Sunday, October 02, 2005

Attendance at the following shindig looks pretty damn essential if you live in the Fort Worth area:

Remember the good ole days? "Fort Worth Teen Scene" garage bands, Teen Agogo, Jolly Time Skating Rink, Free music in Trinity Park, the Cellar. Well they're back. Music and Arts Agogo is sponsoring their 2nd annual "Music and Arts Share at Trinity Park".

What you missed: The last concert included reunions by Larry and the Blue Notes, The Elite and Johnny Nitzinger also contributions by Rockin' Chair, Bell Sheep, The Big Galoots, Ed Lively etc. T-shirts, Posters, Raffles for a custom guitar, art and gift certificates to restaurants all benefiting The Tarrant Area Food Bank.

This year we are expecting more of the same including reunions by Sundown Collection, the Elite, Bill Ham, Steve Hill of Bloodrock, Ed Lively and Willie Smith and also Rockin' Chair, The Blues Invaders, Larry and the Blue Notes, The Sleep Walkers, Cellar Bands (Orchrist and Neurotic Sheep) and members of the Mods, Cynics, Nomads, Jades, and more.

Share "Good Times" on Oct.16, 2005 at Trinity Park Shelter House on W. 7th St. near downtown Fort Worth. Time 10am-10pm

For more info contact Rick: