Sunday, August 31, 2008

I've had two 5am rises and two 6am starts this weekend so I feel a little puggled.

Not exactly down with blogging at this point so this'll be brief. If I don't pass out in front of the TV then I might be back later. What I did do since returning home from the stalag is watch Paradise Lost 2 because I believe there's some WM3 activity coming up very soon.

Hopefully justice will be seen to be done this time...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Want to see what "an alien of extraordinary ability" looks like?

Go to one of these...
Both of these clips are great so click play and dig 'em.

You've nothing better to do right?

Friday, August 29, 2008

I have a very early rise (even by my standards) tomorrow so I updated the North Fork Sound logo on your left there and that's it for tonight. Short and sweet.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The auspicious sounds of JD King and the Coachmen are waiting for you at the newly-launched Myspace site. Crack off a friend request, like now!

Ramones post at So Many Records...

Great to hear from my old pal, Michael Weldon. Let him clue you in to what he's up to...

"My Friday Night Psychotronic Radio Show is now available live - throughout the Universe! Go here and click on the radio.

I'm on Friday nights from 8 to midnight. (I imagine that's EST)

The site also has a Youtube clip of me reporting from the old 42nd St."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I just got the new new Fatboy album, "In My Bones" which is out on September 24th. More when I've been able to digest it's charms. And while we're on the subject of charm, the more eagle-eyed will notice that is the same day as the Hello Saferide album. And have you sprung for a signed copy of that via Bengans yet? Procrastinate no longer and do it.

Been a funny sort of a day and there's humdrum guff I need to attend to so this missive will be short. Today there was supposed to be a blitz on people using hand held mobile phones. Too bad I wasn't an undercover polis because I clocked a couple on the way home. Wonder how many points they get for each idiot they snag?

Theres a new Matt and Kim track available for download here, "Good Old Fashion Nightmare" has a GRANDiose chinatown undercarriage on it. Groovetastic.

I think you'll dig the heck out of Hyper Plastic. "Ron Asheton's Loafers" anyone?

And to sign off, here's a version of the song that kicks off "More Modern Short Stories From...". It's a cracker. Not a rock monolith but mighty in many other respects.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. says farewell to summer, dear friend!

First in the faux tropical setting of Otto's Shrunken Head for our last-Thursday-of-every-month residency -- and then on the famed Coney Island boardwalk at the 2008 Coney Island Rockabilly Festival!

THURSDAY, AUGUST 28th / OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD TIKI BAR & LOUNGE 538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in Manhattan / Two season ending shows, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / With salty snacks -- and no cover!

Followed by sand, surf, beer and burlesque...


Outside on the boardwalk (at Stillwell Avenue) in Coney Island, Brooklyn / Six bands, from 2-8pm, with SIT & Die at 5pm / A mere $5 cover!

Seasonally yours, Michael, Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. "Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Monday, August 25, 2008

The ongoing PC problems at this end don't seem to be going away. To that end, I think the contact link here on the blog still works but I can't be certain. Forget myspace, I have no confidence in that because I can only get in there for a few minutes before it collapses. So that leaves facebook and hotmail. If you've sent a message and I haven't replied then chances are I never got it. As far as I know I can mail out but there's some problem with stuff coming in. Possibly to do with the security. It allows in the shite but stops real messages like those bozo doormen in terrible bars you wouldn't want to go in anyway. Way to fucking go.

I'll investigate the situation but don't hold out any hope of it being rectified.
And gordon bennet. Did you see any of that Olympic closing bollocks? What an embarrassment. If somebody had commissioned a presentation to be so toe-curlingly retarded they'd have been hard pressed to come up with anything resembling old Boris waving the flag as a centrepiece. George Dawes with a thatch.

And also the masterstroke double header. Lets get a cherry picker and have Jimmy Page mug along with Leona Lewis on a version of Whole Lotta Love! Brilliant! Then we could haul that donkey Beckham in to kick some footballs into the parade. I think that the Tate Modern image of Myra Hindley is the least of their worries. It was all positively Graham Linehan. Didn't it resemble the Craggy Island fair? I'm making an unfair comparison here... of course it wasn't. The CI scene was much preferable.

A grand start then to something that's destined to be the biggest non-event of all eternity. Just 4 years away. Make your arrangements to leave the country now.

It can only be a matter of time before Great as the word before Britain is replaced by something more apt. Like Poor, or maybe just slot in Ex before the lot. Not that I'm convinced that it ever was but anyway. I'm not sure that a small bag of medals from some dodgy competition is going to make that much of a difference. My flabber has never been more gasted than it was witnessing a few minutes of that debacle yesterday. Makes the Eurovision song contest look like a village fete. We taxpayers should be glad that our hard earned money is going to such a good cause. I guess those KLF guys weren't available to just torch it then.

If the Hello Saferide album hadn't been here to calm me down then I could have jolly well exploded and take out a nearby High Street. It's a fine, fine line...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

(photo by Karen Hibberd)

Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby are about to undertake a mission. Commencing this coming Thursday in Portland, Oregon - their wagon will be rolling all across the USA and briefly into Canada. Their show is the best antidote to all the election piffle that’s poised to go down between now and November. Readers out there are invited to take a look at this datesheet and make a beeline for the venue that best fits their location .

These two legendary performers are about to release their debut album as a duo. Their worlds were always destined to collide and you better be glad that it did. Out on Stiff this coming September 14th, it was seemingly made in a vacuum by them for themselves so it’s little wonder that it turned out as downright great as it has. Not a lot like either of their individual work this self-titled set brings together the grooviest aspects of both to work some very special magic. “Another Drive In Saturday” evokes Mott being psychedelicised by Joe Meek.

If you lived through that period then you might just get all misty-eyed without being able to figure out why. Whoever nailed these two together did a master craftspersons job. Notice how I didn’t fall into the sexist trap there? Eric’s electronic wizardry sits alongside Amy’s sharp take on the pop aesthetic to create a sound that’s definitely not like anything else you’ve heard in recent times if bloody ever. A proverbial mainline to a great time, minstrels of this calibre are in very short supply. Eric claims that their version of “I Still Miss Someone” is like “the Seekers on substances”.

Check out their commentary on some of the songs, if that doesn’t make you want to hear it then sod off back to whatever fly by night you’re down with at the minute.

Folks in the UK/Europe should head over to The Turkey Zone for the best deal on a copy of the album. Those in the US should attend a show and score one direct. This enterprising couple have gone to great lengths to organise the upcoming jaunt so please show the requisite appreciation by turning out. No matter what night they happen to arrive in your locale.
Further to yesterday, I'm not much farther forward.
Only now there's no cold water because of a burst up the road. Of course, it could be worse. Like some of the poor sods that have been flooded out this past week but more than anything it's inconvenient. Much as I really want to go see "Killer of Sheep", I can't be bothered going all the way into town. I did consider going to Glasgow too. They're showing "A Blonde In Love" by Milos Forman. My guess is that I'll do neither at this point, particularly with the shower outta commish.

Anyway my kvetching aside, folks in an around Glasgow that are addicted to The Wire should check this out! Book now to avoid a big dissy. Oh yeah, and this coming Friday...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Seems I'm not the only one who's memory banks came up with all kindsa stuff after the passin' of Ernst "Ernesto" Kamphuis... My pal Robbert B. posted some age old footage of Ivy Green on Youtube playin' (what I think was) their final gig right here in Utrecht. And yep, that's me talkin' to Tim and Dr. Bibber... Dig it right here and here.

For more old footage check here and here.

And dig this story by all round good guy Niels...

All hail Ivy Green!
Ben Gart was lucky enough to catch Ben Weasel and his crew in full flight out the Windy City way last night. Let him tell you about it...

The crowd was antsy waiting for Ben Weasel to come on last night, screaming and yelling for him and the band to get started. This was the first of two nights and it turns out that it was going to be something special -- Dan Vapid was on stage getting his guitar tuned up and was part of the band tonight. (Dan is one of the nearly-original Screeching Weasel members who stuck it out thru about 1996)

The point of this show was to play the first Lookout Records (and first formal/Ramones-inspired Screeching Weasel lp), MY BRAIN HURTS, from beginning to end. As such, Vapid played second guitar and did back-ups, it was pretty magical to have one of the key ingredients of those early tunes available and willing to play. Made a huge difference, I think. The band was tight, played the first “side”, one tune after another with barely a chance to breathe between tunes. Ben was in a good mood, appeared to be having a good time with the crowd, band, and songs.

He took a few minutes to talk about the next set of Chicago shows in November and to taunt the assholes in audience – some things never change (and in this case, that's a good thing). The band then kicked back in and played thru "side 2" of MY BRAIN HURTS solidly and faithfully. The audience sang along the whole way and clearly had a blast -- me included.

Ben told us that he wasn't going to play the encore game of leaving the stage only to come back. The band tuned up, huddled and agreed on the tunes they'd finish up with. The rest of the set was comprised of a couple of tunes from the BOOGADA, a few from ANTHEM FOR A NEW TOMORROW, some latter SW and Riverdales and one or two songs from THESE ONES ARE BITTER. Naturally, there were other songs I would've loved to hear but having the opportunity to hear my favourite Weasel album in its entirety was a golden experience. Like a number of fans, I have a lot of memories tied in with that record and the times I spent listening to it over and over.

Thanks to Ben for this chance to step back a little in time and relive some more youthful times.
I was going to go see "Killer of Sheep" today but I guess that's been bumped. The reason? Well, the arrival of a certain Swedish album that I've been on tenterhooks about. First impression is that it's just as overwhelming as expected. Amy went back to the USA yesterday and there are a half dozen songs toward an album with David Scott that'll be coming together over the next wee while. There's a lot of great music coming out over the next month. Stuff that's worth holding on through for the humdrum for.

It's not raining today either so I'm going to grab some fresh air to the beat of those Modern Short Stories. I'm going to check out some travel agents for flights to Barcelona because this on-line booking shit is akin to buying insurance. Mind-numbing. And I'm not sure that the bargains that are made out to be there actually are.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jeremy Gluck, Frontman of cult legends The Barracudas plays a series of live dates to accompany the release of his new solo album "Victim of Dreams". With his new band THE YOHAWKS featuring members of Superczar & The Death of Chapman Baxter:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm

What's Cookin', Leytonstone, London.

"Victim of Dreams" is a remarkably diverse, unique and striking solo album on Diesel Motor Records. It sees a regenerated Jeremy working with an array of artists, including a collaboration with Nikki Sudden recorded shortly before his untimely death in 2006. It features inspired new material and worthwhile covers.

Working with an all-new band playing songs spanning all his 30 years in music, Jeremy never sounded so young.

Recent releases:
Victim of Dreams" solo album released by Diesel Motor Records.
"I Am Time" vinyl single released by NZ collectors' label Perpetrator.
"This Is…Jeremy Gluck"

(limited edition album released by Canadian collectors label TBM)
Online-only rarities compilation "The Rich Man's Burden" released by Cadiz Digital.

Photos by

RIP: Ernst "Ernesto" Kamphuis (Ivy Green)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Take off with Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.! It's a delicious taste of old Vienna at the Cafe Steinhof on Wednesday -- followed by a south-of-the-border stop at the Rodeo Bar on Friday with Baskery, a trio of hillbilly sisters from Stockholm!
422 Seventh Avenue (at 14th Street) in Park Slope, Brooklyn / Two teutonic shows, from 10:30 sharp until 12:30 / No cover! And...
375 Third Avenue (at the corner of 27th Street) in ol' Manhattan / Two jet-setting shows, at 10:30 sharp and 12:30, with Baskery at 11:30 / No cover!

Internationally yours,

Michael Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. "Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another day, another signal of the apocalypse.

This time in the form of the news that The Banana Splits are "coming back" presumably sans "Danger Island" and "Shazan"? There is no imagination anymore. Beyond that of picking something that's gone before and kicking seven shades of shit out of your positive memories out. I mean, I will go to see Get Smart but how can it come close without Barbara Feldon?

Just find a franchise and ride that sucker until it turns into a husk. That new Star Wars cartoon must be the most outright exploitation yet. It doesn't look like a cartoon it looks like a computer game and that is what it's designed to emulate. I don't care how much fun George Lucas says he's having with it. And, I'm fairly sure that "the kids" won't be arsed with it either. On one hand they're too sophisticated and on the other, business has robbed them of the formative years that once bred character. And developed a chin.

Ben sent me a couple of links for Stooges clips this morning. So they're doing S&D and I Got A Right. It's too late as far as I’m concerned but you knew that. And besides who needs that when you’ve got six discs of Suicide to consume.

It's all about balance though and now that Fleagle and co are heading back then Reverend and the Makers are calling it a day. The reasons are somewhat laudible but the group, in my opinion, was terrible. It's guys like Jon McClure that ought to be finding ways to circumnavigate the dying embers of the business rather than letting it defeat the purpose of doing it. The trail doesn’t have to be blazed through “the man”.

I often feel like chucking it. Like there's nothing left to campaign for but then something comes along and the mood ebbs. When I read this today, my first consideration was that it really is no great loss. I'm on to about my eighth now and reckon my mind is pretty muckle not budging from that initial impression. Ultimately who cares though. Purity only exists to be co-opted.

Oh yeah, and the nights are fair drawing in…

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide
RIP - Ronnie Drew

No direct clickable link to order Dictators tickets online but if you click here then you can make your arrangements via Record Runner... (thanks Andy)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yesss.... it's already gone one year. BIG BIRTHDAY BASH!!! Bands, DJ's and first ever show by The Pub's very own house band STUBB COCK. Features members from Stalkers, Star Spangles, The Jadewalkers and Prowler SS. They'll be playing all your favorite pub rock tunes. This shit is free. Starts at 9pm.

Special guest DJ's from Human Being Lawnmower Magazine.
Just checking in quickly before I deal with e-mail and sundry other stuff. Been in the studio at East Kilbride Arts Centre today where Amy Allison and David Scott are putting together a wee project. It's all coming together rather swimmingly. Other than that, there's not much to report this Saturday night - day - 0r Sunday morning depending on where you're tuned in from.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Super mega festival at Knitting Factory, NYC. Catch this show at this legendary location before they move over "seas". The Jadewalkers play with a ton of bands.
This weekend also marks 30 years of "Kymberism".... Kymber Lee NYC turns 30 so post Knit show the party will go on, stretching over the weekend. You'll find us at our local East Village hang out: International Bar on 7th & 1st Ave.
(best jukebox in Manhattan!). .
Lot's going on, posting might be a little intermittent. Such is the nature of the beast at the moment. I'm bloody annoyed that I neglected to plug the Nomads annual "doon the watter" shindig that happened last night. The Rev. Peter Tjølsen tells me it was "bloody marvellous" and he knows a thing or three. There are no excuses for such tardiness other than outright daftness tempered with a smidge of auld age on my part.

Tracklist details of "More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide" can be found at the Razzia site, just scroll down the RH side to the upcoming releases. At the album entry, click on more. The surrealist cover art reminds me of the first Ian Hunter solo album with a hint of Escher.

Trying to get details on where to score Dictators tickets online and will make this available as and of course when. And that's just about your lot...

except that, news has reached me that a well known Swedish home furnishings are to launch a line of bedding in honour of Stockholm's finest... it could happen? (photo courtesy of Peter Tjølsen)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Norton News UPDATE!


Cool off in a winter wonderland with the 2007 Norton Holiday Spectacular Show Of Stars on TV starting Wednesday! Here is the press release from Some Real Music…

The monumental musical event more commonly known as THE NORTON RECORDS' HOLIDAY SHOW will be featured in 2 parts for the next 4 weeks(!) (Aug. 13, 20, 27 & Sept. 3) on SOME REAL MUSIC, Wednesday nights at midnight in Manhattan on Time Warner cable channel 57, RCN cable channel 84 and worldwide on the web at (on lower left of home page select channel 57 under "Watch MNN Live").

On Aug. 13 & 20 will be part 1, featuring sizzling southern soul diva duo THE NOUVELLAS, the rebel-rousing, outrageous, rational behavior-defying rockabilly riot of LUIS & THE WILDFIRES and, steaking their claim to rock & roll expubidence, THE A-BONES!

Part 2 (Aug. 27 & Sept. 3) will feature more A-BONES, a rare (and triumphant) appearance by THE FIGURES OF LIGHT, high energy soul wailing by THE GREAT GAYLORD and more magnificent gospel and roadhouse inflected soul stirring by THE MIGHTY HANNIBAL (that's an understatement) and finally HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA and ex-Flamin' Groovie ROY LONEY join the A-Bones for a true rock & roll madhouse frenzy that exquisitely and superabundantly defines what it's all about -- and cranks it up another couple notches.

(Amazingly, it was all done without makeup (on the guys, anyway), pyrotechnics, garish light show or invoking the presence of Satan! Incredible!) It's as great as rock & roll gets and you won't want to miss it! It's like Christmas in August! Hanukah in the summer!


Fresh out of big, big shows with both BBQ and with his big band the Shrines, King Khan stopped in to Norton HQ this week to ink with the label for a fabulous new solo single-- Khan plays all instruments! Whatta talent!Eminent release!

Welcome, KK!45-148 King Khan - It's A Lie/Congratulations I'm Sorry


Hosted by Mr. Robinson and DJ Honky, he's back and you've GT to be there! From the press release: "Obie "Young" Jessie backed by the Solid Set and with backing vocals from Jamie and Leah of the Nouvellas - whether you know him from his solo records or his time with the Coasters, nothing will prepare you for him live on stage, he's only played once before in NY over the last 50 years but we were there to witness, on stage he's an absolute Ball Of Fire, we swore solemnly to bring him to you and we've kept our promise, beg steal or borrow the night free because he's flat-out unmissable, it's as big a treat for us as it is for you." And we agree- he's great!We recommend trying the Five Spot's great soul food, especially the catfish!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's kind of busy here at the moment so this will be short and sweet.

You can hear the impending Hello Saferide single, "Anna" at It's A Trap.

It all kicks off all upbeat and jaunty. Stellar pop, “she would have been a sweetheart but with punk rock manners” but then, “lake” is rhymed with “heart breaks” and the ensuing guitar squall is akin to Mick Ronson weighing in from the spirit world. Out the other end of that there’s a fleeting nuance of a “what’s so funny ‘bout peace, love and understanding” type harmonic. Just a sliver. The first “short story” from the album and a certified smash that should be hanging in any and every hit parade on earth. Do they still have those?

That ought to keep you in kicks for now...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The rain last night was biblical in its torrentialness. I'm not even sure that's a word but it was bloody pissing down. Hard. Thankfully, it passed and I came out relatively unscathed. Compared to the poor blighters that fell foul of the pathetic to no drainage and rivers bursting their banks.

Jumping in the car this morning though, I landed in about a half inch of water on the floor of the driver's side. Despite a complete checkover to try and find out what happened I can only assume that it was some kind of capillary action where the water came down the back of the fucking dashboard. Short of turning a hose on the blighter to reinact said deluge, I'm not sure of what to do about it. Other than check with the dealership.

So I've bailed it out like you would a dinghy and it's drying in between showers. Pain in the arse but all tolled, it could be worse. As if the chores that I had alloted myself for this sabbath weren't enough, dealing with this kind of nonsense really aggravates me. It took three plays of "Anna" to come back to just left of centre...

Anyway, the rain is on againso let's steer off the outright rock’n’roll highway into what could loosely be considered dance straße. I can’t figure out whether the vocals on “Lies” by Antennas are male or female, there are no girls in the “band” but it could be a guest. Anyway, they’re Alison Moyet circa Yazoo-like and there’s a Chic aspect to the groove. Maybe it’s neither but I see a 12” Atlantic disco single spinning while it plays out. There are four “mixes” and all of them are great. The third is more metal while #4 is a Kraftwerkian/Moroderesque workout. This is on the great Novoton imprint so you know you’re dealing with quality gear.

Keeping those BPM pumping, REVL9N really burn down the house. The “Waiting For Desire (9 Nuances of Skacid)” EP on Törncrantz Rock’n’Roll is an electro-escapade of no uncertain measures. Part of the Playboy Marse estate, this is a highly sophisticated bump and grindathon with 11 shades of the track treated by various dignitaries including Sci-Fi SKANE. There’s no point in dribbling on about it when you can hear this shindig for yourself. I know some of you are of a myopic disposition but in my opinion, this rocks harder than much of what I’ve come across in a “trad” vein of late. It’s been out for a while but there’s no shelf life involved with stuff of this magnitude. Plus, some of the members are now Punchdrunks. More about that when there's something to tell.

So let's get back to more regular territory now before I park up for the day. Seeing Rob's album lying here, it has occurred to me that I need to get to grips with The Scoundrelles "Atomic Batteries to Power" on Bang. My memory has been failing me of late. A further reminder of the onset of senility, basted in stupidity. However, enough of my shortcomings...

I have to put my hand up. I’d never heard of The Shivvers before hearing the Hello Saferide version of “Teenline”. The A-side of the group’s only single. That sparked an investigation that unearthed the Hyped by Death compilation that collects the band’s entire recorded works along with some video clips here. For a combo with this many hooks to have only ever released one 45 is a mystery. Maybe they were operating away from the pulsebeat of the major metropolitan hotspots but shouldn’t that have been a plus? But what’s done is well, you know…

By rights they’d have had many hits which would have meant that they’d be touring again now ala Blondie or whoever. This was power pop par excellence, like The Rubinoos with cool girl vocals that skewed the outcome a little. Some of the cuts here remind me lot of Blue Angel, prior to Cyndi Lauper going solo. The songs that have a male lead vocal are very like The Raspberries. All of it has a fantastic Who-style dynamic that separates it from the often punkoid/”new wave” stylings of the time.

How I missed the Bomp and New York Rocker reviews at the time is beyond me and I’ll have to chalk this up to be one that got away until now. Based in Milwaukee, famed for beer and being the fictional home of Laverne and Shirley, The Shivvers according to the liner notes didn’t really travel beyond a small radius of Wisconsin. How the A&R fraternity of the time never tried to lasso them at the time is a mystery. Or maybe they did? Anyway, it’s unthinkable to consider that a band of this quality didn’t have an album out. The band had support in high places, Iggy and Eric Carmen both professed their allegiance but still nada. Annika Norlin told me that she discovered “Teenline” on a compilation that her then boyfriend had. Her version is on the fine Groover Recordings comp, “Jeans and Cover”. Had that connection never been made then I may still have never heard this incredible band. “It Hurts Too Much” is something that Ellen Foley could have done with at the time rather than pissing about with that Clash bollocks. Their version of Shaun Cassidy’s “Hey Deanie” has that Dictators “Stay with Me” harmonic glow about it. I’ve no idea if these peeps were down with NY’s finest or not but the musical bond is here for all to behold.

I unreservedly recommend that you get your mitts on this. The Shivvers – Lost Hits from Milwaukee’s first family of Powerpop; 1979 – 82. HTD have e-mail operators standing by to deal with your requests. If you’re lucky enough to have a copy of the single then I’m very jealous. I just ordered Jill Kossoris’ solo album “Invisible” from Cd baby so expect the lowdown on that in due course.

And in a final bitchslap, a quick check of myspace just banjaxed my pc so I'm not sure what was lost as the last blogger "draftsave" seems not to have retained any of the links. I'm gonna re-establish those and get the hell outta dodge for today.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Keep reading about these “artists” that are discovered on the 'net and thrust into the dying embers of the music biz? "Overnight sensations" that burn faux bright and get left like husks at the side of the road. Well, this ain’t one of those. Robert Coyne’s dad was Kevin Coyne. Together with brother Eugene and their bud, Joe Presedo - they formed Silver Chapter when they were but teenagers. SC were way ahead of the loop and one day they’ll be lauded like they ought to have been at the time. I think that Daft Punk name checked them but thus far, the blue touch paper is as yet unlit. The Rev. Jeremy Gluck and Pete (Sonic Boom) Kember are just two of the individuals who can testify as to these youngsters greatness.

Following that, Rob has kept playing and is quite the multi-instrumentalist. He’s made a record at home that it would have taken many thousands of pounds to put together in some fantoosh studio someplace at one time. It’s they type of thing that should be nominated for some of that Mercury Music prize tat if indeed said plaudit was in any way valid. After the Chapter, there was a project called Mean Vincent that was also very cool and this reminds me of that a lot but a lot more broadbased. At the intersection of “Obscured By Clouds” Floyd and Suicide with shards of soul and glam littering the place, “Death…” is a genuinely understated classic. There are moments, like on “Fan Letter” where you get a glimpse of what BÖC might have sounded like if Alex Chilton had been part of the group. And then there’s the instrumental, “Golden Ages” – where Percy Faith goes krautrock. “Shoot-Out at the Zoo” comes on like Hall and Oates if they’d been produced by Bob Ezrin.

Rob Coyne has been true to his school for a long time now. One of life’s true gentlemen that makes music for himself that ought to be heard by everybody. Check his stuff out on his myspace where you can see the other acts that the man has played with over the years. You can enquire about this Turpentine Records release there too. If you’re elsewhere in Europe then click here for the lowdown on how to score a copy.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday again. Galvanised by the arrival of the HS single and the prospect of the album, this weekend will see some action with regard to getting this place spruced up or even just tidied to receive a visitation from NY next Wednesday. At least that's the idea right about now.

Time to fire up the smog machine and make like I'm in Beijing maybe. Some would say that Grangemouth has its own problems vis a vis pollution. That it stinks even. That's oil refineries for you. When you're listening to the BMX Bandits version of "That Summer Feeling" then it's impossible not to feel at one with this fucked up world.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

RIP - Leo Teicher (info from Bomp list Refugees)
I am absolutely psyched beyond all reasonable confines of such a condition to be able to report that Hello Saferide will release the long awaited Razzia follow up to "Introducing..." on September 24th. Titled "More Modern Short Stories from...", a single "Anna" will be available toward the end of August as a download. Although not on cd, a 7" with a non-album flipside cut "I Fold" is coming via HotStuff. Best order your copies now.

A typically twisted, viral pop nugget of humungous proportions, I will divulge no more than that other than no, it's not a cover of the Arthur Alexander classic.

All and any further information on activities surrounding this joyous event will be communicated in due course.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You know, there is some stuff going on but I can't report on it right now. It's not the time.

There is also some music that I need to get to writing about but the flesh and the spirit are conspiring agin me. Truth be told, I'm trying to limit the time I spend on this thing. My eyes are fried by the time I get home and a peeper test is a tad overdue. Comes with the territory I suppose. Nothing, even getting to the post office is the simple undertaking that it used to be.

Colour me weary...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm hoping that the upcoming Beijing-fest will be such an utter non-event that the Olympics will be banished to some pay per view corner of corporate tosspot-ville for all eternity. Or just some abandoned air shelter or somewhere off my radar altogether. The east end of Glasgow is soon to suffer a similar fate to London for the alleged Commonwealth games in 2014. There could well be a car park planned for where Barrowlands is at present.

For every "athlete" or well meaning sportsperson there are a dozen shyster glory seekers out to fleece any poor blighter they can turn over. Here's another "business model" that is outmoded. A farce that provides so-called politicians and whatever something to use as a smokescreen for seeming to do good for communities going forward. There is no solution to greed and corruption and don't you wish that these drones would think maybe three times about trying to snow people by claiming that winning a couple of poxy medals will help claw back some dignity for this sorry-ass country as it slides ever further into the pan?

I have no problem with people being interested in sports but it's such an insignificant part of the big shakedown. All part of the grinding down process but anyway, there's stuff to attend to so I must bid youse cheerio for the evening.

On matters pertaining to R&R, those Coyotemen hit the road tomorrow.

Don't say you weren't warned...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Laura Cantrell has the following East Coast US shows coming up through August...

August 8, Tin Angel 20 S. Second Street Philadelphia, PA 19106
215.928.0770 7:00 pm (with Carrie Rodriguez)

August 9, Jammin' Java 227 Maple Avenue E. Vienna, VA 22180
703.255.1566 7:00 pm

August 15, The Space 295 Treadwell St. Building H Hamden, CT 06514 203.288.6400

August 16, Narrows Center for the Arts 16 Anawan Street Fall River, MA 02721 508.324.1926

August 19, The Spiegeltent Pier 17, South Street Seaport, (South Street & Beekman Street)
New York, NY 212.279.4200
"Let Us Now Praise Famous Women" with special guests Jenny Scheinman, Megan Hickey, Fiona McBain, Theresa Andersson and more surprises!!

August 20, Club Passim 47 Palmer Street Cambridge, MA 617-492-7679

August 21, Iron Horse 20 Center Street Northampton, MA 413-584-0610
Don't feel much like gabbing tonight plus I have a nosebleed but you need to know about this...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

So I made it out the door. How about that? Never gave myself the chance to hum and haw, maybe that's the secret... Cnyway, caught 3 movies in 2 cinemas in 6 hours. A mini film festival all to myself. The Cameo double of "Old Joy" and "Junebug" had a notable tie up because Will Oldham is in both and Yo La Tengo score the two. YLT's soundtrack work is really something. Particularly in "OJ". The film itself is about two guys who go out to try and reclaim their closeness in the Oregon woods. Nothing much happens. they go to Bagby Hot Springs and return home. The scenery looks like the drive up to Loch Ness.

I'd forgotten much of "Junebug" despite having seen it at a previous EIFF. It's a nice little film and the fact that it doesn't have a happy ending in conventional terms makes it all the more special. So all that finished in nice time to cut along the road to catch "Berlin". There were 4 people in the theatre watching this including me.

The album material itself is amazing. "Caroline Says II" and "Sad Song" being particularly moving. I don't know if it was just my mood but I was thinking along the lines that these two songs in particular might be among the best concert film I've ever seen. And Steve Hunter's guitar - what a treat. Took me back to The Apollo and the "Rock'nRoll Animal" tour.

There is a flaw though, from the highs of the main event - the encore starts with Antony Hegarty caterwauling through "Candy Says". I was reminded watching this of a description offered up my one Doctor H of Montana some time ago on the subject. I'll leave it at that. Almost is bad is something called "Rock Minuet" that follows it. Redeption is at hand though with a great version of "Sweet Jane" that unwraps during the end titles. Lou himself was looking uncharacteristically chuffed throughout to the point of an actual smile cracking his face on a couple of occasions.

It begins a run in Glasgow next week and I'd recommend the main concert sequence. As a production goes, it's pretty amazing. Bob Ezrin and Hal Willner did a great job as did Julian Schnabel getting this to the screen.

Where do you stand on artists playing their albums like "pieces" these days? It certainly aids some who otherwise couldn't pace a set supposing their lives depended on it but I'm not convinced it's the way ahead.

So anyway, this thing is about to be switched off for the evening. Goodnicht.
Still pondering the schlep into Edinburgh to ultimately catch Uncle Lou's "Berlin". If I get there for noon, I could catch that Will Oldham movie "Old Joy" with the fab "Junebug" on a double bill. I'm not a BPB fan but I am curious about his acting ability. So we'll see. I just discovered that "Fringe Sunday" is next weekend so Auld Reekie will just be unbearable as opposed to completely chuffing stowed.

What I really want is one of these smog machines that can turn my front room into a microcosm of the impending Olympics. If ever there was an irrelevant, bullshit event in these days of cheating, coniving and generally having no concept of fair play then this must be it. I hope the Chinese stop all means of getting information to us so I won't have to put up with it.
Grangemooth, in the news... what can I tell you...?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

"Have You Heard About The World?"
The Lost Crusaders (Everlasting Records)

Michael Chandler is born again. For a guy that’s been to the furthest reaches of the burny fire, he’s sounding damn chipper. Having opened a case of cans containing industrial grade whuppass on said demons, I don’t think he’s ever been in better voice recordedwise. And that’s saying something.

Taking a perennial r&b gospel blueprint, he’s rallied a crack squad of volunteers to assemble a rock’n’rollin’, soul salivating, countryfried octophonic spree. In the liners, Mike Edison states that this crew exist to “lead the stranded mojo-hungry hordes out of the barren desert of contemporary “rock” music”. That seems accurate to the nation of understatement.

The music is anything but understated. This 12 chunk, redemptive, righteous barn-storming hymnal is yours live by. If you’re ready to testify then step into the confessional. It’s an all-star cast including wir ain Laura Cantrell taking lead vocals on a couple of tracts. These aren’t tracks, brothers and sisters, these are oozing the kind of energy that ain’t trapped too often these days. These days, the Chandler rasp is prime Doll period Johansen whilst retaining that trademark shout factor. Keith Streng and the Heavy Trash fellas (playing Stereo in Glasgow on September 28th) are also part of the party. The rhythm interplay with the keyboards is mesmerising and could well have you gabbing in tongues out of the traps. Rolling this holy comes from deep within. Chemistry this explosive is destiny, not premeditated. Spiritual to the point of ablaze.

“Whose Name Will I Call?” is like a cool, lost Wizzard stomper and “It Don’t Worry Me” is like a sick twist on something from the Godspell musical. Chandler has put together a revue that will lay its collective sonic hand upon you to cast out any rogue spirits that made you settle for third best. He’s been to the wilderness, did his penance and has come out the other side with some serious fire in that belly.

As visionary things go, this is rabble rousing stuff. Live it’s liable to cure whatever ails anybody anywhere. Preaching it like he feels it, Mike is a bona fide soul survivor. Find The Lost Crusaders and let them in. I’ll leave you with Rev. Edison’s sign off… “Their message is simple – live, breathe, dance, sing, shake. Get with it.”

The LC program is an equal opportunities program. Operators are standing the f-word by.
So I finished Season 4 of The Wire. Exemplary TV in every sense of the word and now I have to wait until the end of September to see the final run because of the fact it won't be available for rental until then. I took a long time to get around to seeing it to but after making the time I was hooked. So many strands, so complex but quite traditional in some sort of way. Great characters too, I can't wait to see how it all ends.

It’s a fucking sin that most people who would eat this stuff up will perhaps never see it. When the big global jukebox of culture that downloads straight to your abode so you never have to leave the house becomes available it could well be too late.

There’s so much stuff. It’s difficult not to be swamped and just roll with what you’re fed. How to prioritise? You have to or you drown, simple as that.

It helps to be inspired and gear like The Wire and Mike Edison’s “I Have Fun…” certainly give me a shot of much needed cultural adrenalin. I finally finished the book this morning and really, it’s like if there was an NBT syllabus then this tome would be on there with a bullet. It’s a testament to everybody involved in getting it out there, shit – it could even be a series itself one day. I’d sure love those characters to come to life on some kind of screen.

And then there's the Eric and Amy album, life-affirming gear all the way but I can't give anything else away just yet. "The Downside Of Being a Fuck-Up" is the soundtrack of our lives.

Thanks to Don for this link... New album out October 20th...

The King brings his big revue back to town one mo’ time! Dig LiveFastDie warming up – last chance to see Aaron in action before he goes back to alphabetizing doo wop LPs at Norton!


This week marks a quarter century since Tim Warren first unleashed BACK FROM THE GRAVE VOL. ONE. Come celebrate with sets by King Khan & BBQ and the K-Holes (ex-Black Lips)! Great records spinning all night! Huge dance floor! Start your weekend four days early or keep the last one going! MC’d by Mort Todd (GRAVE cover artist)!

Never thought we'd say this, but the Sonics are sell-outs! For real- getcha tickets fast cause their shows sell out instantly! They are THE WILDEST!!!

August 8 - WOW Festival, Gotenberg
August 9 - OYA Festival, Oslo
October 31 - Paramount Theatre, Seattle

SATURDAY AUGUST 9 - MARY WEISS (MONDO HOLLYWOOD, KNITTING FACTORY, 7021 HOLLYWOOD BLVD., LOS ANGELES) Mary will headline this two day event (MC’d by Kim Fowley!) featuring 25 bands including the atomic Luis and the Wildfires! (Note venue change.)


Mary Weiss will appear on the Jerry Lewis Telethon on Labor Day weekend!

Friday, August 8 - Sunday, August 10
Legendary WFMU DJs from years past drop by to help celebrate 50 years on the air, August 8-10! Special guests include Danny Fields, Wildgirl, Meredith,David Newgarden, Nicholas Hill, William Berger, Neal Adams, Mark Allen, Douglas Wolk, Stork, Vin Scelsa, Steinski, Hova & Belinda, R. Stevie Moore, Mark Allen,John Schnall, Bart Plantenga plus surprise guests and rare airchecks.We should note that the Hound (or as the late great Hank Ballard called him, “the cold blooded Hound” will make a rare on air appearance on Fool’s Paradise with Rex on Saturday August 9. Listen in to our in-house best-pal ultra-fave legendary superfantastic real-deal boss jock as he demonstrates his powers once mo’ time again! Now, what this town needs is another incredible Hangover Hop with the Hound! May we recommend stompers out there DEMAND a Hangover Hop before the snow flies! There is no other!

DOMENIC PRIORE ATTACKS NYC (IFC, NYC July 25-Sept. 27) Left coast pal comes to town to host a mess of sixties midnight movies as a visual sidecar to his RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP book! Kicks off with Wild In The Streets, closes with The Trip with Psych-Out, Maryjane and other dopus opuses, all on big screen, kool-vent comfort! Also check out the boss doc THE WRECKING CREW which starts there today!

Catch these west coast maniacs as they blaze through the heartland!

The A-Bones return to the Garden State to clear your ears for Magic Christian features the mighty Cyril Jordan (Flamin’ Groovies), Clem Burke (Blondie), Eddie Munoz (Plimsouls) and Paul Kopf. We've been waiting for Cyril to grace our coast for many, many moons-- now here he comes! What a bash!


The insanity officially steps into high gear this month. We don't want to frighten you, but your relaxing days are over!

FIGURES OF LIGHT - SMASH HITS (Norton 336) Gimme Gimme Gimme / Black Cadillac / Seething Psychosexual Conflict Blues / Nothing To Do / I’m So Sick Of Everything / Why Not Knock Yourself Off? / Angeline / I Got Spies Watching You / Gimme Gimme Gimme / Nothing To Do / It’s Lame / I’m So Sick Of Everything / It’s Lame / I Jes Wanna Go To Bed / Ritual TV Smashing Finale / Velvet Touch

They came and combusted as teenagers thirty years ago, now they’re back to retake the two-chord monte in SPADES! Wheeler Winston Dixon wails while Michael Downey cranks up the proto-punk x-factor on this snarling set including their alarmingly faboo first single, newly unearthed live recordings from their first show ever in July, 1970, unheard demos and new NYC live and studio recordings. Essential!

Sixteen raving 1966 blasts from New Zealand’s wildest combo! This vinyl only set features one side of mauling studio recordings (Neighbour Neighbour/I’m Your Witchdoctor) and one side with their legendary live Stage Door recordings (That’s The Way It’s Gotta Be/Don’t Bring Me Down). Thrill to extensive liner notes by the band and a knockout photo filled package, not to the most deranged version of Land Of 1000 Dances ever recorded! AVAILABLE IN SEPTEMBER!

MAD MIKE MONSTERS VOL. 1 AND VOL. 2 (Norton 327 and 328) The wildest 45’s discovered and popularized by enigmatic Pittsburgh hoo-doo DJ during his primo prime years 1964-67, compiled into two sets of instant party mashers! Massive gatefold LP’s tell the story of the Mad One in his own words, complete with tons of memories from his many local fans, while the CD packs deliver the same in a pocket-size format! Absolutely staggering array of sounds from this Norton icon! Keep in touch for release party in the works! Includes Scott Wood “Chicken Rock”, Count Ferrell “Wizard of Ah’s”, the Saxons “Camel Walk” and the Vels “Mysterious Teenage”! All sizzle, no gristle! Big thanks to the original Mad Mike Pittsburgh crew for blab-fests and tours around town in preparation for this superb blasteroo! AVAILABLE IN SEPTEMBER!

UPCOMING 7” TITLES!JOHNNY AND THE HI-TONES – ROCK ‘TIL THE END OF TIME (45-144) Blood curdling unissued 1957 R&B booze savagery! The Figures of Light It's Lame was the Monster If The year for 2006, CJ and the Casuals’ Study Hall was the Monster of the Year for 2007– all hail the new champ! This recently unearthed Ohio acetate is over the top WILD!!! Dig these lyrics, dad – “I wanna cash my check at the liquor store/Crawl into that barroom door/Goin’ to the bar get me a jug of wine…” Savage guitars, pounding drums, this is IT!!!! For fans of Screaming Joe Neal!!!

FLYIN’ SAUCER TWIST: THE NORTHWAY SOUND RECORDS STORY VOL. ONE (EP-145) Four rockin’ 1961-62 guitar instrumentals from rural Michigan's answer to Gaity Records! Tom Carter and the Ramrods Flyin’ Saucer Twist/Twistin’ Boogie, Jerry Lee Trio Banshee, Billy Lee and the Ramblers Trav’lin – cool stuff!

TOM AND THE TORNADOES: THE NORTHWAY SOUND RECORDS STORY VOL. TWO (45-146) Tommy James’ first record Long Pony Tail/Judy – 1962! Pre-Hanky Panky raw rock n’ roll! Includes killer cover pic of the Tornadoes plus the story in Tommy’s words! …mo’ BIG single action to blab about next time!

IN THE WORKS ...I HATE CDs VOLUME TWO Coming this fall, 45 more singles from the vaults of Norton Records. This release, like the first set, is download only and is available from all download outlets – no Goodwill or yard sale action this time, sorry. But it is cheap and easy to grab these babies. By the way, there were some comments that folks wished we provided cover art and notes. If you pick up volume one from itunes, it comes with a detailed booklet!

GARAGE ACETATES We are in the midst of whipping up four LPs worth of unissued sixties acetates including three chord killers from the Blue Embers, Henchmen, Khuns, Thorns and Greenpoint’s own Creation’s Disciple! Utter mayhem!WAX HOUNDS!Norton Records will be making with the big shellac attack at the following shows. Be sure to stop by and let us know how much you love King Uszniewicz…

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 20, ALLENTOWN, PA Allentown 45 show! Get gone with thousands of wild platters!

Back for round two hopefully without the disco DJ! Records and kielbasa – what are you waitin’ for?!


The big one wraps up the year with the wildest wax weekender yet!

More to yap about but let's let you all digest the aforementional blabberoo!

Friday, August 01, 2008

All hail the Friday effect. I always figure that when I get to the car that it's all downhill from there but of course the actual depression doesn't really set in until after 5pm on a Sunday. Sometimes, but not often, later.

Anyway I meant to post word of this before I shot the craw this morning but time didn't permit. Annika Norlin appeared on the prestigious Swedish Radio station P1 today as part of their "Summer Talkers" strand. Of course it's in the native tongue so perhaps of limited interest to non-speakers but I figured you'd like to know and Annika's choice of music is pretty entertaining. It's the equivalent of being on one of those BBC Radio 4 mainstays on this sceptic isle. Anyway you can check it out here, should the spirit be willing. I tried to mp3 it but because it opens up in windows media player it seems to bypass the regular soundcard.

In other news, maybe I'll make it to a screening of the Berlin film this weekend or maybe not.

At this juncture, it's all to play for... I will finish the Edison book though.

Mr Spence wishes it to be known...


THE BRUTES are playing another of our rare hometown shows this Saturday (2nd August) at LA ROCHE RUMBA at Pollock Ex-Servicemen's Club, 111 Titwood Rd., Shawlands, Glasgow. Nearest train station - Crossmyloof. 8pm til 1am, band on around 11pm; £4 entry. I'm thinking of providing a "taxi service" out to the show w/ the BRUTEMOBILE (tm) from the city centre, so gimme a shout if you're interested. You can get a real taxi back into town (All Tore Up is on at Blackfriars 'til 3am), 'cos I'm planning on getting pished!
Anyways, hope to see y'all there...... Jim (aka Beauregarde Brute)
Dutchies are reminded that the New York Dolls are playing at Tivoli De Helling right here in Utrecht tonight (aug 1st) Be there or be square...