Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It was a veritable Marilyn this morning when I drove across the damp turnip smelling plains to the day prison. As in monsoon – Manson geddit? (well sod you then). Does "Shirley" or "Charlie" sound better? It’s alleged to get better toward the weekend but I ain’t about to fall for that old cheggie. And it matters not a jot in the grand scheme of things anyways. We’re over the sizeable hillock that is a Wednesday and heading downhill toward yonder weekend. This is one of those rare occasions where downhill can be interpreted as a positive thing.

So The Dwarves are headed for Glasgow in August. They deliver their particular brand of mayhem to Ivory Black’s in August and Mr Spence has a message for you about those particular shennani’s... "Glasgow's horriblest punks on the block, THE JACKHAMMERS, have got the opening support slot for the Glasgow show of those kings of slash'n'burn punk rock, THE DWARVES. And we got CHEAP tickets for it at just £6!!! - regular price is £9 plus booking fee. Give us a shout at if ya interested."

Did you clock the new DT’s 45 that’s just come out on Pure Vinyl of Austria? “God Damn Shame” is a brammer, like The Bellrays if that combo actually had some songs. I know some of you think they do but I beg to differ. Imagine a Joplin-esque soul shout embedded in a barrage not unlike the MC5 and you’ve got all the makings of a tune that’s definitely a hit (as in assault) to these ears. The flip, "High On A Horse", don’t slouch none either. And if you detect any hint of melon twisting going on then you can head over here and hear it for yourself.

Not sure where you get it from, I need to investigate and get back to you. Try Soundflat or Piccadilly for starters. I can’t remember the name of the cool store in Vienna that used to stock the physical NBT, my senility is getting worse... anyway, I bet they have it - provided they're still there. And I hope they are!

Cool Big Star remembrance over at Alternatives To Valium.

And that's yer lot for tonight.