Tuesday, May 22, 2007


05/22/2007 - 9:00PM sharp! 21+

Town & Country Tuesday@ EL CID in Silverlake 4212 Sunset, Silverlake
Ben Vaughn's Desert Classic/The Neighborhood Bullys/Jay & Bosco from 50 Cent Haircut

06/09/2007 - 9:30PM

BRENNAN'S PUB4089 Lincoln Blvd.Marina Del Rey, CA 90292(310) 821-6622
Ben Vaughn Desert Classic



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Today started off badly and maintained a plateau until approximately 4.30pm. I was ready to get up at 5am but for some reason fell back asleep. This meant that my customary guddle about with e-mail, breakfast, etc. was unceremoniously truncated. In amongst not being entirely awake I was bemoaning the unavailability of The Animal Five's "We Will Die At The Same Time" by any other means than download.

Whilst I may relent and get it that way, it's still a pain and marks the first real break with tradition. Not that I care about cds but at least that was a vessel. A track itself is not and no matter how fandabbi any particular song is, the way to really have it hit home it to provide some kind of tactile information with it. I don't want that on a computer screen to print anything out on my home printer. I hear a whisper of "well, sod you then". You see, I don't have an iPod or a phone that doubles as one. I do have a walkman mp3 player but that's about it. Or I can play music over the crummy speakers from my desktop but neither of those would do it the justice that a stereo could. The quality of a download is not up to scratch, even at the high end. Sonically it doesn't cut it. It's OK as a guide, to cajole you into wanting it but it doesn't follow through. These buggers that tell you these "docking stations" are great have a vested interest. Or maybe they're deficient in the lug'ole department? I'm old, cranky and I want the sensory gratification of the hardware. It's the only tangible nod to landfill that I'm willing to make so let me head off into the sunset harbouring these beliefs.

"It's the future" my sage old mucker told me when I protested. "Bollocks to the future", was my retort. The master of wit and repartee rests his wobbly, battered case.