Monday, July 07, 2008

I should really go and donate blood but think I'll wait until Wednesday. I HATE the sports complex place that they're holed up in today anyway, and that's not the kinda location you want to be parting with a pint of the crimson now is it? Or maybe I'll just attend one of the transfusion centres in Glasgow or Edinburgh. So much choice.

Murray just hepped me to the fact that the DKT/MC5 show is being rescheduled for Glasgow and indeed all of Europe seems to be likewise. So if you were going, better sit tight for info on the new dates. I'll post them when they become available. The "guests" are guys from Alice In Chains and also The Sisters of Mercy. (!?)

I added READY STEADY RADIO to the sidebar yonder, it's a US based station devoted to UK music past, present and future so stop by and check it out. You might even hear "I'm Your Girl" by Technically Men. A stonker in any currency.