Thursday, August 07, 2008

RIP - Leo Teicher (info from Bomp list Refugees)
I am absolutely psyched beyond all reasonable confines of such a condition to be able to report that Hello Saferide will release the long awaited Razzia follow up to "Introducing..." on September 24th. Titled "More Modern Short Stories from...", a single "Anna" will be available toward the end of August as a download. Although not on cd, a 7" with a non-album flipside cut "I Fold" is coming via HotStuff. Best order your copies now.

A typically twisted, viral pop nugget of humungous proportions, I will divulge no more than that other than no, it's not a cover of the Arthur Alexander classic.

All and any further information on activities surrounding this joyous event will be communicated in due course.