Friday, April 25, 2008

The soundtrack to a mighty Friday night anyone?

(link originally provided by Stig O' Hara)
Woke up twice during the night thinking that today was Saturday but knowing that it wasn't. I think there was some other stuff going on too that was kind of fucking with me. All I can say is that thank christ it's actually the weekend. Having a day off on Wednesday didn't exactly help in real terms either, it kind of made for two Mondays.

Don't know what the post office situation is in your corner of the world but here, it's a pricey business. Had the need to send off a few sizeable packages and was, to use Brother P's favourite expression - flabbergasted. As one who spent most of his pre-cyberspace existence in the Larbert PO most lunchtimes holding up the queues to dispatch print to however many corners of the world there are. It was costly then but now, blimey, I think there's a conspiracy on to price the service out of the common or garden ballpark.

That coupled with the end of the world – or as they’re calling it here – the fuel shortage, suggests that we’re all headed for hell in yon proverbial handbasket. The refinery is said to have been shut down but it was still emitting that trademark hum when I got home. I don’t mean stink, rather the low buzz that permeates our airspace here in the belly of the beast that’s poised to bring the entire country to it’s sobbing, pampered, over-privileged knees. If anything really gives – particularly when they’re firing the place up again – then you could well hear it here first.

Or then again…

Some R&R reportage coming up this weekend. Probably.