Thursday, May 05, 2011

I saw a great note somewhere yesterday (maybe facebook?) that reckoned with Osama being buried at sea and the radiation from the Japanese nuclear plant that the next big reality show could be a doozy. Of course the credibility of the aftermath is called into question with every passing day and it’s likely that there’ll be sightings ala Elvis and MJ any day now. With the advent of computer software beyond photoshop, I guess that Wikileaks will likely provide photographic “evidence” but being that the world is entirely bogus – who believes anything they see? Particularly with their own eyes. Real life and reality are no longer compatible. In a world where a Roky Erickson doll looks more like a BeeGee then indeed anything is passed off as being possible. Did someone swop the Roky throbblehead mould for a Barry Gibb one? See what you reckon. (Thanks Chris)

Even although the rain came on, I ventured out to vote. If that poster of wee Alex lit like Bela Lugosi wasn’t enough. The Scottish District Cooncil will be in full swing soon enough and our collective bannocks well and truly burned. That translates loosely to “goose” and “cooked” or anatomically to “arse”. I tried to find one to link to online but can’t for whatever reason. The one in Fallin has been irritating me every morning on the way through since I first clocked it. Like a cross between Brezhnev with a rumour of Ronnie Corbett imitating Tor Johnson, it's not attractive. It makes me long for Stockholm, as does this.

Säkert! - Fredrik (live at Debaser) by val3rie-live