Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Fleshtones will be super-rockin' it to Spain in November...

Not a lot of time on my hands but today would have been Lux's 63rd birthday.

Raise a glass of red or whatever - wherever you may be.

Catch you folks on the flipside.

Mr Tom Phobic has a message for you...

Hi Kids,

First up a big thanks to all of you who said such nice things about our set on Saturday at The Gate for Mick and Bage's half century extravaganza with The Fallen Leaves. It was an honour to play in such esteemed company. We were also grateful for the wonderful spread and 1959 cocktails too. By the time we got home everything was in black and white for some reason.

Secondly, heads up for a special night at the Birds Nest in Deptford this Saturday 24th October. we are joined on the bill by The Lone Sharks who will be speeding down the motorway from Bristol/Bath to blast you with their brand of hot rocking punk action.

In their number resides Marc who used to front The wonderful Milk Monitors who in the mid 80's were sparring partners with my own (and Charlie's) garage goodies Bad Karma Beckons. Kids, the stories we could tell but we wont, purely to protect the innocent and keep the guilty from the long arm of the law... you understand?

Well apparently, we've all grown up since those wild and wanton days (yeah right) and some of us have even bred children..... They say youth is wasted on the young but it wasnt as wasted as we were then, hahaha! stick that in you pipe Asbo kid!

It kicks off at 9 and did i say it was FREE to get in?

We expect to see you there or questions will be asked!