Sunday, December 04, 2005

The closing dates for the SAVE THE CAMEO campaign are looming large. If you haven't already done so, please DO IT NOW! Even if you're not from around these parts, if you have time, lodge an objection. The more, the better the chance that the Council will notice the error of this way.

Apparently the "for sale" signs are soon to go up if they haven't already. Dark days for those of us who neeb independent cinema like oxygen.
So, Amy "did" Edinburgh last night and people came out. The show was also louder than the Glasgow set and underlined the fact that this Cabaret Voltaire place will be more than ready to take over from The Venue when it ceases to operate. It's a great space. Ms Rigby and co were blowing a head of steam just two days into the adventure. It really is something to see her front a band and I hope this is the start of a boost to her status here. It's about fucking time is an understatement. During her visit we also became acquainted with the great Wreckless Eric whose "Whole Wide World" makes an appearance in Amy's set. Eric is magnanimous when he says she should change the gender but the girl plays it in the original male perspective. Check the Amy Rigby site and if she's in your 'hood then do yourself a favour and cut along. The wheels are in no danger of falling off this time out.