Thursday, June 07, 2007

The idea to post a couple of reviews came to nowt last night. The reason? Why The Sopranos of course. Final episode Sunday night so after that there'll be plenty time to play catch up.

Everything or at least something comes to those who wait. I agree that waiting is a pain but what can I tell you. There's a free White Stripes 45 with NME this week that apparently makes up a double etched set os some such carry on. If any overseas readers want one then then me know and I'll try to scare up copies from aound the local shops. Yours for cost plus postage.

A bit early in the morning for a public service announcement but there you go. Now I have to try and wake myself up.

Update @ 6.41pm:

Scratch that WS 45 thing, I just did a reccy to try and get some and they're all gone. Probably snapped up to be ebay'd. A couple of early birds got lucky but other than that I'm afraid you're clean outta luck. If I do come across any then I'll grab 'em but it's unlikely...