Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Please help to get The Wrecking Crew documentary out on DVD by clicking here. Chew over the details and consider what you can do to get this show on the road. When you think of the stuff that comes out all the time, then the companies that turned this chestnut down out to be heartily ashamed of themselves.

New Jet Black Berries EP out this Friday (13th)... all the details here.

and November in Nortonville seems like the ideal haunt for you kids on these dark, winter nichts... they have all the hooch to keep you double-arm!

I know. You think this is a skoosh right? Like the blogging fairy comes in every day and deposits some info for your surfing pleasure? If only that were so. In many ways we’re a victim of our own success in that I get inundated with information that folks want to have passed on. Like I’ve said before, many of these individuals have no idea what this page is about. Or what it stands for. And that’s why I’m so hot on the delete button. Blam blam blam. Offsky with your pesky blurbs. I’m not about to go all Lefsetz on you but really, what is that makes some folks reckon they have what it takes to make this grade. Ha ha.

The emphasis on whether something can really get the time to happen has shifted. While it used to take weeks, months and even years to track something down, virtually anything can be tracked down. The possibility of anything being transmitted via the ether is limited. Especially when there’s so much opportunity for approximation. That seems to be enough for today’s conned-sumers. Eat and run also describes the way they listen to music. That’s how consummate charlatans worm their way into people’s hearts and minds. Their delusions suggest that what they’re offering up is art but in reality it’s the equivalent of what the golden arches have done for food. And talking of that very thing, maybe I'll feel more like chinwagging after I've eaten. Maybe see you later then...