Friday, December 19, 2008

Here's what the Scottish Parliament is up to... makes you proud innit?!
These things are set to try us, Part 537B.

It has come to my notice (again) that some messages aren't getting through on my e-mainline. Please use the link on the blog here, or my hotmail, facebook or myspace if you've been attempting to reach me and heard nowt.

Same goes for outgoing, I have no idea what gets to its destination or not without an undeliverable message so I'm operating somewhat in the dark here. I'm aware that won't surprise some of you but with the best will in the world, this stinks. I will investigate but have less than no confidence in my ISP but there's no real alternative either so I'm kinda stuck with 'em for now.

Please bear with my having to bear with it.

Professor H just hepped me to this, it's them Wooden Shjips comin' sailing in with a krautrockin' krishmish groove via the good offices of WFMU!

A must for psychedelic psantas and psantesses everywhere!

RIP - Jack Douglas (Alf Ippititimus)
Bobby Lloyd Hicks sent me this a couple of weeks ago and I forgot about it until today... spiritually seasonal and unfettered by brand names...

Been a fraught couple of days and the fucking rain outside is virtually horizontal but that be mattering not a jot now. Why? because I'm indoors for the day and having a cup of coffee in the company of the Tom Morton show. Only one one work day, (maybe two at the most) to go and then it's holidaze time. 12 days off in a row, yowzah!

I also have this Dewey Cox movie to watch because I believe it has a bunch of tunes in it penned by the great Sir Robson Fulks.

So while i'm drying out, getting my bearings, I just discovered this via the BLR list...

RIP - John Byrne (Count Five)