Monday, December 31, 2007

I discovered the joys of The Dollyrots via CAKE and thunk to myself that you folks might be up for a spot of good-natured daft pop this NYE.

So here we are again folks, on the cusp. As always, may the good stuff extend way beyond the confines of merely 2008. We're all awesome, ain't we?

Anyway, thanks for continuing to drop by. Who knows what's in store? That's it for "this one". Catch you on the flipside. That's "hipster" speak for tomorrow... aye, right!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

So here comes the backwards glance over 2007…

Säkert! – s/t (Razzia)

This is outright, the album I’ve listened to most this past year. Once a day at least since it rolled up. The fact that it’s all in Swedish matters not a jot and I’m betting that you’ll be smitten too.

The Dictators – Every Day Is Saturday (Norton)

To have all this stuff properly released is like manna from some rock’n’roll heaven. Oh it is from R&R heaven… Norton Records.

The Boonaraaas!!! – 5 Steps Ahead (SoS)

2007 finally saw the follow up to Go Get Goo Goo blast across our bows. Not a second too soon. And also their first live foray into the UK.

The Star Spangles – Dirty Bomb (Tic)

The second album came out and never set the world on fire.
Shame on the world.

Ben Weasel and the Iron String Quartet – This One is Bitter (Mendota)

The undisputed master of post Ramonic punk dropped in with another caché of anthems for every generation.

Upp Till Kamp – OST (Razzia)

Amazing soundtrack to the best thing I saw on the wee screen this year. And that includes The Sopranos and the latest season of Curb. Composed by Mattias Bärjed of TSOOL. Treat yourself to the dvd.

Ben Vaughn – Vaughn sings Vaughn Vol. 2 (ManyMoods)

Do I have to explain this to you? In the unlikely event that you don’t have all his records already then go here and start stocking up. I just found out that there's a Volume 3 now... blimey.

Lola Dutronic – The Love Parade (Bongo Beat)

Includes a sublime treatment of “La Mer”. A welcome diversion off the loud rock path.

Stereo Total – Paris <> Berlin (Disko B)

They still got it, Two people with the ability to rock with the gusto of at least 11. Vinyl 45 of "Plastico" headed your way via Elefant.

Wooden Shjips – s/t (Holy Mountain)

I think it lived up to expectations. Some didn’t. The trick will be to deliver it live to we Euro types. That has to be on the cards?


Suicide – Soundcheck at The Buffalo Bar, London
Roky Erickson – Royal Festival Hall, London
Suzy & Los Quattro (twice) – Dirty Water, London
SohoDolls – King Tuts, Glasgow
Stereo Total/Fangs – The Admiral Bar, Glasgow
Teenage Fanclub/Pastels – Mono, Glasgow
The Primevals/The Thanes – Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
Robbie Fulks -ABC, Glasgow
Amy Rigby/Wreckless Eric – Bein Inn, Glenfarg
The David Scott Ensemble – Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow

Not music but quite a trip… David Lynch at the GFT

And that’s your lot, enough with the looking back. Plenty stuff coming up in 2008 to make your eyes and ears water. Feel free to list your preferred booty in the comments dept...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Cannibals will warm up in London before heading to Japan in January 2008!

Check here for details. I see my old bud Hiroshi Sekiguchi is djing too...

Sounds like a top night out...
I hope to make some inroads on the Boonaraaas!!! thing for Dig It magazine today but you never know. Well there is one thing that I know, the world has to be fucked when the singer in Jethro Tull makes the New Years Honours List. And then there's Weller with Primal Scream just there on Janice Forsyth - utter guff although she has just redeemed things by following it up with The Red Hot Chili Pipers version of "Smoke On The Water". But now that's broken ito something more trad now too. Bollocks.

Anyway, yesterday was weird. Thought I was sickening for something but it seems to have backed off. I'm hoping that 2008 will see an upswing in all our fortunes. Been fannying about with a top gear for '07 listing, it might even make it on here before Monday but then again...

Friday, December 28, 2007

A message from Theresa Kereakes...

"I'm bringing my Vintage Punk Rock photo exhibit to the Field!!! Free party - Phast Phreddie, the Boogaloo Omnibus will be spinning... There will be all kinds of rare, behind-the-scenes kind of photos as well as popular favorites... like THE CRAMPS!!! Kid Congo!!!
The tour site is at: http://unguardedmoments.INFO
Its called UNGUARDED MOMENTS: Backstage and Beyond... pretty self-explanatory. This tour started in October of this year in Oxford, MS and has beenbuilding momentum on its stops at Memphis, Houston, Los Angeles andAtlanta... Sold out of prints everywhere I went - so - YOU CAN PRE-ORDER /PRE-BUY your favorite print... seriously... folks in Houston were outraged that one guy came early and bought ALL the Cramps pix... details on the pre-order are at
8x10's are $25 and if you want 16x20 portraits of The Cramps, Jeffrey Lee Pierce or Stiv Bators... those are $100.
If you're out of town and want em, you can add shipping and I'll send em to you...
See you at the Field... January 10 (2008)."

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Brother Patrick kindly sent me this mag a couple or three weeks ago and I just remembered that I hadn't mentioned it. The advancing years seem to be ramping up up the memory loss, what can I say... so yeah, Rock Hardi is all in French and it comes with a cd that includes The Sonic Angels and The Fleshtones. It also has Ivy on the cover and I know that'll be enough for some of you to be reaching for the trigger.

Nowt much else to report. Heading out to hook up with The Rt. Hon Peter Tjolsen so no time for the jibjab right now. I did have a fusion breakfast which involved haggis and coca cola, which seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. Those old Andy Shernoff commandments are a hard habit to break.

It's all pretty quiet in all, 'cept for the weather which sucks but when I don't have to venture out to the stalag, that's really not a problem.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy holidays, dear friend, from your dapper friends at Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. And, to keep things merry, for your consideration we offer up a festive trio of shows this week -- featuring a rockabilly revue with our Ropin' Records pals Ace Brown & His Ohio Valley Boys (Cleveland, OH) and Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin' Pins (Providence, RI)!

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27th / OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD / 538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in Manhattan / 8:00 sharp until 11:30 / No cover!

46 Third Avenue (at the corner of Atlantic Avenue) in Brooklyn / 10:00 sharp until 1:00 / No cover!

375 Third Avenue (at the corner of 27th Street) in Manhattan / 10:30 sharp until 1:30 / No cover!

Season's greetings! Sincerely- Michael
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"
"La Mecanique Ondulatoire is a rather small venue near by the place de la Bastille in Paris. But the place was filled up with true fans of the Flamin Groovies yesterday evening. It was a perfect opportunity for some members of the "Flamin Groovies en France" group to meet. JLBassman, Patrick and myself got to meet Anthony who is playing bass on Chris' album in progress and who is doing the nice Chris Wilson Web page. Chris Wilson did three sets during the evening. First was acoustic with the mandatory cover of "Chimes of freedom", why is Chris way of singing this again reminding me of Roky Erickson? I noticed a rare acoustic version of "You tore me down".

Soon Chris was going to his pirate setlist a la Shane Mc Gowan singing traditional Irish songs. The second set was electric, Chris being backed by an efficient French band, the BaDmen, obviously fans of the Groovies themselves. The set started with "feel whole lota better", Chris playing his immaculate twelve string Rickenbaker, which he had to re-tune every other song ("if you ever saw the Groovies live, you remember this happened all of the time" was his comment).The guitar player then asked Chris what about playing now "Talahassee Lassie".

"No way !!" replied the singer.Actually, I had been told by the band members before the show that during rehearsals with Chris they had mentioned that song as one of their Groovies favourites and he had told them he considered it as a too old song. So the request on stage had been like a private joke between them. The following went faster, bust out at full speed, we were treated with "Shake some action",( I have put a video clip I shot at : )"First plane home", "Yes I am", "Jumpin' in the night" this one a bit chaotic. Eventually Chris left the ever going out of tune Rickenbaker to hold a Gibson. There was "When I heard your name" and the classic vintage Groovies doublet "Teenage Head" and "Slow Death".

At the end of the set, I realized that having heavy smokers in the audience in a closed ceiling was producing a really hazy foggy and thick atmosphere. I was expecting tar to condensate on the cold beer glass I was drinking. I went to discuss with Chris exchanging memories of '72, that concert for the commercial center opening in Creteil. "T'was a long time ago" Then Anthony gave me an update about the recording of the new album, scheduled to be ready next February. I was introduced by Anthony to a former Groovies roadie who had come with the band from San Francisco to London in 1972 and stayed in England with them. He confirmed me that some live tapes from that time must exist somewhere.. my holy Grail..Chris went back on stage for a third set, using an acoustic guitar and wearing that idiosyncrasic folk singer tool, the harp holder around the neck. He gave us then a very moving renddition of out of time songs, starting by Leadbelly's "good bye Irene".. It had been a good evening."

Report from December 20th in Paris by Jacques Ball. Thanks Jacques!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

RIP - Oscar Peterson
As a reknowned bah-humbugger, I've already tackled several chores this morning which have nothing to do with the season. It's not that I don't like the theory of Christmas, and I do like a Christmas tune or six if it hits the spot like "Ipod Xmas" or Ben Vaughn's "Christmas Feeling" to name but two recent favourites. No, this time of year sparks memories that I'd rather forget for one reason and another without getting maudlin but hey, it'll all be over soon enough.

The Proclaimers show in Glasgow on Saturday night was a hoot. Not least for the fact that my Uncle Wreckless joined them onstage for "Whole Wide World". Whatever anybody wants to chip in, this is solid entertainment and they have songs in their canon that are standards now. Hard to compute that these guys that I once saw opening for The Cateran in Edinburgh have gone from that to being an institution in a little over two decades. That sort of thing could never happen now, most acts don't even last two months. They dedicated "A Letter From America" to Kai Davidson and I understand they donated proceeds from the Edinburgh show to the charity that has been set up in his memory. I imagine that's what should have been reported in the rags instead of what was this past weekend. Just as well that nobody who reads that shit thinks twice about it and if they do that's once for either brain cell so it doesn't count.

Sometimes, when I admit to liking The Proclaimers, people look at me funny. That's generally because they haven't seen them. It's true that all the songs aren't great but this is good, old fashioned, honest music hall. So oddly normal yet light years weirder than the material might suggest. And, isn't that what it's all about after all?

So more chores are a callin' kids... there are a few creatures a-stirrin' and the sun has come out. Even the frost this morning was disappointing so not a hint of winter wonderland even. See you on Boxing Day, when most everybody is at the sales buying more shite they don't need.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Suzy Shaw & Mick Farren - Bomp!: Saving the World One Record at a Time(Ammo Books)

Can't even begin to tell you all how effin' cool it was findin' this here book on the doormath earlier today. Finally the long promised Bomp anthology has arrived, and it has turned out a fittin' tribute to the late Greg Shaw, mastermind behind both the magazine and the label. Suzy and Mick have done a great job mixing original articles with personal recollections and putting Greg's work in perspective. What you also get are contributions by Lenny Kaye, Mike Stax, Peter Case and others, plus a look at Greg's pre-Bomp Mojo Navigator and sci-fi 'zines, not forgetting the Lester Bangs classic "James Taylor Marked For Death" in facemile (all 24 pages!) and best of all the unpublished issue #22! Droolin' is what I did on notechin' that...
The entire roots of what you people worship is spelled out here in great detail. The only thing missin' is a discography of the Bomp group of labels, and all the other discs Greg's been involved with. But you can mark this as an essential part of your edumacation and order it a.s.a.p. anyways. Get it direct from Suzy, the coolest kitten in transatlantic mail-order...
The great JD King sent this St. Nick pic and what better way could there be to convey the age-auld message of "I hope you kids get what you deserve". The atches on this end are all polished and ready to be batoned down. I hope that 2008 be a better year for us all, although there have been some fun times scattered about in the debris of '07. This is probably it for today, there's crap TV to be watched. Might get to a short Proclaimers report later but I wouldn't bet on it. There's something very comforting about a pissed-up Barras singing "Whole Wide World" though. It suggests some kind of fair play is actually active in these tosspot times... so on that happy note...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Good and not so good news this Christmas eve eve. Glasgow's Grease Monkeys have ceased to be but stand by for news of a phoenix-like rekindling of several of their parts. Colonel James Spence has in the meantime compiled a UK rock-comp entitled "Blighty's Still Smokin'" for the spanking new and esteemed Carbon 14. More about this in due course.
There's other information to convey but there is neither the time or exactly the inclination to get to that now. I've been deflated by the fact that I can't find a link to "Ipod Christmas" by Hello Saferide but i'll be darned if that's not just another shining example of not being able to win 'em all. In a just world, that would be the seasonal chune of choice.

Update at 01.09am - Mr Harry Rag came up this link to HS at Swedesplease from November 28th... Thankyer sir!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

That Tesco mulled wine must be some kinda medicinal compound because I didn't wake up until 9am this morning. Which kind of set the tone for the day, but so far so good. Sir Wreckless of Eric is here to rev up this weekend's Edinburgh and Glasgow gigs by The Proclaimers. I left him and Lady Amy of Rigby at their hotel in Edinburgh this afternoon and schlepped home, completely forgetting that The Thanes were appearing at Elvis Shakespeare. Felt pretty disenfranchised from the fest(ering)ive experience really and need to conserve my energies for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here's something to keep you amused... as far from the rock firmament as you could ever expect to be. The anti-Archers that reside at the Page Family Page. And while you're at it, listen to Eric on Jonesy's Jukebox from 6th December. Top sociological debate, including a consderation of Millets.

And in advance of an impending Australiathon from here, The Eastern Dark have a myspace which you should pledge allegience to forthwith. If you don't know what I'm talking about then I envy you but there's been a new intake of visitors here lately and you just never know.

One burst of activity outwith the bunker to go and then the hatches will be batoned well and truly down. Christmas eve will be spent far from the lemmings piling over the cliff scenarios that will be happening across the planet. However, if you're in Glasgow and you need to get something for somebody who doesn't have the Hello Saferide album yet... I happen to know that Avalanche in Glasgow just got a bunch in. I'll leave you pondering that top tip and am about to switch this thing off for the evening. Thankyer and goodnicht...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Woah, made it to the holidays. Not a millisec too soon... nothing much to report but the relief is palpable. Some hijinks planned but not festive related. Come Monday, the bunker door will be secured til the madness blows over. Here endeth this short lesson.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


First of THREE new volumes of the acclaimed collection of ‘70s/80s Australian punk & garage rock to be released December 8.

Includes rare live Radio Birdman track from ’77, a 1974 demo of ‘(I’m) Stranded’ by the Saints, a track from Deniz Tek’s pre-Birdman outfit TV Jones, and unreleased tracks by the Lipstick Killers, Hitmen and much more.

2002's acclaimed collection 'Do The Pop! The Australian Garage Rock Sound 1976-67' returns just in time for Xmas on Savage Beat! Records though Shock under the name 'DO THE POP! REDUX'. Like the original collection - which received substantial acclaim internationally, including a full page feature review in 'Mojo' and a rave review from David Fricke in American Rolling Stone - the new set differentiates itself from other Australian punk and post-punk collections by following the unique high energy rock'n'roll sound that spewed forth here in the late '70s and '80s, following the lead of Radio Birdman and The Saints. The new project will be spread over THREE new double discs, and is set to feature over 150 tracks, none of which appeared on the original set in 2002 .

'DO THE POP! REDUX Part One' will kicks off BIRDMAN and THE SAINTS themselves (Birdman are profiled with the album's title track as well as a rare live track from one of their legendary Paddington Town Hall shows). Punk era acolytes including THE PSYCHO SURGEONS, THE SURVIVORS, THE VICTIMS, JOHNNY DOLE & THE SCABS, THE LEFTOVERS, THE NUMBERS (aka THE RIPTIDES), ROCKS and RAZAR follow, as do X, perhaps the only Australian band of the original punk era whose reputation rivals that of Birdman and the Saints in some quarters. PartOne then proceeds to revel in the rock'n'roll spirit that took hold in Australia at the turn of the decade, at the very time the rest of post-punk world was proclaiming rock dead. THE SCIENTISTS, THE FUN THINGS, THE SUNNYBOYS, THE FLAMING HANDS, THE LIPSTICK KILLERS, SHY IMPOSTERS, THE MANIKINS are amongst the bands of this period, as are Birdman offshoots including THE HITMEN, THE VISITORS and NEW RACE.. Rare and unreleased tracks from Brisbane's THE 31st (fronted by Ron Peno) and THE END (led by Brett Myers) and obscure Sydney combos ME262 and SLAUGHTERHOUSE 5 (featuring James Darroch, pre-Celibate Rifles & Eastern Dark) and Perth's ROCKETS will also be featured. Melbourne fans will be happy to note that their hometown, which wasn't represented on the original set because of its narrower focus, is represented by a number of punk era bands, including BABEEZ, THE CHOSEN FEW and even the legendary REALS, featuring Garry Gray, Chris Walsh and Ollie Olsen, recordings of whom have never previously seen the light of day.

Volumes 2 & 3 will follow in March/April, covering the multi-faceted garage rock scene of the ‘80s as it explodes out of Sydney and takes hold around the country, and ultimately around the world. Expect killer tracks from a range of bands big and small - from THE HOODOO GURUS, LIME SPIDERS, GAS BABIES and WET TAXIS to THE JOHNNYS, CELIBATE RIFLES, STEMS and EXPLODING WHITE MICE.

The release of 'DO THE POP! REDUX Part One' follows by a few weeks the release of deluxe double-disc reissues of the legendary first two albums by THE HITMEN, comprising members of TWO recent ARIA Hall of Fame inductees and soon to be touring partners, RADIO BIRDMAN and THE HOODOO GURUS. Formed by Birdmen CHRIS MASUAK and WARWICK GILBERT and Birdman MC JOHNNY KANNIS soon after Birdman's initial demise in '78, the band featured future Gurus mainstays BRAD SHEPHERD and MARK KINGSMILL by the time they came to record their two albums in '81 and '82. Overshadowed for far too long, The Hitmen's music is ripe for re-evaluation, and Savage Beat!/Shock's deluxe reissues will provide just cause. Each album will come with a massive booklet with lengthy notes and numerous images. More importantly, each will be expanded to include about 45 tracks, with a bounty of previously unheard demo and live material added to each set. Hitmen classics like 'Didn't Tell The Man', 'Corridors Of Power', 'Rocket On The Elevator Up' and '15 Hours' will be featured alongside long lost fan favourites like 'Cold December' and 'Wings of Steel', as well as incredible covers of the Sonics, MC5, Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Blue Oyster Cult, Dictators and the Flamin' Groovies' great 'Shake Some Action'. Fans of Birdman, the Gurus and high energy rock'n'roll in general will find the wit and the power of The Hitmen an absolute revelation, and Johnny Kannis and Chris Masuak are set to reconvene the band towards the year's end in celebration.

Future releases on Savage Beat!, alongside ‘Do The Pop! Redux’ Parts Two & Three will include comprehensive sets from Sydney‘s Lipstick Killers and Melbourne’s Sacred Cowboys.

Check out -


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dodge the seasonal sickness this coming weekend with The Thanes. Dejected shoppers in Edinburgh should thrust themselves toward the Elvis Shakespeare record shop in Leith Walk (b/w Iona and Dalmeny Streets) for 3pm on Saturday a'noon. Mulled r+r music to release you from the all-enveloping Christmas frenzy. Still fresh from their Stateside success with The Sonics who only have gone on the record as not believing in Christmas. I believe they're out to shake up Easter too...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I know, there's a ton of catching up to do but the spirit and the flesh are in cahoots. What can I tell you? Good to have J back on the beam to provide some actual information. Your reporter here went to work this morning thinking it was Wednesday, have you any idea what kind of trauma that could induce? but anyway, there are plenty of things bubbling under the surface and a lot of input for 2008 to consider heading your way soon. Providing this connection doesn't keep booting me outta the internut like it has been this past wee while. Roll on Friday...

Monday, December 17, 2007

New Ugly Things out soon!

UGLY THINGS - ISSUE #26, 224 pages! / perfect bound / full-color glossy cover.

This issue is sure to make a big splash with our big MC5 cover story, featuring a lengthy, previously unpublished interview with Rob Tyner and some incredible rare photos.

Our other features include the story of 66 Sunset Strip rockers THE SONS OF ADAM, English folk-rock outfit TREES, the NORWEGIAN BEAT SCENE in the 60s, and British punk rock & rollers THE POP RIVETS (Billy Childishs first band, 1977-79).

There’s also an extensive Pre-Punk feature by Johan Kugelberg, with a foreword by Jon Savage.

Articles on California garage band THE FLOGGS (who featured a pre-Kaleidoscope Chris Darrow), legendary Ohio psychsters THE TIFFANY SHADE, and the amazing tale of THE CEDARS from Lebanon.

Theres also exclusive interviews with THE PRETTY THINGS, Arthur Brown, Dave Lambert (of UK freakbeat icons FIRE: "Fathers Name Was Dad"), Art Wood, Zappa associate Jeff Simmons, and much more, including of course our massive review section covering all the latest reissues and music-related books and DVDs.

The Psychotic Art Exhibition

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Masonics @ café De Flitz, Utrecht.

God knows how long it's been since I last saw Micky Hampshire in action with The Milkshakes, it certainly feels like a lifetime. And what a pleasure it was to get re-acquainted with the man and his music! I've picked up some of their records over the years and obviously enjoyed 'em. But live that patented Medway beat, that mixes the sounds of the 1962 Cavern with those of the 1977 Roxy (kinda like The Big Three meets Johnny Moped) sure packs a punch on a distinctly higher level. And instead of the bitter vibes emitting from the stage the last time I caught his former cohort, this was a stricktly fun affair. Amply backed by Bruce Brand on drums and John Gibbs on bass, Micky rocked like there was no tomorrow. Miss Ludella Black guested for a couple of songs, most notably I'm Gonna Make You Mine and Why Don't You Smile Now, and even with the band bordering dangerously on being way outta tune, still brought the house down.

Café De Flitz was a new-to-me location (even tho' it's been there for at least two decades!) and it's perfectly suited for these kinda shows with an atmosphere that's close to that of the Boston Arms or even St. John's Tavern back in the day. Exactly what we've been missing here in Utrecht since the demise of the "old" Kikker Theatre. The turnout showed that there's still a large crowd for events such as these, but also that a conveniant location is essential for such a turnout!

Here's hopin' that this was the beginning of a new tradition of cool gigs in Utrecht. And yeah, yeah, yeah, go and see The Masonics a.s.a.p. when they're appearing in your "'hood", 'cause these guys 'll have you movin' 'n groovin' with a wide grin on your face in no time.
Been in Edinburgh today to catch "It's A Wonderful Life" for the umpteenth time in my five decade tenure. Guaranteed to warm the cockles of the hardest heart, no matter how many times you see it. Half an hour afterwards, even wading through a sea of zomboid shoppers doesn't feel so bad. Just turned on the TV and caught some of the Spice, er, "Girls" comeback. Just say no thank you. Don't fancy that O2 venue at all, the Zeppelin footage I saw sounded well ropey too. Of course the gushing fans, pouring out of the place aren't gonna testify to the fact that they mortgaged their existences to see something that sucked. Are they?

There's stuff to be done, but not on the 'puter. Early start tomorrow. Roll on not having to drive to the stalag for a cool 8 days. Like George Bailey sez "Hot Dog!".

Johnny Moped duets with his wife Brenda

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Now here's something that you won't find in any of those high street rat-runs.
Isabel Samaras limited edition, Alt. Nativity Shindig jigsaw. Other Christmas shopping tips include The Fleshtones SWEAT and the Bomp books. Punk 365 too. Also the Munster DVD series has just issued The Nomads show from Madrid earlier this year. All of these can be found on this here interweb thing. You don't even have to leave the house.
That has to be the signal of a good deal.
Those good people at Double Crown have prepared another seasonal collection that offers an alternative to "Here's the same old repackaged Christmas Bollocks Vol 2549b". Although I doubt you'll be able to snag a copy at the supermarket with your turkey and sprouts.

I made an attempt to go amongst the hordes yesterday but was beaten back. Wonder if there are classes you can attend to make you be able to stomach the wanton abandon of the mind that seems to get even worse at this time of year? But anyway, I'm glad J weighed in with a wee post last night. I was struggling and couldn't even begin to think about switching this damn thing on.

Nobody's reading this anyway, right? You're all out on the high streets or strasses or whatever they call the main drags of your part of the world? Doing your bit for the season. Away from the pulsebeat (Hi Art!) of the planet going to hell in a handbasket. I'm trying to figure out a strategy for today but could well end up staying put in the bunker here. Decisions bloody decisions...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sat Dec 15: The Masonics (Micky Hampshire, Bruce Brand, John Gibbs and Miss Ludella Black) @ Café De Flitz, Rozenstraat 15, Utrecht. 22:00 'till late. Be there or be square...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I get bombarded with requests to put links up for stuff and when I do listen, it's mainly tosh. However, here's an opporchancity to get some primo pop gear for exactly nada, nowt, nuthin' in the run up to all this festive carry on.

"Glasgow band THE MARTIAL ARTS have decided to give away their critically acclaimed album 'YOUR SINCLAIR' as a free download from the front page of their myspace website, as a Christmas present to any one who fancies a listen.

The band, who are signed to Groover Recordings in Sweden, have had success in Scandinavia and almost exclusively great reviews, yet remain unsigned back home in the UK. The band produce melodic guitar pop, in places reminiscent of power pop acts like The dB's and Big Star, Indie pop like Hefner, The Wedding Present and The Yummy Fur and Elephant 6 bands like Of Montreal and The Apples In Stereo. 'Your Sinclair' is no badly recorded demo album - it was produced by Ronald Bood (Shout Out Louds). The band intend to make the album available for free until December 25th - CD copies remaining available to buy via links provided on their myspace - and hope the album can be heard by as many as possible.

I hope you might be interested in spreading the word, be it linking to their myspace/download links, playing their tracks or just featuring the band in your blog. The Martial Arts have full approval from their record label and are excited by the prospect of having their album heard by those who might not have heard of them."

The band is also playing at the 13th Note this coming Saturday (15th)...

(updated at 6.51pm)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's been a heck of a day and as much as I'd like to sit here creating links and all, the computer seems to have other ideas. The silly season is approaching full swing and this cold of mine better shit or get off the pot. Feeling like I've been kicked down the stairs might have been a novelty before but it's well since worn off. All part of life's "rich" tapestry. 'til tomorrow or thereabouts then...

Monday, December 10, 2007

I have a blinding headache and need to shut this thing down.

However, The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen is in trouble and they need to raise £150,000 by Tuesday 18th December. That's a week tomorrow. Click here for further details.

Surely the local council won't allow this fine venue to go under? But anyway stranger things have happened - why on earth would they use their coffers for the common good? You can donate via Paypal, etc. so please give this your consideration during this festering season.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Amy Allison gave me the tip on Nicole Atkins when she discovered her via an American Express ad of all things. So far, as far as I'm aware, it hasn't done what ipod did for Feist but if you give "Neptune City" some house room then prepare to be swept out to sea. It's quite an old-fashioned orchestral pop record with some Badalamentiesque overtones in terms of brooding twang. "The Way It Is" is worth the price of entry to this fictional boardwalk wonderland alone.

Turns out that these 10 songs were recorded in Sweden and it certainly has that Scandanavian majesty. Layers of lush, textural arrangements with Atkins great, great voice soaring over the whole shebang. Somebody at Columbia needs to be thinking about getting her on to "Later with Jools Holland" with all the trimmings. Check out this Letterman appearance if you reckon I'm joshing.

"Cool Enough" has a ghostly refrain of The Crying Shames "Please Stay" (see below) about it. The line about "one day I'll feel different" in particular with the backing vocals, recalls that Joe Meek nugget. There's some great sleigh bell fairy dust sprinkled here and there also but be warned, this is a hardy perennial that'll linger way beyond even next Christmas. Much more consistent than Bernard Butler's Duffy project, I hope that Nicole will be bringing these songs to the UK as early in 2008 as the strategy allows.

The Wreckless Wrigby report from Brother D in SF...

"well... lessee... they came on at midnight following first... a guy singing and playing dobro accompanied by a bagpipe player in a kilt (who's headed your way, so look out) and second... a local garage/punk outfit called the flakes. amy and the wreckless one walked in at 11:40pm, tuned up and then began at midnight. started with something about "you can't be a man w/o a beer in your hand" which had the punters hoisting their budweisers.

they took turns with songs but mostly they did eric stuff and the crowd was clearly there to see him. different crowd than amy had across the bay a few years ago. funny how things change... last time they were here (with marti jones), only a handful of people there even knew who eric was. this time they were yelling out his songs all night. (nothing like having your song in a movie!). amy played her gibson j45 acoustic and also what looked like an old solid body harmony eclectric. she also played some keys, most notably some great organ on eric's classic, "reconnez cherie" (always was my fave of his). didn't know she could play so well on keyboard. also didn't know eric was such a good bass player. he played fender bass now and then. but mostly he played his acoustic cutaway. the mix was bad. sound gal (why do all these dives have 20 yr old chicks doing the sound?)

blasted the guitars and you could barely make out amy's vocals. i complained but she said amy wasn't singing close enough to the mic. which was ridiculous. the crowd didn't notice tho cause they were into eric anyway. but amy was having a great time backing him up. and she did belt out a few... "i'm like rasputin" for instance -- that was great. and her songs were very well received. they were both really having a blast. wish eric would've tuned up in between songs now and then. anyways they did one song i wasn't familiar at all with... maybe new... "please be nice to her"... really excellent. they did eric's "semaphore signals" -- another one of my faves of his... and he talked about ian dury starting out as his drummer way back when. i can't remember all the songs... they did amy's "joey ramone" thing and "don't break the heart that needs you". eric did 33's and 45's while amy took a little break. they were having a blast together and kept going on-- finally warned that they only had 10 minutes before 2AM curfew.

they finished up with a sing-along "whole wide world" followed by "take the kash" which literally ended with the sound girl coming over the PA saying, "that's it, we have to close NOW, we love you eddie (sic) but we have to go". and off they went. i gave amy a bunch of guitar strings and told her "for keith" (did you read about that guy on her website?) and she thanked me. wanted to hang out but we had to split as we didn't have our wheels and the bus was coming.

what a night! hope they have as good a time up north. -- don

They could well still be onstage in Portland right now or maybe not even if it runs to the same schedule as SF. However, if you're in Seattle tonight (Sunday) then cancel any other plans and go see them there because it's the final show of this short trip...

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Finally heard Malcolm Middleton's "We're All Going To Die" that everybody's banging on about. Should probably become the Scottish National Anthem rather than the Christmas #1. It's not bad but nary a patch on "Vi kommer att dö samtidigt" ("We Will Die At The Same Time").

Actually, there's a whole bunch of Säkert! stuff on YouTube from the shows last week so off down that particular rabbit hole I go. It includes a version of The Wannadies "My Hometown". "Nothing good on TV anyway..."
Well here's something that's making me feel better than any alleged cold remedy. Keeping the snotters and all that unpleasantness at bay... I keep hearing all this Led Zep and to be honest it's souring any postive memories I have. Bustling hedgerows notwithstanding, the TV ads in between Emmerdale and Coronation Street, were the final straw.
I'd rather have the 5 cd Simon and Garfunkel that followed it. However, if it's supreme rock (dude) thrills you're after then Santa will be hard pushed to come up with anything finer than this. From the liner notes to the presentation to the SOUND!, this is Norton delivering you from the fug bigstyle. And when I found myself mentioned in dispatches then that's gotta be the pinnacle and more than a little humbling. Like a R&R Nobel Prize or something, blimey. So anyway, this vinyl is posively smoking and I'd never heard the Bloodbrothers demos before so it's all something of a revelation. Performance-wise I think that all of these trump the "proper" version.
It's like they're possessed on the intersection of MC5 and E-Street Band. I wonder if Southside Johnny ever considered tackling "No Tomorrow"? It's a real thrill to hear the stuff that is familiar sounding so vibrant and not just hidden gems trapped on cassette or undernourished cdr. For full multi dimensional effect, you should plump for the vinyl but if your deck is on hiatus then dig on in to the compact disc. J mentioned before that this is mandatory and all I'm gonna tell you is that "Stay With Me" is flying out of the speakers right now and those guitars are killing me in the best sense of the expression.
Scott, HD and Andy all document the history along with Rich Nesin to complete an exercise that's been a long time coming. In the end, it's all about the songs and sch beasties don't really come any better than these. You can craw about Bobby Dylan and The Beatles but that slop isn't fit to touch the hem of HD's wrestling jacket! Ha, ha. HAH! They made me what I am today so blame them and I'm telling you, if they were to reform and play for you now then you'd be foaming at the mouth. What is that Eagles strapline that they're using lately? "Remember When Music Sounded This Good?" well, it still does if you know where to look and "Every Day Is Saturday" is positively chocka. God bless The Dictators and all they stand for, then now and for all fecking eternity.
RIP - Karlheinz Stockhausen

Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday night, stinkin' cold, throat feels like it has razor blades in it. And razor blades are so very punk rock, right? So listen to this radio thing with Holly George-Warren about Punk 365.
While you do that, I'm gonna crawl off and attempt to head off a full-blown lurghi.

(Thanks to Mr Arnoff for the link)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Sunday 9th December @ 7.45pm
This month's Monorail Film Club presents an enchanting bittersweet tale of young lovers (menaced by parental ambition, unwanted pregnancy and the Algerian War), Demy’s dialogue is sung throughout to Legrand’s fabulous score.
Rich pastel colours and fluid cinematography situate the proceedings in a magical territory somewhere between reality and fairy tale.
The ending especially, is unforgettable.
Introduced by Duglas T Stewart.
GFT, Rose Street, Glasgow.

@ the DIRTY WATER tomorrow night...

Friday December 7th...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Out now on A Fistful Of Records:

Little Dutch Maid 7" e.p.
AFOR 012

A Fistful of Records offer this molten e.p. of The Griefs' own alchemical mixture of Hard Pop/Freakaboogie Rock & Roll. Out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and led by guitarist Eric Stein (former Greenhornes/Holly Golightly cohort) comes this fantastic 4 track wax attack, a sweet companion to their catalog on Spoonful Records. Great fun for any party, dance, orgy or student riot. Don't miss them this time!

Limited to 600 copies, pressed on virgin black vinyl, comes in silk-screened cardboard sleeve, this time not in 3 but in 4 colours! + hand numbered + awesome insert.
The PROJECT-ABILITY exhibition for 2007 got underway at Mono in Glasgow last night. The Pastels, possibly getting in a wee practice before their Stockholm show this Friday, and Teenage Fanclub got things swingin' with two short sets to celebrate the event. Kicking off with their version of Yo La Tengo's "I Heard You Looking", the sound where we was standing was really outstanding. Too loud to hear the gibbering twonks that only go to shows for a blether. If you want to see what else they played, go to their messageboard. I will tell you that there was an ear-watering version of "Everything Flows" involved that was bordering on the Skynyrd. Top gear.
If you're on the West Coast USA, my dear friends WReckless WRigby, Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric are (possibly) coming to your town so make them welcome. Kicking off in LA tomorrow, SF Friday and on to Portland and Seattle. This is quality entertainment, none of your rubbish so like I said, go see them. All going well, General Ciccone will report in to let us know what we're missing.
Heard something about The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen closing? That's not good. More when I find out what the flip is going on.
Well, the gallavanting is over and I don't have time to go into last night's TFC thing so will leave it until later... meanwhile there's this...


Hey everybody! Now that we’ve started to descend from Cloud 9 (Sonics brain sprainer on November 4), we’re rallying to stay airborne with a mess of wildass shows and stuff! Check out the Sonics on the Norton myspace page—in this dame’s mind, 11/4/07, will remain engraved in memory as PURE BRAIN SPRAINING FLAME-ON SUPERBOSSITY!!!


Join us as Mason meets Dixon as the Reigning Sound (with very special guest Mary Weiss of the Shangri-Las) joins the A-Bones All-Star Revue featuring Roy Loney (original singer of the Flamin' Groovies), Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators, soul legend the Mighty Hannibal, the Great Gaylord (the celebrated Sultan of Squat), the inflammable and chartbustin' Figures Of Light of It's Lame fame (first show in 35 years!) and introducing rock n' roll sensations Luis and the Wildfires making their East Coast debut plus the double barreled soul stylings of the Nouvellas (ex-Dansettes), four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree! This won't be no silent night, baby! Washable duds recommended! All the hep stars will be hawking their records, shirts and assorted sundries at the show so you may want to attempt one-stop lazyboy holiday shopping at the event! We have been told by the club that this show will sell out - GET YOUR TICKETS NOW

FRI. DEC. 7 - KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW/LIVEFASTDIE at Don Pedro's 90 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn. The twin terrors are at it again at Brooklyn’s wettest watering hole yet! Don’t miss these super talented lads as they sing and swing their way into your lobes with their fantastic songs and heart-stopping delivery! Be sure to pick up Norton's latest yuletide single - Black Lips - Christmas In Baghdad/King Khan and BBQ Show - Plump Righteous complete with festive holiday sleeve!

BOSS HOSS BLOWOUT AT MR. T's BOWL, LOS ANGELES A-Bones attack LA at this fabulous Presidents Day three night (Feb. 15-17) festival featuring the Premiers of Farmer John fame (!!!) plus the unbelievable Flakes, Nikki Corvette (Miriam's teenage pen pal), Haunted George (Norton A&R genius who discovered the U-Turns), Ape City R&B, Rock N' Roll Adventure Kids, Guilty Hearts, Les Hormones… and much mo'! Look for updated info news next time! This is a rare chance to catch the A-Bones as they tear it up on the West Coast!!!

SAT. FEB. 23 - THE A-BONES BAM NEXT MUSIC FESTIVAL, MAGNETIC FIELD, BROOKLYN Back from their surfin’ safari, the A-Bones return to their tip top home stompin' ground hangeroo sporting tans, possibly but not probably!

Direct from the press release:
Norton Records Digital Singles Collection In Stores Now!
Today, Norton Records blasts forth into the digital world with the release of I Hate CDs, a digital-only collection of forty-five 45RPM singles available at the click of a mouse for the very first time. Included in the collection are garage rock luminaries like ? and the Mysterians, power pop progenitors Big Star, distortion-inventors like Link Wray, original Shangri-Las lead singer
Mary Weiss, raunchy hillbilly weirdo Hasil Adkins, and punk rock touchstones the Ramones, whose original 1975 demo of "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" is easily one the collection’s standouts. For a sample of the rare recording, have a listen to a mock radio spot created by Norton, also including tastes of tracks from Herbie Duncan, Incredible Kings, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Shades of Night.What the press is saying about I Hate CDs:
"In my book, vinyl's not portable enough, and MP3s are barely there, so the CD is a perfect middle-ground medium. Obviously, a fair portion of the music consuming and producing public doesn't agree, including the folks at 21-year-old label Norton Records, who will release I Hate CDs: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection Vol. 1 on December 4. I Hate CDs is a digital compilation of 45 45s from Norton's history, including tracks by the Ramones, Big Star, Screami
n' Jay Hawkins, Link Wray, ? and the Mysterians, Mary Weiss of the Shangri-Las, the's, the Sonics, and the Dictators. Okay, I'm convinced!" - Pitchfork

"This 45 track digital-only collection covers roughly 50 years of popular music history in nearly two hours of singles released by Norton in the last 20+ years. It juxtaposes the familiar (Judy is a Punk by The Ramones) with the fun (Readyman’s nightmarish take on Shortnin’ Bread) without neglecting the freaky (Don "Pretty Boy" Covay's ode to wife-swapping, Switchen in the Kitchen) or the basically frightening (Hasil Adkins). I don't care how much music you own,
unless you work for Norton, you are certain to hear something new. Plus, you likely won't have more fun listening to music this holiday season, unless of course you're doing the devil's business and listening to I Hate CDs." – My
Old Kentucky Blog

I Hate CDs: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection Vol. 1 Tracklist:

Go Here To Buy I Hate CDs:




Check out the nifty radio spot (featuring boss DJ Rex from Fool's Paradise!)
for the set at:

Hot on the heels of Norton's pair of early Fuller albums (Norton ED-325 and ED-326) comes a TV special on unsolved crimes and mysteries which includes Bobby, among others. Let's see what they've come up with! Check out E! Entertainment television's 20 SHOCKING UNSOLVED CRIMES at the times below: Sunday December 9th at 8:00 PM (ET/PT)
Repeats Wednesday, December 12th at 8:00 PM (ET/PT)
Friday December 14th at 9:00 AM (ET/PT)
Saturday, December 15th at 1:00PM (ET/PT)


By Miriam Linna
Mary Lillian Ellison, known to all of us as the Fabulous Moolah, passed away at the age of 84 on November 2, apparently of complications from shoulder replacement surgery. If anybody’s shoulders needed replacement, they’d be Moolah’s, top womens wrestling champion icon who was known for her savage flying head scissors and flying drop kick. My dear friend Michelle was a great fan of
Moolah’s Flying Mare move, which she practiced routinely on my mane. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Moolah: "A flying mare is when you get a girl by the hair of the head and pull her over your shoulder, then slam her to the mat as hard you can. And I love doing that." We all had the enormous thrill and privilege of meeting Moolah at a Cauliflower Club Dinner in 1997, where she glided about in a sizzling sequined gown, perfectly coifed and preened, a soft-spoken star with pizzazz to spare. Moolah, thanks for showing what a girl can do! PS: One of the original band named considered by the Dictators when they were starting out making a racket, was THE FABULOUS MOOLAH!! Just ask Manitoba!

by Billy Miller
We received shocking news of the recent passing of Jerry Dallman, the DC area rock n' roll star who scored a solid 1958 hit with The Bug (dig it in John Waters' HAIRSPRAY). It was the A-Bones' long time pal, film director Jeff Krulik (HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT) who'd first hooked the band up with Jerry in 1991. We all became fast friends. Our group backed Jerry up about ten times, usually at the late, great DC Space in Washington DC. Whenever we'd go to DC, the local gang wanted to know if Jerry was making the scene and it was always a huge thrill for all of us whenever he did. I'll never forget Jerry and the Great Gaylord bringing the house down with Don and Dewey's A Little Love at DC Space. We covered Time Machine on our Life Of Riley LP, which was originally done by Jerry's band the Knightcaps. Jerry had an unreal knowledge of early DC rock n' roll and always thrilled us with wild tales of Link Wray, Bunker Hill, Terry and the Pirates and so many others. The A-Bones last backed Jerry at the Link Wray Tribute night in Rockford, Maryland in 2006 and he was, as always, fantastic. Jerry, on behalf of Bruce, Miriam, Lars, Marcus, Gaylord and myself, I thank you for the inspiration, friendship and may you forever rest in peace.


Vinyl reissue of the Dictators' 1977 platter MANIFEST DESTINY complete with original doofus cover and incredible Andy Shernoff anthems like Science Gone Too Far, Exposed, Heartache, Young Fast And Scientific and mo'!

Our popular Rolling Stones 45 cover series continues with our 19th nervous breakdown, yes the 19th single in the series! This double dip of slow drag burners showcases the Mad Lads lead singer John Gary Williams teaming up with Memphis soul sensations the Bo-Keys on the terrific topside, while Southern slop lords the Royal Pendletons tell us they're coming back to us in grand style!

For More Nortonic Information:

Monday, December 03, 2007

The thought of dragging my carcass into Glasgow last night was pretty daunting. I first came into contact with the band Lucero by way of a documentary called "Dreaming In America". Since seeing this, my brother has become a major fan of this archetypal "road band" in the oldest school sense of the word. Drive By Truckers crossed with Uncle Tupelo and a side of Bachman Turner Overdrive or maybe Jason and the Scorchers drizzled in BOC. Anyway, these guys are considerably more able to hold your attention than The (vastly overrated and way over-choreographed for my monet) Hold Steady. Building a following steadily over the years they have a legion of diehards that follow them. Two American couples beside me in the crowd, screamed every word in time and knew every tempo change. It was kind of overwhelming to see something with this much potential to go thermo-nuclear play to maybe 70 people.

It went on a little long for my liking but almost everything does. What can't be said is that Lucero don't give at least 150%. When they really hit their stride, the resultant concussion taking me back to the days in the stalls at the Glasgow Apollo like a battle flashback. Trying to give the bouncers the slip to make it down the front. If you want to rock, then this would be a better place to drop your dough than these upcoming Zeppelin shakedowns.

There is much potential for growth in terms of audience numbers. Next time they'll probably be able to sell out King Tut's or a bigger venue even. Nice'n'Sleazy is a good enough place to play, I just hate the name and the fact that it reminds me of a bunch of punk bandwagoneers that I've actively loathed for more than 3 decades. But anyway, I KNOW some of you would love Lucero. What they deal in is simple, direct, sweaty and straight outta Memphis.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

So here we are in the run up to the silly season. I'm still trying to circumnavigate this trapped nerve malarky and might well have to relent and make a doctors appointment. But what's a little discomfort here and there... so the last few days have been something of a blur and not on account of the painkillers. T'was grand to see Captain Graboff who was in the 'hood with Ryan Adams. Along with Captain Kruickshank we sampled the Ashoka take on the dumpakht. Three thumbs up. Perhaps even six.

Another quick hit and run on the DWC on Friday night. Suzy Y Los Quattro were in town for their second show there of 2007. The Pretty Things were playing across town someplace but the real action was being served up here.

So, French trio, The Sonic Angels kicked off the bill in finest swamp psychedelia style kicking out a thick, grungey soup of a sound. Not sure what the recordings sound like, their myspace banjo'd my internut connection, but came across as pretty bloody choice from where I was standing. The band had been the victims of a gear theft earlier in the day but didn't seem to let that get in the way of providing some loud, dirty Panther Burns taking on Hawkwind kinda rock action.

Mark and the Spies from The Netherlands were next. Their grasp on the sixties beat handbook is tight indeed. I have a pretty low threshold for bands that simply copy what they percieve to be the right moves but these guys are truly great. From their matching apparel to their chops, there's a degree of soul involved and an understated sense of perfomance. They're equal parts Rutles to any of the more obvious comparisons that could could be made. Mark and the Spies are authentic but never precious and that's a rare commodity in these identikit, cut and paste times.

And well, Suzy and co are completely sublime. This is a big, big thing getting ready to bust out at full speed. The pop shrapnel will embed itself in anybody who can clock a great tune. Performance-wise it's just total fun and a contagious dousing in the finest rifforama that is available anywhere. A reminder of how it can be away from the constant barrage of unworthy suspects that purport to be popular. Kicking off with a new tune "Delighted To see You", the feeling was undoubtedly mutual. Their new drummer, Yuri, is setting in nicely and can deliver the beat punctuation that is required to propel such powerful pop action. The band is in the midst of preparing the as-yet untitled follow up to "Ready To Go". Four of the new songs were aired and they fit like a glove. Building on the framework that they've made so effortlessly their own. The world could sure use the tonic that they seem to have the recipe for. BB Quattro is shaping up as quite a tunesmith and "H-A-T-E" is a glambunctious stomp which somehow conjures up Le Hoodoo Gurus "Leilani" and "I Wanna Be Sedated" without sounding anything like either. It was some kind of sonic fugue that just collided in the tilt volume. Loud and altogether clear. I know there's no such thing as justice but these kids mean business.

I've no idea what being a proud parent feels like but figure I got an inkling watching and listening to this. And it's all so good hearted. that as much as anything is what makes it special. The means of getting the message out to those who need it most is fraught with bollocks these days. Taking it to the highways and byeways is the onlt certified way to connect.

And boy/girl, do these kids connect. At home in Spain, and in countries like Japan, audiences are way more sophisticated. Their tastebuds are in tune with stuff that isn't a fad. And SYLQ might seem like a simple pop ensemble but they're actually way more. They've taken the Ramones/Blondie axis and skewered it with Dictator-ial guitar licks. Sure, certain aspects might remind you of both of those but only momentarily. This isn't nostalgia. These guys weren't even born when what became to be labelled as "Punk" was born. The way they've joined up the positive musical dots to arrive at their sound is nothing short of a miracle. If it sounds derivative to you then you're not fucking listening. This deserves to go straight to this bridge and the next. When the band launched into "Lipstick To Japan", a very eyecatching girl in black bounded to the front. I hope she was caught on camera but I digress... have a look at this Ray Fury clip from Friday.

Hopefilly, it'll become possible for them to traverse the world and that Suzy will have her own "contact lense roadie" to make sure that events like last Friday won't happen again. Suzy Y Los Quattro are straining at the leash. If they were to make a serious attempt at global domination then I hope you'll all pile aboard the campaign.

BB is all fired up and ready to move mountains if necessary. By March 2008 we should be a little clearer with regard to strategy, so watch this space for further bulletins.

Meanwhile, with regard to the Dirty Water then this coming Friday, Glasgow's "ain" Primevals will be giving it laldie with The Priscillas and The Nuns. By all accounts Fridays' warm up show was some kind of religious experience so you wouldn't want to miss out on a pre-christmas one o' those now wouldyer?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Anybody who is in getting to distance of Brighton should cease what you're doing now and make your way to the Punker Bunker. Suzy and co will be whoopig it up with The Surfin' Lungs and I couldn't make it because of a prior engagement. So I'm looking for some representation there, OK? See you tomorrow...

Friday, November 30, 2007

A guid St Andrews Day to all of you. Celebrations will take place in Glasgow with The Primevals and in "the London" with honorary Scots Combo Suzy and the Fower! Not sure how many kilts will be involved in that. No time to gab, I'm having a saltire tattooed on to my map in about tewnty minutes. Catch you on the flipside, or at the bar in the DWC.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


The show is at The Twisted Wheel in Queen Street and the band "should be on at 10pm-ish". Plus it's free, but you'll want to score a copy of the cd, natch. St. Andrew's night might actually go with a bang this time out...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sure was good to get a bulletin frae J. It never got what you'd call light here until it was practically time for the sun to go down. On top of the rather depresso outlook on that score, I've trapped a nerve in my left should/arm and it isn't half gowping so I'll keep this brief. Paracetamol and Codeine for tea, yummy!

There's a broadcast of Säkert! live from the summertime back yonder somewhere, I think recorded in Ms Norlin's hometown of Östersund?

You remember the summer? When there's actually daylight? Anyway, that's on p3 live tonight at 9.30 Stockholm time (8.30pm in the UK).

It would be good to experience some light, day or otherwise... however, those in Bristol, London and Brighton will be catching considerable rays from these fine folks starting tonight...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Calling Brother Jeroen, where you at?" asked our chief in command.

Well first off, I've been dealin' with some digi-phobia where my pc was taken over and used to send out ungodly amounts of spam, slowin' down my pace on the information highway considerably! But the main thing I was "bein' at", and still am as a matter of fact, is bein' busy. Not in the hip-hop sense of "gettin' busy" but life in general. You know; raising my son, reading books, work, preparing meals, shopping or just going out for a short hike to catch some fresh air. That, and a lot of other stuff kinda puts the rockin' stuff on the back-burner at times. Not that I'm living in total silence these days; I carry my iPod around wherever I go: the train, the kitchen, just plug it in in whatever is available and hit shuffle mode. Havin' the time to sit down and listen all the way thru' a 70 minute CD is a rarity these days.
That said, I'm diggin' the heck outta Norton's long promised Dictators archival waxin' Every Day Is Saturday! It's effin' great to finally have this stuff at hand on a proper format instead of hissy tapes or accident prone CDRs. A mandatory purchase for every NBT reader! From the same label comes a solid collection from the Justice label vaults, full of prime six-o garage scree that's well worth part of your paycheck. Good, good stuff...
If you dig yellowed age old fanzines as much as I do, you'll be happy to learn that the legendary Canadian 'zine Denim Delinquent now has a cool website where you can get a taste of what in recent years was only available to big spenders like Chris Stigliano. D.D.'s contributors included both Lester Bangs and Jeremy Gluck, so you know you're in for a cool ride...

There's more, plenty more, but I gotta go catch some sleep...
Indeed, tired of leftovers, dear friend? Then kindly let the good folks at Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. set the table anew!

538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in Manhattan's quaint "East Village", NYC / Two piping hot shows, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / No cover charge -- and featuring a FREE RAFFLE of SEMI-FABULOUS PRIZES conducted by the mysteriously alluring RAFFLE GIRL! /

Holiday on- Sincerely, Michael
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sohodolls get in the spirit with this old Hanoi Rocks chestnut...

And if you can't make it yonder in NYC, then stop off at the Soul Shack in cyberspace from the comfort of wherever you fiddle about on this contraption o' yours. Bit of a primer for your Hives fix next week and a bunch of other stuff from them Netherlands. Calling Brother Jeroen, where you at?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

RIP - Michael Blodgett (Lance Rocke)
My mind detector is on the blink again but while I figure out if it's just the batteries or something more serious, here are a couple or three things to keep you amused...

Groovy record sleeves of every persuasion (link courtesy of Lloyd)

Dion was on "Later with Jools Holland" last night. That was a surprise.

Francis Macdonald's directorial video debut for the new Attic Lights single, "God". Coming as a limited edition 7" on December 3rd. Reminds me of The Mockers - that has to be a good thing.

And talking of them, SUZY Y LOS QUATTRO are at the DWC this coming Friday night (30th). See you down the front.
Teenage Fanclub Benefit Show
& Exhibition at Mono

Tuesday 4th December 2007

Mono is hosting a Fundraising Benefit Gig for Project Ability on the 4th December.

The night kicks off with the launch of a new Project Ability Exhibition at 7pm.
Doors open for the concert at 8.30pm featuring: Teenage Fanclub plus Pastels DJ set

Tickets on sale at Mono - £5 (in aid of Project Ability)

Friday, November 23, 2007