Saturday, May 06, 2006

Punk Rock - An Oral History by John Robb (Ebury Press/Random House).

How many books on punk rock does the world really need? Thirty years down the line it seems like there's new ones appearing just about every week. And while most of 'em are blatant cash-ins, John Robb's tome is a very worthwhile addition to the p-rock bookshelf. The oral-history is of course a perfect format; not only is it able to give voice to the key-figures and hanger-ons alike, it also serves as a platform for conflicting views uninterfered by journalistic obejectivity. Focusin' on the UK scene from roughly '76 to 1984, this book throws up plenty of new stories, viewpoints and whatnot. Robb's own POV that (to quote his old band) "everything's brilliant" can be a bit tiresome (esp when he's singin' the praise of some twerp who has been "livin' the life for three decades"), and there's some serious fuck-ups in the chronology (and, hey, what's up with this guy Eddie Cochrane that gets mentioned all the time?), but if you were in anyway part of this back in the day, or want to get a good "feel" of what it was all about back then (at least from a UK point of view), this is a great, great read. Skip the latest Mojo or Uncut "special edition" and get this...
v/a - Strummin' Mental vols. 1-5 (Crypt LPs).
Crypt's long lost instro comp series finally gets a mucho overdue reissue.

What we've got here is five, count 'em, five footlongs of the wildest 'n most insane rock 'n roll instros ever. Be it of the Link Wray-ish menacin' variety or Dick Dale inspired reverb madness, this set is just it! Tim Warren has gone great lengths updatin' this series; linernotes, revised tracklistin' and best of all a seriously upgraded sound quality. While just about any Pulp Fiction inspired revival band is rightfully forgotten by now, these original wild man just don't have a sell-by date. Way too many cool tunes to pick a shortlist of favorites, but if you're in any way inclined to this stuff, just take my word that these discs are mandatory...
A wee show roundup of stuff coming up through the rest of May...

On Thursday (11th) The Scientists (Kim, Tony Boris and Leanne) are at the Shepherds Bush Empire with Mudhoney and Comets On Fire. Friday (12th) they're at All Tomorrows Parties on that day which is curated by the Pacific Northwest's finest. As are The Flesheaters... Kim sent me a few snippets of his SALMON project and it's like a turbocharged metallic onslaught of symphonic proportions. Watch this space for further info.

On Friday (12th) in Edinburgh, as part of Tigerfest, The Primevals make a rare east coast appearance in support of their Last Call retrospective "On The Red Eye".

TV21 are at the Backpackers Hostel in Edinburgh’s West End on May 20th with Isa & the Filthy Tongues (ex Goodbye Mr. McKenzie).

Amy Rigby is bound for Belgium, France and The Netherlands with Tracy Bonham (No relation to John as far as I know). Please go along if you find yourself in the vicinity of any of them.

Wed. May 17 Cultuur Centrum, Mechelen, Belgium
Thu. May 18 La Pomme d'Eve** w/Ellis Paul Paris, FR
Sun. May 21 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, NL
Mon. May 22 Paradiso - upstairs Amsterdam, NL
Tues. May 23 In the Woods Lage Vuursche, NL
Wed. May 24 Rotown Rotterdam, NL
Thu. May 25 013 - Kleine Zaal Tilburg, NL
Fri. May 26 Gigant Apeldoorn, NL
Sat. May 27 Oosterpoort Groningen, NL

I'm sure there were a couple more but my napper is shredded. A symptom of wear and tear/auld age - not imbibing of any kind of stimulant or whatever.

"PelPel Recordings presents "1001 Real Apes"
by David Greenberger & Birdsongs of the Mesozoic

1001 Real Apes, mixes David Greenberger's monologues with music by Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. It's loaded with quirky stories, reflections, and opinions that Greenberger has culled from The Duplex Planet, his publication of conversations with old people - particularly drawn from the residents of the defunct Duplex Nursing home in Boston.

Greenberger offers up everything listeners have come to expect from Duplex Planet projects, plus some. The 27 stream-of-consciousness stories are alternately funny, moving, wise, silly, and inspirational, providing a unique view into the minds of the characters. They meander, as minds tend to do, through a terrain of guitars, travel, silverware, dating, beer, dinosaurs, and a perennial Duplex Planet favorite, ìSnakes.î The moods range from the jazzy riffs of the insistent "I Ain't Coe" to the prayerful mourning of "No Firebugs." Working with producer Bill Scheniman (Deborah Harry, NRBQ, Bon Jovi) has also yielded a friendly, spoken-word pop song, "How Records Are Made." Roll down your car windows, turn up the volume, and go for a ride; this song sounds like summer.

Twenty-seven years ago, David Greenberger started a magazine using stories he collected from residents of the Duplex Nursing Home. The Duplex Planet continues today as a periodical, but has gained wider renown in some of its other forms: book collections, a comic book adaptation, two documentaries, CDs and performances. Last year NPR's All Things Considered featured selections from Greenberger's previous two releases, Mayor of the Tennessee River and Legibly Speaking. Greenberger has just completed a public radio program, Growing Old in East L.A., with music by David Hidalgo and Louie Perez of Los Lobos.

Available now at The Duplex Planet for just $12 (plus $4 shipping), or by check to: The Duplex Planet, POBOX 1230, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

David Greenberger: monologues

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic:
Michael Bierylo - guitar, computer sequencing, sound design Ken Field - saxophones, flutes, percussion Erik Lindgren - piano Rick Scott - synthesizer, samples, percussion

Produced by Bill Scheniman"
The Gun Club performing Brother and Sister, Sex Beat and Bad Indian on Youtube. Also The Flesheaters Miss Muerte and some Fleshtones.

These are for Mrs Stim. Taken this morning, since when the sky has turned glum and the heavens are about to open. Better say indoors then but the garden is tidy now. That must count for something...
RIP - Anthony James Ryan (Link c/o Ben via Staysick)
Hey, how about that. It's working again... anyway, the very great Suzy Y Los Quattro are headed for the International Pop Overthrow in Liverpool on May 28th. They'll play 2 shows that day one at The cavern and another, later, at Lennons.

A CD/DVD package which includes some choice cover versions (recorded in Tokyo last November) will be out in July via Wizzard In Vinyl. I had a preview of the songs and they're cracking. These include "I Need Your Love" by The Boyfriends via The Ramones and further indicate why this is a premier party combo! Check out the band's myspace portal if your conned-puter can handle it. Mine can't.

"The Singles", the compilation featuring all of our pre-Ready To Go stuff, is now available to the rest of the world (it had only been released in Japan) on CD through No Tomorrow and on LP through Screaming Apple. Vinyl is limited to 700 copies and I heard it's going fast so anyone interested contact those labels or the brand new WILD PUNK online store I'm running.

Coky Quattro has retired from the live activity of Suzy & Los Quattro due to work overload at his Rockaway Studios in Castellon. He still will play some shows with us and remain our producer and record the albums with us, but for the live shows we now have Claudio Glaesmer from great Barcelona punk band LAS SOMBRAS.

We are about to start a tour with the japanese band that toured with us in Japan, ONEPERCENTRES. Their new album, "Platinum Bundle" is available now on Wild Punk Records, they are an AMAZING mix of WEEZER and FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE and seriously kick ass live.


Thursday 18, Tarragona (Zero),
Friday 19, Barcelona (Apolo 2),
Saturday 20, Durango (Plateruena Kafe Antzokia),
Wednesday 24, Madrid (Gruta 77),
Thursday 25, Granada (Planta Baja), + DJ JUAN DE PABLOS
Friday 26, Alicante (Pedreguer, Rockodrom),
Saturday 27, Castellon (Ricoamor),
Sunday 28, Liverpool (2 shows, The Cavern, Lennon's, IPO Festival)

Finally, we'd really love it to do a couple shows in the UK this summer or September, so if any serious promoter could contact us, we'll definitely give it a go!"

You heard the man, give it a go!

S&LQ on Youtube

Another day out and about, and it seems like we've just skipped spring this year. Maybe this global heating thing ain't such a bad idea after all...

"For the Memorial Day Weekend, Little Steven's Underground A-Go-Go "splashes down" in Florida once again.

Two "really big sh-o-o-o-ws" featuring the reconstituted MC5 (with the Underground Garage's Handsome Dick Manitoba on lead vocals!!), and Marshall Crenshaw (on guitar & vocals), the Supersuckers (from Tucson, AZ), the Gants (Mississippi "Mersey Beat" from the 60's), the Hate Bombs (a reunion for this band from Orlando, FL) and the Holograms (grrrl rockers from L.A.).

Sunday, May 28th at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL. 2 PM showtime. Tickets: 20 bucks (girls in bikinis!!! -- half price!!!)

Monday, May 29th at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa, FL. 2 PM showtime. FREE SHOW!!

Both shows held POOLSIDE!!!

Both shows hosted by LITTLE STEVEN, himself!!!