Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I started to put that thing below on Sunday but mislaid a couple of items so couldn't make it "live" until now. In between times, I've been having a bit of an adventure meself that I'm not really up for relaying at the minute.

It's a typically bizarre example of the weirdness that has beset this parish of late though. Being at sevens and eights, one louder than the other type of stamash, there’s some stuff you might care to follow up such as Michael Shelley’s hotly-curated comp of 70’s cover versions put together to show the love for WFMU.

"Superhits" includes The Dahlmanns, Eric and Amy and Yo La Tengo plus a ton of other great stuff in aid of a super worthy cause.

Talking of Amy Rigby, did I tell you her blog had moved? Or that you can get a “Dancing With Joey Ramone” 45 from her while stocks last? Load up on all the other gear you don't have too.

Amy Allison and David Scott’s fantoosh “Turn Like The World Does” is out in download format. Watch this space for good old fashioned CD type release in due course. Maybe even vinyl?? This link is for UK Amazon but it's also available from iTunes and all the other cybermerchants.