Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Frank Macdonald just contacted me with the bad news that the great John Herald died.

Update at 6.54am 21/7 : It was confirmed by John's agent, Sarah. No more details at present but when any news comes in I'll let you know. I had the pleasure of meeting John and seeing him play during his many trips to Scotland. He made a record with The Radio Sweethearts called "Roll on John" which was released on Spit and Polish. One of the original folk troubadors, his work with The Greenbriar Boys is exemplary and he deserved much more than the cards life dealt him.

ROTTERDAM RUMBLE... The Coyotemen and a shedload of other garage grapplers this coming September at The Waterfront in, where else, Rotterdam.
Well I'll be (insert expression of choice here)... ("fucked with the ragman's coronet" was always my favourite but what can I tell ya? Scotland is a wonderful country. Where else would you expect to hear that the word "fail" is to be replaced, when dealing with kids' exams with "deferred success". Just lately I've been excelling in "deffered success" or, er... failure.

I'm working to clear that long promised backlog but am also trapped in the mire of reality and all the crap that trails into the hall. You all know how that is, right?

So anyway, there's e-mail to answer and discs to spin. There's Film Festival tickets to sort out too, See, the distractions are creeping in already...
A message from Ms Cantrell...

"Hey folks,

I am very disappointed about the sudden cancellation of Lucinda Williams' U.K. tour on which I was to be her support act. I am so sorry we won't be seeing you in London, Manchester, Glasgow, and Newcastle.

However, I did want to let you know that I will be appearing on my own dates in Birmingham and York as scheduled, and may even be adding a last minute show in Glasgow next week (please watch my website for updates). Also, for those of you with tickets to the Cambridge Folk Festival, I've been added to the lineup for Saturday, July 30.

In addition, I will be appearing on the "Loose Ends" programme with Ned Sherrin on BBC Radio 4 this Saturday, as well as upcoming sessions on the " Andy Kershaw Show" for Radio 3, "OneMusic" with Rob da Bank for Radio 1, and "The Gideon Coe Show" for 6Music.

I'll be back in the U.K. in September for more shows that will be announced shortly, so again check the website as confirmed tour dates are added. There are also some new photos and free downloads, as well as a very special NYC subway map that plays all of the songs on my new album, "Humming By The Flowered Vine."

Thanks again for your support and understanding,

Laura Cantrell
Jackson heights, NY

July 24 - The Glee Club, The Arcadian Centre, Hurst Street, Birmingham, England. Tel: 0870 2415093

July 25 - The National Centre for Early Music, St. Margaret's Church, Walmgate, York, England. Tel: 01904 658338

July 30 - Cambridge Folk Festival, Cherry Hinton Hall Grounds Cambridge, England"
RIP - James Doohan, boldly gone, aged 85.