Monday, May 18, 2009

Could be a couple of weeks before this home computer hoo-hah is sorted and the situation, if you’ll excuse the terminology, is cramping my style. This enforced discipline is causing some chaos but in the grander scheme of things is nothing more than an irritation.

Like something you should treat with ointment or a course of pills. I did get to throwing out some stuff from the archive. I developed a relatively ruthless streak to override my packrat mentality and dumped a big pile of stuff. And found some other stuff that’ll maybe find it’s way on here at some point.

Time is tight so if anybody in Madrid is around this weekend then those Coyotemen would be mighty pleased to see you. Meanwhile, I need to figure out what needs to be done in order for me to return to some kind of routine.

T'ain't no big thing in the beleaguered tapestry...