Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The trials and tribulations of searching for car insurance continue. Yesterday evening, I succumbed to using a “comparison” website. I dislike these things a great deal but it was a moment of weakness. The consideration that maybe it could scratch the itch and come up with something was an attractive proposition I suppose. So anyway, I go through the soul-sucking job of “form-filling” and had only just had the results come up when the phone rang.

One thing that rattled through my noggin was good, I can divert my attention from this for a bit but it was the “top quote” insurer eager to make a sale. In terms of efficiency I should have folded there and then but I haven’t heard of hardly any of these people and this one in particular could be the best deal on earth but I’m very sceptical at best. I’m not entirely sure why I’m sharing this on here but I was quite shaken by the audacity.

So, pre-occupation with several non-essential escapades like this are hampering my good intentions to start writing about music again. Ideally, I'd have someone to deal with all this bollocks but I don't. One of these days, things will go according to some kind of plan but until then...