Sunday, July 13, 2008

Best film I've come across in recent times is HIS LAST REQUEST. A short silent directed by Simon Birrell which has recently been made available on dvd. Shot in sumptuous black and white, you can see the trailer here. It's a sick twist on a tale from the unexpected and the cast includes Jack Taylor, star of Jess Franco's "Succubus". It's a real treat, put together with no small measure of homage in addition to it looking more modern than most alleged "indie" projects. Elegant and bizarre it sez on the box and I second those emotions.

And simultaneously, what turns up but the latest Mondo A Go Go project that just happens to be a collection of tunes from the Spanish master's films. Quite a coincidence. So anyway, this is a limited edition of 100 copies so you better get off that hiney and get to scoring one before they vanish. The Radium Dial imprint is where you'll find it. Sean and co have captured the essence of what makes these soundtracks tick. "De Sade 70" is cracking. This isn't just a garage romp, the band captures a very filmic mood and therefore adds to the fare rather than simply recreating it. Put togeher for love and the sheer hell of it. What better reason could there possibly be? "Lucky the Inscrutible" provides some insight into what might have happened if Edwyn Collins had joined The Rezillos instead of Orange Juice. Blimey.