Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Sex Pistols in Maasbree

Amazing footage of the Pistols playing the Netherlands in late '77. I actually saw this at the time, 12 months after first seeing 'em on TV in January of the same year, in between there were only a handfull of 45's and some newspaper cuttings. Alice 'n me drove thru' Maasbree a couple o' years ago, but couldn't find the "Mafcentrum". Lookin' around it was hard to imagine how the Pistols ended up there. Remote, quiet, you name it. Check it out here: 1, 2 and 3. (by the way, no band came out of Maasbree ever...)
Seeing as July is making an exit, let's see what's lurking about here in terms of music.

Earlier today I got a Lefsetz letter providing a link to a site that some wag had posted an "utterly hysterical" ad on Columbia Records website. After my pants had dried, I sent a short note to Mr L. His repetitive to the point of psychosis opinions on the music biz are getting tiresome. He needs a new angle. People I turned on to his newsletter are, I believe, unsubscribing.

This is a shame because there is a kernel of "right" in some of the tirading but you have to look awful hard these days. Then there's his taste in music which generally turns a lot of people off. This is purely subjective - I know - and some of them are real humdingers with a capital HUM but that's his pigeon.

Anyway, let's cut to the cheese - not the chase - but the dairy product according to some twat I heard use the term the other day. Bearing in mind that the average "review" is somewhat obsolete, I think that my musings on stuff going forward will entail some thoughts and a link to where you can check stuff out wherever possible. There may well be exceptions to the rule but to keep this interesting for all of us, it seems like a way forward.

Midlife Crisis"Cranked Up Really High" EP (Bootleg Booze)

This 4 song 7” features punk cover tunes that run the gamut from the well known Slaughter and the Dogs song to the completely unknown (to me) “Raggare” by PF Commando. Urkke T has teamed up with three of Stockholm’s finest to raid the tomb of ’77. I don’t really recall The Outsiders, a pre-The Sound band that Adrian Borland was in. He wrote this and until raking about on t’ernet I had no idea that he was dead. Anyway, I think he’ll be pleased with this interpretation wherever he is. I don’t recall Menace’s “I Need Nothing” being this fuel injected, they struck me as clunky at the time. The sleeve states “ Midlife Crisis” have no e-mail or website and can not be contacted at all. Tough shit.” However, fret not. The good burghers of Bootleg Booze will hook you up with a copy of this proof of existence.

Big BirdThree Song EP (Dolores Recordings)

Some of these guys are in The Caesars and the opener, “Tell Me” reminds me a little of The Hellacopters. That is, if they decided to be Teenage Fanclub all of a sudden. Why does the chorus remind me of “Eve of Destruction”? “Rabbit Punch” is blessed of a similar vein but the real gold is on the flip. “Vapour RIP” is like Spiritualized vs The Righteous Brothers via The Pastels tackling “Crimson and Clover”. Lo(w) on fidelity, big in sonic protein. Hopefully, this is the direction that future BB studio droppings will take.

See you folks in August then...

GFT Fred MacMurray Season in August

I know that isn't Fred MacMurray but as you most likely know, he's the soon to be re-released classic "The Apartment" with Mr Lemmon here. David Lynch watches it every New Years Day, he told us so at this very venue. If you haven't seen it before then I envy yo'ass.

Click on the image for further details on the season.