Saturday, July 31, 2010

I don't recall who posted a link to this on fb yesterday but it's a brammer.

If you're within attending distance, don't forget the Rev. Richard Mazda's Alex Chilton tribute at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City this evening...

It’s been a reasonable week by my standards. One spent almost entirely in what I can only figure must be a good mood but there are creaking signs this morning. At first I thought the stats had gone but it seems to have been a glitsch. I still have no patience irrespective of demeanour and always plump for the worst case scenario. Call it a character trait.

I figured I’d give Jesus H Foxx a listen on myspace. Just to see what their recordings sound like and besides, I guess it wasn’t their fault that they were mismatched with a punk rock band. The verdict? There’s a semblance of a sound that wasn’t evident in the bowels of CV but they’re no Eagleowl. They mention Pavement too so that’s a sure sign of the generation chasm right there. But then Yo La Tengo too so maybe I was too hard on them. They’re only wee and I’d seen Moon Duo the night before.

Checked out Tiny Robots page too and find that they’re called My Tiny Robots. I never cared for the Postcard sound first time out and cross-pollenating this with the fence collective going all talking heids does little to cajole me but hey, I’m too sodding old for all this anyway.

And on that note, the chores are calling. I am ironing man. Cue Beavis, cue Butthead.