single of DON'T NEED YOUR LOVIN' on Dirty Water Records.

This is a one-time only chance to see one of thee most legendary bands in the history of 1960s garage-punk! In the supporting slot is a band comprising members of The Milkshakes, The Kaisers, Thee Headcoats, and many others of note.

THE MASONICS comprise Mickey Hampshire, Bruce Brand and John Gibbs and is the only band we think worthy of being on a bill with a group such as Gonn. Opening up the evening is a younger band but one that is keeping the spirit of the sixties garage band sound alive.

SPEAK & THE SPELLS are the real deal, the kind of kids who picked up instruments because they dig cool rock and roll (not to mention that it helps them to meet young ladies).

Various DJs will be spinning tunes during the evening, including Allesandro from The Embrooks, Diego from Dirty Water Records, as well as PJ (if he is still sober enough to do so)."

Friday 19 June, doors open at 8.30pm.

200 yards from the house it comes on heavy rain, 5 or so minutes later it goes off and then in another 5 it's bright sunshine. All in the space of a little over a mile. Of course, the weather is inclement because the "shows" are here. That means the fair, incase you wondered.

Don't have much time for this tonight but it's imperative that I update this sucker at least once a day so I figured you'd be keen on this Pere Ubu opus.

Dr. H imparted the poop on where this elusive Wooden Shjips 12" sailed out of.

If I get the stuff done that needs to be sorted then I may well return. Motivation ain't my strong suit right about now...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RIP - Bob Bogle (The Ventures)

(Thanks to Ben for the link)

I'd like my buds on the eastern seaboard of the US to read this. The guy is 150% correctamundo. Try to attend one of the shows... (Thanks to Lovisa for the info)

"Hello Friends

Here is a story. If you don't want to read the story and just want the quick info, skip to the bold section at the bottom. But it is a pretty good story. If you are in the music biz, as many on this email are, please take the time to check this out, as it is about a band that I think will be big in America. OK, the long version:

At the beginning of May I went to Umea Sweden for a festival. It was really boring for the first few days, and Swedish people are pretty cold and hate Americans. Which made me love America. Or New York at least. But that is a different story.

In this story, my trip picks up on that Thursday night, the first night of the Festival, when my hosts over there take me to see their friends' band... TWO WHITE HORSES. The stage is set up with a keyboard, a snare drum, and assorted little bells and such. When the band, which consists of only a brother and sister dressed all in white and carrying wooden horse heads on sticks, does a tour of the room to synthesized Renaissance music I mumble to myself "uh oh" as I assume the worst...that I am now stuck watching a Swedish Indie Hipster band.

What actually happens is this: I am treated to 30 minutes of the most beautiful, honest, and heartfelt music I have ever seen played on stage. I know that sounds like a gross exaggeration, but remember...I grew up in the 80s. And live in the 00s. Which means the pickins have been slim indeed for me.

After their set I sat down with the band (Lovisa and Jakob) for drinks, but being a true lightweight and having had three glasses of Swedish wine (which comes either on tap or in a box!), I came across as an American. Which they fear and mistrust. But I was charming and enthusiastic enough to at least pique there interest when I offered to bring them to America. I was given one of their CDs and thanked for my enthusiasm, and then told "please tell us this when you are not drunk on Swedish wine." Fair enough.

Friday and Saturday of that weekend were very busy with SOR shows and rehearsals, so I did not listen to the CD until Sunday which was a day off in Sweden. On Sunday I listened to the CD 2 times all the way through, which is AMAZING for me, considering I skip songs on LZ4. Halfway through time number 3 I am now 100%convinceded that I have discovered a band that will be huge in America. I know that sounds like a gross exaggeration, but I go to Lolla, ACL, NAMM, etc every year and see tons of US bands trying to play music like this and not coming close to the majesty of this band. I am now officially excited.

I get on the phone, and after a bunch of calls discover that TWO WHITE HORSES are playing a tour finale show in their home village of Gbubenjungherteven. Or something like that. So I grab 3 SOR kids, get in a way overpriced Swedish cab, and go to that town. They are playing in a town hall in a tiny village and their mom is serving apple juice at the door. Awesome. They arsurpriseded and excited to see me. They play another 30 minutes of magic music, I laugh, I cry, and the three kids are blown away. Or at least they pretend to be because they want to impress me.

We go out to dinner that night, and now completely sober I repeat my offer. They start to get excited as well, I can tell, but in their own cautiously Swedish way. I get back to America and play the CD for my wife, who I trust most of all. She LOVES it and insists that I personally manage this band, even though I have no real experience with that, because I won't try to change them because I love them. I play it for my dear friend Jake Szufnarowski, the legendary NYC concert promoter. He sees it right away, becomes co manager, and we decide not to wait til the fall because we are too excited. So we buy them tickets and book them shows and they are coming over next week and I think its awesome."

June 19 @ 9:00pm - Southpaw, Brooklyn
June 20 @ 8:00pm - The Black Lodge, Philadelphia
June 21 @ 3:00pm - Rocks Off Concert Cruise, aboard the Half Moon NY
June 22 @ 9:00pm - Pianos, NY
June 24 @ 7:30pm - Union Hall Brooklyn
June 26 @ 8:00pm - Mercury Lounge, NY
I kept hearing the expression "lessons learned" this morning on the wireless.

Sadly though there was no follow through with the Matt & Kim anthem of the same name. No, it was more governmental guff, taking it ever beyond something that would be far-fetched if it was penned by that Armando Ianucci (sp? I can't be arsed checking it) bloke. We're being bled dry by a vast army of parasites. Get over it, right? Er, no... best way to deal with it, of course, is not to vote. Or to display any signs of teaching these leeches any sort of lesson that they'll never learn anyway because they're pathologically and morally bankrupt. I would have gone out the door in a much better mood if they'd just played the bloody M&K tune. That was then, this is now and I have some info to compile whilst listening to NoFoSo that will be appearing overhead later on today. Unless I get sidetracked.

SO MANY RECORDS... has moved. Update them bookmarks!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I know, when I mentioned twitter the other day - some of you thought - surely he's got a letter wrong in there. I can't altogether disagree but give me a break. Just trying to behave like I can embrace the latest fads to some extent. It's not easy trying to entertain within the confines of a dreaded text message, er sorry, microblog. I plan to keep this particular ball in the air for as long as possible but pleased be advised that these epistles will hardly be coming at you thick and fast.

The two Adiam clips are amazing... here’s “Memory Loss”. My thanks again to Bgrrrlie for the cattleprod.

JD King has a whole flotilla of new stories backed up for you to check out. I live in hope that one day these will all be available in a tip top compendium published by an imprint that recognises the greatness of this stuff.

On the subject of books, Sir Tom Morton's "Serpentine" has just come out. Perhaps you need to procure something of the printed variety for the holidays? Then jump the heck on in.

Seems like monsoon season has hit these here parts, it’s a lot fresher out there now and I made it to town and back on foot without getting drenched so I’ll settle for that as a result.

there go the cobwebs... thanks Stargirl!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Would have liked to have seen The Drones tonight in Glasgow but neither the flesh nor wallet contents permit this. It’s shaping up to be a busy couple of months with one thing and another and “ye cannae dae it all”.

However, here are some things you might care to attend. The emphasis is on local to central Scotland but feel free to visit. The Edinburgh International Film Festival starts this week and a cool feature of their website is that, if you sign up, you can find out who is attending what screening in terms of film maker, cast, etc.

Here’s a clue as to who I reckon the special guest at the All Tomorrows Parties film might be. You know how Joe Dante is coming? Well think of a creature from one of his films, a group by the same name resides in Glasgow. Can you think who they are yet?

David Simon is at the Book Festival on August 29th, you can find out about that and all the other stuff that’s on there at the website.

When I picked up the Fringe programme I was thinking that there are never any good US comics like Emo Phillips, Denis Leary or Bill Hicks anymore but was pleased to see that Janeane Garofalo is doing a stand up stint from August 6th through 15th.

CJ Ramone will be at Ivory Black’s with a combo that will include Daniel Rey on August 17th, you can find all the tour dates here. (Thanks Martin)

And don’t forget that Dean and Britta are in Dunfermline on July 8th, that isn’t too far away so get moving and make sure you book those tickets. If you don’t then you’ll only have yourself to blame when you keep hearing how great it was.

The Plastic PalsGood Karma Café (Polythene Records)

This is as a consistently good melting pot of influences as I’ve heard in recent times. I’ll leave you to determine who or what these are but will add my consideration that Häkan’s vocal reminds me of Ian McNabb of The Icicle Works. “She’s Going Back” was the one that sealed that comparison being that I always thought it would be cool if The Del Lords covered “Understanding Jane”.

There really is a neo-Liverpool sound to this Stockholm combo that sets this set aside from much of the psychedelic pop that is mane under laboratory conditions to a business plan. The Pals manage to circumnavigate all that with what is obviously a passion to simply create bloody good songs and see where those lead ‘em.

If you heard one of these cuts on the radio then whichever one it was, you’d want to know who it was. Those guitars are utterly infectious as they jangle and pummel, sometimes simultaneously. If what goes around does indeed come around then their music will take them far.

Dan JanischMedicine Man (Green Door Record Co.)

I found this in a pile of cds and realised that I hadn’t mentioned it. It’s been here for some time and Dan may well have put out a follow-up by now but hey, there’s no sell-by date on this produce. His mention of “grasshopper” in the title track is timely given the recent demise of David Carradine.

There’s a Peter Sarstedt quality to his voice and relaxed strumming. Great songs too. Could be a touch of Neil Diamond via Steve Earle lurking in there too (“Big Trip”). “Sayonara Chinatown” has an understated Modern Loversesque toyshop Velvets rockin’ factor that could bring a house down.

Love BoatImaginary Beatings Of Love (Alien Snatch)

The post Black Lips world is reverberating to this quasimercybeat sound these days. Love Boat is from Italy and they pack a skiffle factor into the soup that I actually prefer to the aforementioned beat combo. There are hooks buried in the foundations of these songs that give’em a rowdy campfire type vibe that channels aspects of The Undertones. Pretty damn snappy. I think that if this was on vinyl then some snaps, crackles and pops would only add to the sense of occasion. “Funny Guy” employs a kazoo to maximum effect that will thrill or irritate depending on your feelings about that particular instrument in popular music.

I’m very pro-kazoo.

Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! - !!!Viven!!! (Munster)

Rip roaring timeless garage punk from Spain. Their name pretty much lays it out chapter and verse and I imagine that their shows will be pretty sweaty affairs. I have quite a low threshold these days for bands that claim to play this kind of music. It often completely misses the pan. These guys don’t dribble a drop though and indicate that this stuff can still wet the whistle.

Of course, you heard it all before but not with quite so much gusto. Powered on farfisa propulsion and blazing guitars, fans of The Fleshtones could get particularly excitable around these arrrgh blokes.

Turpentine Brothers - S/T (Alien Snatch)

I don’t know anything about these folks and I have no time to google (or bing/whatever) them right now. I can however tell you that although their “music” is as rough as the proverbial bear’s arse, it is very compulsive, like getting a wheen of tiny electric shocks at one time with relentless regularity.

Again the keyboard activity takes centre stage in keeping things up in the air. It makes sure that things don’t lag. If the Samoans had taken a garage pill and adopted a Hammond then perhaps some of their work might have sounded like this.

Doesn’t sound like they’re running out of “Ritalin” anytime soon to these ears. “Tired Luxury” is simply an exercise in changing the pace for their own ends.

The Thurston Lava Tube
The Thoughtful Sounds of Bat Smuggling (Cordelia Records)

Buoyed by the discovery of this new Bambi’s cut earlier, I remembered about this. Not similar at all except in the spirit to which they approach the cinematic nature of instrumental rock’n’roll. Displaying it as a danceable solution and also as a canvas to accompany a vivid visual projection in your napper, I believe that this is their 4th album with another just about ready to pop.

BS contains the freshest, most scintillating take on “Miserlou” I’ve heard in many a moon.

NightinghalesNo Looking Back (Folked Tongue)

I don’t know what’s with the spelling and I’m not entirely sure about the title either because the music here definitely harks back to the sixties. Still, they’ve infused their sound not unlike The Dandy Warhols to create a punchy concoction. The vocalist Ben Sommers Bachman has a distinctive style, maybe a couple of octaves lower than Russell Mael but that’s who he reminds me of.

“GM Polka” has a rock/beat undertow bolstered by handclaps that suggests that if these kids were to get the breaks then they could quite feasibly find themselves in demand. “Damaged” does a pretty reasonable job of combining The Dolls with The Faces. Serendipitous as Johansen and Co made their UK debut with those guys way back before these folks were even born.

“Buddy Wooly” reminds me of Redd Kross without ever sounding like them. Ditto for Pavlov’s Dog. Actually, when I spun this the other day – I made a mental note about getting their records down from the loft. From Ninian Hawick country, Minneapolis – Nightinghales have a pretty good grasp on what it takes to be poptastic! Let’s not tempt fate by using expressions like soaring but I reckon there are a lot of folks out there that would be pretty pleased to hear what they’ve got to offer.

There’s some stuff to be going on with then. I’m gonna make some coffee and grab some P Dog and Bruce Anderson while I compile the “coming up” list that was meant to be done yez'day.
Being the confused individual I am, I got a notion to try this twitter lark. Not from a phone. I’m staunchly attached to my “pay as you go”, non-photo taking, hardly used bog standard basic model. However, I’m strangely coming round to the fact that my bahookie will be dragged into this century at some juncture. The conversion to cyberdroid is just so unbearably tedious plus, the older I get – the thicker I get, comes with the territory.

My ability to prioritise, focus and to just plain get stuff done seems to have hit something of a speedbump. Still, no point in mithering, like Track 12 of on this fine Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women album sez, “Que Sera Sera”.
I didn’t make it back here yesterday evening after all but I have remembered the band that Angel and I saw at Terminator in SF circa 1992 with Lenny Kaye when I was on the “In Search Of Elvis” tour. Walking past a bill poster hoarding in town yesterday I saw the Testament logo and had a “Chuck” type recall. It was like the club scene from the movie “The Crow”, indeterminably metal but a real hoot.

Wonder what today will bring? I’m not planning to go anywhere so maybe there’ll be some action here. The time that I couldn’t get online seems to have brought upon a streak that suggests to me that I shouldn’t become outright addicted again.

David Hayman is on the wireless talking about guardian angels. A wee bit of spirituality for a Sunday AM, maybe one of mine will help me get my arse in gear to set about tackling the various tasks that need to be seen to.

This remains to be seen but there must be some merit to all this because I already discovered that Bambi’s track today.

Thanks to Nick West for the heads up on this via Twitter...

Preview the EPIC new Bambi Molesters single!!

and here's some new footage. Fingers and everything else crossed for a new album before the end of the year...

the bambi molesters - latinia

Saturday, June 13, 2009

You have to watch this... Gary Lucas and Alan Vega from yesterday... courtesy of NoFoSo!

I’m sitting here contemplating things to blog about and having a first spin of the Dave Alvin and The Guilty Women album. Regular readers will be aware that I consider Dave to be the master wordsmith. Bobby Dylan and Neil Young have their moments but ye cannae whack the real thing. Anyway, more of that later.

I didn’t get back here yesterday but it all turned out pretty good. The buzz created by the surprse special guest on Tom Morton set the tone of the day. Didn’t get along to donate blood like I intended but I can reschedule that, maybe for next weekend prior to the film festival action on Saturday. On the way home, I stopped in at what is probably my favourite chip shop in this area, Enrico’s in Larbert. I used to dine on their "produce" just a little too often when I worked along the road but it had been a good year or so since I had anything. Even although the wafting smell when waiting for a train was VERY tempting. It’s a pleasure to report that the high standard is being maintained and damn, those fritters looked good.

So among the stuff that’s coming up is some news on shows and things, particularly in this area with the various festivals and stuff coming up. Picked up a fringe programme yesterday and see there are a couple of things worth your attention, I need to scan the Book Fest info too. Didn’t get around to the end of the week reco’s either so I plan to do something about that also. Just need to recover from my latest tussle with what’s left of the hedge and I’ll be back with more info and gear to check out than you can shake a big stick at.

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's the middle of June and I'd rather be at "Where the Action Is" in Stockholm. As it is, I'm where the action ain't but that is pretty much how it's been all this week. Can't get outta the bit, not making much progress on any front, the usual malaise.

Next Friday sees the last ever Dirty Water Club night. I’m not sure if the purported ongoing shows that will happen at less frequent intervals will take place in Tufnell Park. PJ? I’d certainly miss not making a pit stop there on my trips “dahn the London”.

Yours truly is headed for Glasgow this afternoon but has postponed the planned departure time because Annika is on The Tom Morton Show! It’s true, I could use the “listen again” but that’s not an option.

The new Dig It! Is available now so grab yours here! (Thanks Gildas and Patrick)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This morning, I woke thinking it was Friday. This is happening with alarming frequency and I'm wondering if my hard drive or motherboard might be on the blink also. Still, Friday is looming now but on the wrong end of Thursday that can be traumatic. Anyways, let's get to it...

The Accidents “Stigmata Rock ‘n’Rolli” 6 song 10” on Bootleg Booze fuses Slade with Motorhead and sprinkles a little Ramonic garnish to unleash some kind of superfastpoppunkrockabilly rave up that pushes all them right buttons. “Lonely Streets” has an anthemic Undertones go Dictators quality. They sound like they’re having a ball too as opposed to deconstructing a finite record collection like so many soulless tosspots do these days. The Accidents have redefined the term “blazing” to the point of rambunctious but they never ever lose the reigns of melody.

On the same imprint. The Dee Rangers “Upside Down” was mislaid in a pile of 45’s here for awhile. It’s nearly a whole year since I saw them in Stockholm and this reminds me that we’ve got to get them over here. The Wildebeests are the lairds of the boss racket hereabouts and the DR’s are the Swedish equivalent. With a cover of 4PK’s “Down and Out” on the flip, the savage beat is in safe hands.

The funeral service for our pal Lennart will take place in Malmö tomorrow (12th). It's my understanding that the family have requested that donations be made to Cancerfonden instead of flowers, etc. You can enquire as to how to go about that at the facebook shrine that Per has set up. Cheers LP, you can never be replaced! The new RJaP is dedicated to his memory and it's reverberating around my noggin as I tap away here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Inspired by episode #1 of WW, Don also served up this amazing clip of The HiRisers!

I always set out with the best of intentions but somehow these never get off the drawing board of late. It's official, my old pc is past the point of rescue but it seems that the hard drive is accessible at least so maybe I'll be able to retrieve some of the gubbins from that. This one is perfectly good but I miss some of the bells and whistles.

I should qualify that with saying that I consider myself lucky to have access at all at the minute but fear that I may never catch up with myself? Still, being able to hear Eric's podcasts is a plus and those are singlehandedly keeping me afloat. I'm having some problems with some of my other internut radio haunts and coming to terms with the fact that you really don't need to have a collection anymore.

The length and breadth of what is available on NoFoSo, WFMU and Wreckless Wradio is utterly exponential!!

So, still getting my bearings with this kit, Brother Don filed this report on his Camera Obscura experience at The Fillmore in SF last night.

"i was too wasted to write a report last nite. and i'm still not really up to a doing a proper one. but as ye say back there, they were, in a word, "crrrackin". it's quite clear they have arrived. and they haven't forgotten how they got here either. i mean, it was halfway thru the set before they got to their new single. which by the way, sounded sooo much better without those stupid disco strings. still the same musicians. but all new gear.

tracyanne's got a couple of gibsons (hollowbody electric and jumbo acoustic), the bass guy's got a shiny new fireglo rickenbacker. guitarist has a killer white jag. keyboard gal has some fancy new roland. and there was a blue tele and strat being traded back and forth. they had little fender amps. fillmore was nearly full. i missed the opening act but one of them -- a girl with a violin joined camera obscura for one song. me and my buddy james were about 3/5's of the way back, dead center. one thing i'll say is that even tho they've picked up a LOT more fans, the crowd was not at all obnoxious as happens when a band starts to make it.

sound wasn't great but it improved a little over the course. mainly you couldn't hear tracyanne's vocals enough. but i could tell she was singing a lot better than ever. so much more confident. and making jokes and talking to the crowd. i rememember the first time they came (this is the 3rd time i've seen them here) she was nervous and off key at times. then last time she was better but now she's totally got it under control. the band was always good but now they're really sharp -- super tight. the drummer's great. he uses mallets a lot.

she's lucky to have such a great band and they're lucky to have a great writer. it was one perfect song after another... i'm not familiar with the titles as i still haven't gotten round to buying the albums (something i'm going to do immediately). i know they did "let's get out of this country". which was great. and in the encore they did "lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken". and that old one about "you're not a teenager..." always liked that one. when it was over my friend said exactly what was on my mind: "it's great to see a band develop like this. every time we see them they get better". but i can't imagine them getting much better than they were last night.
- dc

There's a NY Dolls film event on at The Barbican this week. I can't figure out if it's a screening of New York Doll with Nina Antonia for a Q&A or something else but it'll probably be a hoot anyway. You can check out the info here. (Thanks Martin)

Got letters to "write" and other guff to attend to so I'll bid you a goodnight.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I don't feel much like gabbing tonight but Brother Kjell sent me the link to this and it made me think of Lennart. I know he would have loved this. So let's dedicate it to his immortal memory!
RIP - Hugh Hopper

Monday, June 08, 2009

Was thinking that we could go for three 6.47am posts in a row but was on the road before that this morning so I flunked it. Good to hear that some of you have checked out Wreckless Radio and recognise the greatness of such a venture. It offsets the pish that's happening elsewhere under the auspices of entertainment and politics. Dunno about you but that galoot Griffin looks like a character that Ricky Gervais dreamed up. He'll be having a ball at our expense for the forseeable future, not a thought that gives me a warm glow.

All part of the exercise that is the gradual closure of UK plc. Soon to be towed out to sea and sunk. The looming general election will have to be conducted like The X Factor. Prospective candidates will have to audition and the "winners" will be planted within the finalists. That will ensure the maximum reality fix for the legions of numbskulls that have got us into this predicament. All very depressing.

Not depressing is the prospect of the lucky blighters that will see Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. return to the world famous Rodeo Bar this week for more exciting "ballads, boogies & blues", as per their motto! And, yes, when compared to a lot of other things it is sort of exciting.

RODEO BAR / 375 Third Avenue (at the corner of 27th Street) in Manhattan / Two near-thrilling sets, from 10pm sharp until 12:30am / No cover! /

Yours truly, Michael, Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. "Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Duglas T Bandit will be involved with this thing at the weekend and I may well be seeing The Drones in the same place on Snday but haven't done anything about tickets. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer at the minute, me...

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ixnay what I was saying before about putting something together with regard to reviews. Something much more exciting has turned up since I switched this thing off earlier to do the ironing. Wreckless (W)radio is on the (cyb)air!

Stop what you're doing, what you're listening to and tune in. You'll be very glad you did because as entertainment goes this is a cut (and thrust) above!

I don't think "immense" is too strong a word under the circumstances.

The answer is 5. Paying customers into “Gun Crazy” that is. And what a great looking piece it is on the big screen too. However, that was yesterday.

Today I woke up in a sort of tizz and it seems to be hanging on. I thought that I’d have breakfast whilst reading the latest Mojo, the cover of which rankled me. It says on there that Kings Of Leon are the biggest rock band in the world. I find that depressing in so many ways. A “rock” equivalent of Take That in my opinion.

Actually, I almost prefer TT because they’re not trying to kid anyone that they’re worthy as they hoover up the cash. Anyway, what’s the point in complaining? In that universe, demographic is paramount and if having these muppets on the cover sells a few copies then that’s the crumble from that particular cookie. Their fans might discover something else and figure out just how tepid KOL are. Where did that burst of optimism come from?

It could have been equally bad, The Killers might have been on there. That name should be reported to the trade descriptions people. These are acts that can play festivals that sell out before the bill is announced. thus providing bogus points in perceived popularity. Jonna Lee made one of their songs listenable, a bit like Astrid Williamson did with “Run” by another mega-popular group that just keeps sucking - Snow Patrol. Time for some actual music then methinks.

I’ll be back with that soon - meanwhile pretend there’s an ad break or something.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

I know we're getting a little ahead of ourselves here but the RJaP latest is out on August 18th and with Rob being a modern kind of chap, it's a download deal. OK, so it's one of those "seize the day" situations. It's early but things need to get done. Of course there's plenty of time for my dominant lollygadding gene to kick in but we'll see. I heard that La Roux bint in the wireless and recalled that Danny La Rue died last week also, another RIP then. The much hyped singer of the similar name is like Maddy Prior goes Gazza Numan. Sort of irritating but infectious at the same time.

Not sure where today's journey will take me. The only (almost) certainty is to nip along the road to see "Gun Crazy" this afternoon. Partly because I've missed several other showings and also because I'm curious as to how many people will go to see that in Bo'ness on a Saturday afternoon. Quite the social experiment and better for you than languishing in the pub.

Friday, June 05, 2009

It felt like Friday would never come. Like I was staring down some kind of barrel but now it's here. Five new acts to herald the weekend to keep you amused until I get my act as close to together as possible. Normal service is a consideration but it feels like a long way off. It was raining this morning for the first time in over a week. Could be some kind of record or a tape even. Talking of which, I've a mind to start wading through the boxes of cassette clutter that reside here in the bunker.

The Boonaraaas!!! “Destroy that Boy”

Nothing can kick start a Friday evening like the Boonaaas! Plus they’ve revamped their myspace so check the new decor.

Theodor Jensen “Songbird”

The man from The Plan (and Broder Daniel). Grandiose pop don’t come much grandioser. Is that even a word? (Thanks Hugo)

New Math “Welcome To My World”

They’re back to save the world and there’ll be an album done before the years out.

Nightinghales “Don’t Pretend”

From Minnesota, the missing link between Pavlov’s Dog and The Dandy Warhols. Not a typo on the name by the way...

Pat Simon “Small Town”

Saw that Beat Madchen had this posted again and incase you missed it last time I posted a link, don’t miss it this time!

And that's about yer lot. Quite a bit of work to be done around these parts so without further ado. Have a fine Friday nicht. I'm planning on taking it pretty slow with a mind to moving up a gear tomorrow. Of course, that could be subject to review.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I'm not long back from casting my vote in the Euro-elections. Despite it being the time of the evening when folks are on their way home and you might think it would be busy then you'd be stone wrong. Yours truly was the only voter in the room. Asking if it had been busy earlier, the answer was "no' really". I can semi-understand the angle that these prospective representatives might only be in it for the expenses but that's no reason not to exercise your given right.

There's no greater exponent of the guilty until proven otherwise treaty but come on, we have to start someplace. And if you don't take part then you have absolutely no grounds for mumping when it all goes akimbo. Got it? The polling stations are open until 10pm, move your 'arris!

This has been a public service announcement on behalf of the "What Are You Buggers Playing At?" party.

On a more sombre note...

RIP - Sam Butera (Thanks to Tom for the link to this)

RIP - David Carradine

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

RIP - Koko Taylor (Thanks to Ben for the link)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I've been on the go since 5am this morning and the "Dream Weaver" thing has left me a little fried. It was pretty cool though and by the end of it, I hope to be able to put any skills that stick to creating an actual website. Even although I'm a thicko, I think a lot of it percolated into my napper. Spoke to KP and he told me that the M&K show down "The London" last night was an unmitigated riot. "Lessons Learned" came out as a single yesterday and "Grand" will be unleashed upon the UK on June 22nd. They'll be in Brazil later this week. Phew!

They appeared on the Nemone show on Radio 6 today. Interview starts at 2:06.56.

Monday, June 01, 2009

I think I'm just about caught up on e-mail now but my "address book" is in general disarray. This shit happens and it's not entirely the end of the world. It's taking a little longer to attain any kind of equilibrium (or similar drug) than I anticipated. The weekend seemed to disappear in a heartbeat and today's bugbear was a visit to the dentist. Generally I don't need any restoration work carried out on the laughing tackle but a "pizza" in Barcelona last October sealed my fate so that needed filling.

It was the day that Jeroen and I were orienteering. Doesn't seem possible that was eight months ago but anyway I'm home and my gob is frozen all the way up past my left ear. Stop laughing.

It's that kinda numbness where you try to drink something and it all runs down your chin. So until it eases off I better ease off the liquids. Think I'll work on my TV show ideas. One is "Britain Is Populated By Divots", do you think that could catch on? Or what about this? "Big Conniving, Cheating Bastard Brother" I thought it was pretty snappy but sometimes I have a different angle on reality to a lot of folks these days.

Of course, if the gods were smiling on me I'd be in London for the MattandKimathon tonight but sadly not. Tomorrow, the weather - at least in this part of the world - will hopefully cool down a bit because I'm in a "Dream Weaver" course all day. Nothing to do with the Gary Wright song, it's that fancy software that you create web antics with. Good chance I'm too thick to learn much but we lives in hope, innit? So enough banter, I have Amy Allison cds to package up!