Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sort of lost the plot and am deeply disoriented but not in a bad way. When I got back from Edinburgh last night to Joachim’s message about my OX column the penny dropped. Priorities have gotten skewed and it’s time to try and get this sucker back on the rails.

“District 9” turned out to be pretty good, took me a wee while to acclimatise to the Harryhausenness of the “creatures” but after that it’s a pretty good yarn. And the main guy is like a Sellers, Rossiter with a side of Astin (Gomez Addams). You have to see it on a big screen. It was cracking red sky night following the first outright warm day in ages. Chips on the walk down to the station was the only way to go, just as the scumhordes spilled onto the streets.
Discovered a group, The Wee Baby Jesuses on the poster outside Henry’s. Wonder if the music can measure up to the moniker?

I'm headed for Glasgow now. Ultimately ending up at the Classic Grand. Maybe see you there?