Wednesday, October 15, 2008

El compositor del primer grupo punk de Nueva York se mantiene gracias al vino espaƱol
I'm not sure how I made it through this past few days.

When the news hit that there would be no more Ringo signings, my proverbial world fell down. We may be two steps from sackcloth and ashes but this is surely the big one. I'm not sure where the centre of pillockdom lies exactly. Is it with the man himself who thinks anybody gives a fuck or is it with the media that's reporting it? And even worse, Madonna is getting a divorce. Hopefully it's not because her (soon to be ex) old man put The Scientists on the soundtrack of his recent movie instead of one of her's??

Maybe R. Starkey was just being nice, not wanting these sad bastards not to waste stamps.

To quote Judy Tenuta, in that foghorn voice, "It could happen". If Barbara Bach is reading this, give beardy a good hard foot up the arse. Didn't he piss on his chips already with that appearance in Liverpool recent(ish) anyway?

Anyway, here's some proper news - don't forget the Suzy & Los Quattro acoustic show tomorrow night in Barcelona if you're privileged to reside there.

Me? I'll just have to make do with a few more episodes of The Wire.
RIP - Neal Hefti

RIP - William Claxton