Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is there no end to flow of superior atmospop from Sweden? It sure doesn’t seem like it. The latest to hit up this particular disc tray is “Frutti di Mare” by Don’t Be A Stranger. It sounds like it should be on Razzia but it’s on their own ia! imprint via V2.

The DBAS “orchestra” comprises the Weibull sisters (Louise and Christina) and Liv Widell along with Martin (Konie) Ehrencrona, Johan Forsman and Mattias Albinsson. The sound they make isn’t quite like anything else, well maybe The Paradise Motel fronted by Nina Persson. Or El Perro Del Mar sculpted by Brian Eno with his Roxy Music head on.

It also reminds me of that fine Scots combo, Adventures in Stereo and of the time they did a version of “Danny Says” at a Joey Ramone tribute in Glasgow. That gave me the shivers and some of this hits that same spot. The parts that don’t are pretty flippin’ cool also. “Yellow Moon” is like a Scandic Fleetwood Mac at Hallowe’en, that guy Konie has the eerie keyboard sound down pat. Building ever closer to a crescendo that doesn’t quite come, a bit like the final moments of The Sopranos only created in sound. If they can do this live, then we’re in trouble.